Gacha Sovereign 73 Struggle

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Alex who was called immediately pulled back. He turned to Zhar who called him.

"I will release my strongest attack with all I have, If I'm done, I will give you the signal. You dodge to the side. Back then this power can severely injure a rank 6, even this rank 7 won't leave unscathed." Zhar said.

Alex nodded and he charged to the centipede once again.

Alex used his fleeting step to keep this centipede busy. While Zhar preparing his magic.

After a few minutes, Zhar finished his magic. "Alexander!"

Alex immediately used his boost step, jumping to the side as fast as possible. Sherry spurted flames toward the centipede to stop it for a moment.

"Take this. Burn to Ash, h.e.l.l Dragon Flame!"

After releasing the magic, Zhar's legs become limp. He didn't have any energy left in his body. Even moving his finger was not possible at the moment. Releasing this magic was really hard in his current injured body.

A big purplish-black flame appeared in front of Zhar. It shot out toward the centipede. In its way, the flame becomes a dragon shape.


The dragon-shaped flame looked alive at this moment, seem wanting to swallow the centipede alive. Alex was really surprised by the power of the flame.


The flame hit the centipede. A flame residue was spread around the centipede. Alex, Zhar, and Sherry looked anxiously toward the centipede that was surrounded by smoke.

"Did we do it?" All of them held a single thought.

"Scree!" The centipede let out a sound.

The smoke that covering the centipede immediately blown away. they looked toward the spot that hit by Zhar's flame.

The spot was burned and turned to black. But that's all, there is no more damage that can be seen.

"Its really no good?" Zhar said bitterly

Alex frowned, he thought about something, then he asks the system "System, can I store the item that was far away from me?"

[No Host, that feature only possible after the next update]

"Tch... I really can't. This is going to be very awful"

Alex's plan was to throw his spear using the Throwing Spear Art. Then retrieve the spear using system storage. But after hearing the system response. That plan was crumbled, now their situation was truly dire.

But suddenly his eyes brightened. He remembered something, he then turned to Sherry. "Sherry, after I throw the spear. You grabbed the spear and give it back to me, you understand?"

"Wuu" Sherry nodded its head.

Alex's plan now changed, since the system was not possible. Than Sherry become its subst.i.tute. With Sherry speed, she can retrieve his spear easily after it pierced the centipede. Alex never thought that the centipede will die after just one spear. So he makes Sherry grabbed his spear while he defended himself with his sword for a moment.

That was the most doable plan for the moment. Actually, Alex wanted to run away. but the centipede was around the entrance, even if he managed to run, Zhar won't be able to. It will give a bad taste in his mouth if he did that.

Now, He grabbed his spear.  Alex aims the spear toward the centipede's head and throws his spear

"Spin Throwing"

He chose the spin throwing first to judge the hardness of the centipede's carapace. If he uses the power throwing, he can't imagine what will happen if he did that. Will the centipede blasted away or his spear failed to blow the centipede. If the latter, then Alex will have no more weapons other than his sword.

The spear flew toward the centipede head at a very fast speed. The centipede moves its head to dodge the spear. But its body was still hit. Because of the centipede big and long body. Even the head was missed, there still a chance the spear will hit the body part behind it.

Alex's spear managed to hit the centipede body. The spear pierced the centipede body pretty easily since it was a rank 8 spear, to boost it Alex also used his spin throwing that boosting its piercing power. But there is one miscalculation that Alex made.

The spear was strong and the problem is that the spear was really strong, in fact, it was too strong. With Alex's current position where he needs to aim at the centipede's head means that Alex needs to throw a bit upward. After the spear pierced the centipede's body, it continued to pierce the cave top wall then continued to fly to the sky.

Yup, in this dire situation, Alex forgot to control his strength in throwing the spear just now.

After seeing all of this, Alex realized he didn't control the strength well enough. Though Alex used spear-throwing art every now and then, all of his spears were only a normal iron spear. But this time, Alex threw a rank 8 spear. Its sharpness and power were entirely on a different level. This was the matter that Alex forget and regret at this moment.

"Tch" Alex clicked his tongue.


Sherry immediately moved around the centipede and chased the spear outside.

Meanwhile, Alex pulled out his sword. "In the meantime, I will wait for Sherry to come back while keeping this thing busy"



There is someone who flying around outside, this someone seems to be searching for someone. Suddenly this person saw a spear flying to the sky and dropped to the ground. He flying toward the spear.


He saw a fox grabbed the spear with its mouth. Now he saw the spear close up, he noticed the power contained in the spear. This spear was undoubtedly a rank 8 spear.

"Oh a fox wanting this kind of spear... but, there seems a battle inside that cave."

"Wuu" The fox glared at this person.

"Hmph" He grabbed the spear from the fox's mouth easily. And then he grabbed the fox along with him. "You can be my pet or young lord pet later. Its already a rank 5 even though this fox was only a few years old"

The fox didn't have any chance to retaliated. This person was truly powerful.

Now this guy, carrying the spear and the fox moved toward the cave


Back to the cave,

"Fifth Sword Slash"

After wounding the centipede. The centipede movement started to become slower. This makes Alex had the chance to attack it.

But this sword wave was immediately repelled just after the sword wave makes a contact with the body. Alex recalled something "Flame"

He raised his sword and swing it down

"Flame sword wave"

A beautiful flame sword wave moves toward the centipede. It hit the centipede and give the centipede a cut in its head with a bit burn in its carapace.

Zhar who saw this felt the flame on his body desperately struggling to fight the aura comes from Alex's flame. But he can't be bothered to think all of this. He looked at Alex worriedly.

After, a few tens of rounds with the centipede. Alex started to struggling with the centipede. His mana was almost empty because of the continuous fight. After fighting the bear, he needs to fight this centipede again.

His mind started to lose its focus. Suddenly, the centipede attacked Alex with its head. Alex dodges the attack, barely. But he didn't notice that the second attack almost reached him. Suddenly he felt a big force toward his chest.


Alex saw the centipede's tail moving toward his chest. He immediately used his sword to block it.

When the sword clashed with the centipede's tail, it broke. The tail continues toward Alex's chest.


Alex spurted much blood. His mind becomes fuzzy after that attack, 'How much ribs that attack broke just now?'

'Is this my end?' He thought. He held his consciousness for a few seconds, then collapsed to the ground

"Alexander!" Zhar shouted, he felt powerless. Seeing Alexander collapse, he didn't know why but something feels missing in his heart.

Even though their meeting was brief. He felt some fondness for Alex. He felt, it was great if Alex becomes his brother. After Alex saved him from the bear, He already regarded Alex as his friend. And now seeing Alex who fought hard with the centipede, he regraded this Alex as his brother.

Because of his shout, The centipede stopped from finis.h.i.+ng Alex. The centipede now noticing Zhar. The centipede changed its direction and now moving toward Zhar.


Meantime, In Acacia kingdom Royal academy.

There are two women practicing their magic in a courtyard.

One was practicing her ice, and the other was practicing her flame. Yes, they are Alicia and Firia.

Not long after, An old man came to the courtyard.

"How do you do?"

"Ah, Uncle Marco"

"Dean Marco"

The one who called him uncle was obviously Alicia, while Firia calling him with 'Dean'.

"Haha... I just wanted to check you guys. Alex would come back soon. Here is your drink"

The dean gave them some drinks, while he drinking a cup of tea.

"Yes, we are good. We can show Alex our progress after he comes back" Alicia said enthusiastically.

Firia also nodded with Alicia's statement. She herself also makes some progress this month. She wanted to show Alex her progress.

"Haha...Good!" The Dean laughed.

But suddenly, he felt something loss in his heart and unconsciously dropped his cup to the floor.

"Ha..." The dean shocked with what just he felt, he muttered"What is that?"

He then looked to Alicia and Firia with a surprised face.

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"Dean Marco..."

"You two...Do you feel it too?"

The two nodded their heads. "What happened just now?"

"Is that a magic just now?"

"No, I don't feel any change in the mana surrounding. Nor any magic activated in here." The dean immediately denied.

"I...My heart...somehow felt pained" Alicia said while touching her chest.

After Alicia said that, All of them suddenly remembered someone. That someone was obviously Alex.

All of them looked at each other. They seem to remember the same person. "There's no way right?"

But no one can answer that question.

"I will try to ask the guard in Lumid Town about Alex. Since he was going to the Celestial Forest, he must visit that town first since that town was the nearest with the forest."

Alicia and Firia can only nod.

Gacha Sovereign 73 Struggle

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