Gacha Sovereign 53 To The Dungeon Again

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"In his heart... I am only his friend, there are no special feeling between us" Firia said bitterly.

She continued "That's why I said, I won't give him up. I look at him, powerful person like him having many wives was normal with his personalities, I know He will love them equally. But he seem prefer to having only you. So I want to asked you, I still want to pursue him until I give up. I want to asked you, please let me have the chance to pursue him, I won't rob you first position, I contend to have the second."

"..." Alicia was silent.

"I...When Alex asked me to become his lover, I was overjoyed at that time. But, because of it, I overlooked that my best friend was in pain. Alex, only want to have a woman he have feeling with. I also have thought about Alex having a multiple wives. Alex is strong and capable, normally people like that will have multiple wives. But in my heart, I really didn't want it

Father said back then, when there are happiness, there might a sadness for other people that come along with it. and this might be what he said. In my happiness with Alex, my best friend was in so much pain.

At first, when I saw you get closer at Alex I was jealous. I don't have a good figure like you. So I thought you will s.n.a.t.c.h my Alex from me. I hate you at that time, but time from time in the academy. I also notice, the difficulty in your heart. When I know it, we already become a friend.

I do jealous if Alex have another wife beside me. But seeing my best friend in this much pain, I was also sad. So I will make a step back, as a good lover for him, like what you said, he will love equally even he have many lover. So I won't give you difficulty and let you pursue him. But I will tell you this, Don't use any scheme to him, or I will make you pay with your life even you are my best friend"

Firia was shocked with Alicia generosity, "Yes, I won't use any scheme or purposely seduce him. I will try to approach his heart from the front until I give up"

"And also, we need to make sure that no girl approach him more." Alicia add

Firia eyes brightened "Yes, We need to do that"

The two chatting a bit more that night, of course about Alex.

In the morning, Alex went to the inn's entrance, since he promise to take them walking around.

Firia and Alicia come down, they walk around the town, like the date yesterday. But Alex notice that Alicia and Firia relations.h.i.+p now seem more friendly and intimate. This make Alex relieved, he was worried at first how their relations.h.i.+p will be like because the matter two days ago.

Alex now planning to get into the dungeon again tomorrow, Alicia and Firia want to followed him but rejected by him.

Tomorrow, Alex go to the dungeon, He immediately went to 50th floor. He killed all the monster on his way.

He killed the boss pretty easy.

"Since the boss already killed, it will resp.a.w.n in half a day, so I will use this floor as my training s.p.a.ce, even I somehow destroy this place, it will restored again. Hehe...Smart me"

Alex take out the sanguin sword art again. He look at the first three movement.

"Hmm... Sanguin Sword art consist of 15 movements, they was divided to 5 section, each of them consist three slas.h.i.+ng movement."

Alex tried to copy the first three movements

"Sanguin Sword Art, First Slash"

"Second Slash"

"Third Slash"

A crescent sword wave flying toward the wall.


He use three slash in one movement. Alex was surprised with the power contain in that slash. The power of the slash was at rank 3 warrior.

Now he went to the next step.

"First Slash"

"Second Slash"

"Third Slash"


He failed at the Fourth Slash.

"I still haven't grasp the movement yet it seem. I need to try again and again for this."

After an hour or so.

"Sanguin Sword Art, Fourth Slash"

A crescent sword wave flying once again toward the wall.


"..." Alex now in shock, this time the power of the sword wave was equal to that rank 4.

"If...if my..prediction is correct, each slash represent one rank. But...what if I manage to go to tenth slash?"

Alex shuddered when he thought about this.

"This sword art... aren't this too much overpower?"

[That's the system power Host, How about it]

"....Yes, you are good system. But this is only a intermediate sword art. If with this sword art I can overcome rank 9 warrior in the legend, that means there are still someone stronger like rank 10 or above?"

[Host need to search for the answer by yourself]

"But...This is only intermediate skill, what will become for the higher grade skill?"

[Host need to search for the answer by yourself]

"If I update you again, I will get more better skill right?"

[Yes Host, you will get better skill]

"Then, How can I upgrade you again?"

[The requirement still not clear]


"What is the requirement?"

[Host need to search for the answer by yourself]


"System aren't you a bit lazy today? You already used that answer 3 times now"

[System only give you the best answer Host]

"Whatever, I only want to know what is above rank 9?"

[Host.... Curiosity kill the cat]

"But I'm not the cat, I'm human"


[Host only need to know, there is the time when you know all of it. Host only need to keep getting stronger and eventually know it all]


He took another few hours to familiarize with the fourth slash.

"I already familiar with the fourth slash now, I should start with the fifth slash"

He repeat the same movement and,

"Fifth Slash"


Only a weak wind that come out from the slash. He failed.

".... again!"

He tried again and again without thinking about time. He was curious why he can't succeed the fifth slash.

"Once More!"

First Slash. Second Slash. Third Slash. Fourth Slash.


He was tripped this time and fell down to the floor.

"Ouch...I'm not hurt...Saying 'Ouch' out of reflex" He embarra.s.sedly muttered.

When he want to get up, suddenly


Alex look up and found out a huge Alligator with 2 meter wide and 5 meter height. The alligator was also looking down at Alex direction.


The alligator wave his claw toward him

"Oh s.h.i.+t!"

He rolled again and again one the floor to get away from the alligator.

He forgot to take his sword when he rolled away. he looked at his sword which under the alligator's foot and thinking how to get it back.
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He use boost step to arrive in front of the alligator and trying to kick him. But the alligator dodge his kick nimbly and counter attack with his tail. Alex immediately put his guard.

The alligator blown Alex away, Alex use his fire snipe, when the fireball flown away oward the alligator, the alligator run away to the side.

Looking at this chance, Alex used his boos step again toward his sword as he pick up his sword that on the ground.

"This is my chance to try my new Sanguin Sword Art"

He readied his sword and start to use the sword art.

"Sanguin Sword Art"

A sword wave consisted of four slash flying toward the alligator. The alligator use his hand to counter the sword wave and manage to repel the sword wave, but it give him a cut wound on it's hand.


Alex now was surprised with this sword art power.

Though the power of the sword wave was equal to rank 4, it still managed to make a wound on rank 5 monster.

The alligator charged toward him once again.

"Should I try the fifth slash?"

Alex prepared himself, he really want to do the fifth slash.

Looking at the alligator already arrived at his front, Alex do the Sanguin sword Art. He created four slash at one movement and want to use the fifth slash. Alex put all his arm strength to do the fifth slash

"Fifth Slas.h.!.+"

"Fwoos.h.!.+" The sword wave become a wind again, that means Alex failed to do his fifth slash. Because he failed the fifth slash, the sword wave didn't do any damage to the alligator. Taking this chance, the alligator use it's foot to kick Alex.


Alex was crashed to the wall.

"I really can't make it huh... I think I will need to seal this first, if not there might be an accident when I go to the lower floor. It is fortunate I only have one monster in front of me. If not..."

Alex decided to seal it first and practice it again back home. Alex closed his eyes, he start focused again.

The alligator saw Alex crashed to the wall, went it's way to Alex. Seeing Alex like that, the alligator underestimated him.

When the alligator almost reach him, Alex opened his eyes.

"Sword intent"

Seeing the dangerous sword intent, the alligator instinctively dodge.

But it's hand still can't escape. Alex's sword cut the alligator's right hand. He use boost step once again and arrive in front of the alligator and cut the alligator to two.

Alex slightly disappointed since he can't succeed the fifth slash.

"Well that's right, the overpower sword art... there's no way I can master it in a flash"

Alex shook his head and abandon the sword art first. He need to acquired many gacha ticket. With this new system update, he might get something unexpected.

He continued to the 49th floor. He keep killing in 49th floor, since for the present, killing in the 49th floor was the fastest way to get tickets.

A few days later have pa.s.sed. Today is the last day of the dungeon event. Alex manage to kill another three hundred rank 4 monsters. Because of sanguin sword art, the efficiency to kill rank 4 monster was higher.

With his current prowess in sanguin sword art. Every time he killed a rank 4 monster, the mana consumption was lower than usual, like when he use sword intent or his element. This is another advantage when having a sword art. He was eager to have another sword art, but soon he shook his head.

"I can't become too greedy."

"System how many ticket I get this few days?"

[Host acquired 49 tickets]

"Thank you"

After thanking the system, he went back to the surface.

As he reached the surface, he look back to the dungeon.

"That's right system, I recalled you can scan object right?"

He recalled when the system can scan spiritual liquids, pills, etc.

[Yes Host]

"Can you Scan this dungeon?"


Gacha Sovereign 53 To The Dungeon Again

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