Gacha Sovereign 74 Going Back

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In the cave,

The centipede was charging toward Zhar who can even move after he released his magic.

Zhar looking at his condition, he sighed. He looked at Alex. "Alexander, if there is a next life. I want to be your brother...I'm going first"

As he said that, Zhar slowly closed his eyes. But suddenly he heard someone shouted his name.

"Young Lord Zhar!"

The voice was heard from the entrance of the cave.

Zhar immediately opened his eyes again, He remembered this voice. He shouted "Uncle Tius"

The one who shouted just now was the person that Sherry met on the outside.  The demon was called Tius, the attendance of Zhar. After hearing Zhar's voice, Tius was very happy "Young Lord Zhar"

But he saw a centipede was charging toward his young lord. He immediately let go of Sherry and the spear and blocked the centipede.

The centipede's charge was easily stop with Tius's strength alone. "Young Lord Zhar, I'm glad you are fine"

Zhar nodded, "Killed this monster first"


Tius immediately kicked the centipede away. He pulled his sword and charged toward the flying centipede. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Raging Strike"

A continuous strike was unleashed, From the head to the tail. Tius releasing strike after strike toward the centipede, like he was on a rampage. The centipede can't even fight back. Not only because Tius's strength was higher than him, but its combo also makes the centipede can't move away.

After numerous strikes, the centipede laid lifelessly on the ground, with its body contained many cut wounds that still bleeding. After the centipede died, Tius immediately go to Zhar and kneeled in front of him.

"Young Lord, I'm glad you are fine. We searched for you for days."

"Thank you for your hard work"

"No...It is our job to do so"

"Young Lord, what happened to you these few days?"

"I was ambushed when I go to this forest. Luckily, their strength wasn't that much higher than me. I somehow managed to kill them all. But I was injured at that time"

"Wha!" Tius's eyes widened, then he becomes angry "Those human b.a.s.t.a.r.ds"

Tius spotted Alex who still underground, unconscious. Tius immediately got in front of Alex and raised his sword "This human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill him"

Sherry immediately got in front of Tius. She glared at him angrily.


She glared not only to Tius but also to Zhar. She somehow hated Zhar who indirectly involved in this. How dare the subordinate of him to kill Alex who saved his lord. Sherry glared hatefully toward two of them.

"Oh, this is the fox just now. Don't worry, this human won't control you anymore after I kill him"


But, Just when he about to thrust his sword toward Alex, Zhar immediately Shouted.


Tius immediately stopped, he looked toward Zhar with a confused look. "Young Lord?"

"Are you going to kill my benefactor? The one who saved my life" He also felt the gaze of Sherry who seems to hate him now.

"Benefactor? This human? young lord, you..."

"It was true that humans ambushed me and I almost got killed. But Alexander saved me despite our race difference. He didn't wish for a war, he wants to stop it. and also he didn't come from those two kingdoms, he comes from the third kingdom"

"Third kingdom? Acacia kingdom?"

Zhar nodded, "Pulled back your sword right now!"

"Ye-yes!" But as he wanted to ask what is happening just now, Zhar continued.

"I regarded him as my brother, though our meeting was short I feel he was trustworthy. He not only saved and healed me. He also protected me from those two monsters" Zhar pointed at the centipede corpse and the bear half corpse, since the portion of the bear's corpse already eaten by the centipede.

"Young lord"

Sherry silently grabbed Alex's spear and placed it beside Alex. She licked Alex face sadly "Wuu"

Her eyes seem telling 'I already finished the task, please wake up master"


Looking at this scene, Zhar felt pained inside. He then turned to Tius "Uncle Tius, can you help him?"

Tius who heard this, hesitated. Then he sighed and shook his head "I'm sorry young lord, this subordinate was incompetent. I also didn't bring any medicine"

Zhar bitterly bites his lips. "Then, we can move him to our camp and get treated there"

Tius shook his head, "I'm sure that won't going to happen, young lord. Before that going to happen, he will long be killed by other demons, even if you are the current demon lord. There are still some fanatic who will kill other race without thinking"

"There is nothing we can do?" Zhar looked at Alex sadly.

"His vital, though weak but steady. He just fainted because of this attack in his chest and his exhaustion. The least we can do is to gather the demons that now searching for you and open up a route for him to go and treated in the human camp" Tius said bitterly.

"I..." Zhar looked toward Alex.

Sherry suddenly used her flame. She got covered by fire. The fire started to seep into Alex's sword. "Wuu"

Tius's eyes suddenly widened. "This...this fox must be a celestial fox"

"Celestial Fox?" Zhar confused.

"Celestial Fox. fifty years ago, there is a celestial fox in human territories that reside in a forest. That fox was a rank 8 monster. Their specialty was their sensitivity to fire. They can recognize the fire from hundreds of miles away. This fox must be its offspring.

From what I see, this fox's flame was fused with the flame inside the fox. The fox will recognize where the other flame sources were. The flame made that made this sword was special, it feels very pure. This type of flame was very scarce so the possible reason, the other flame sources were in this human home."

"You mean?" Zhar eyes brightened.

"Yes, This fox will know where his home, bring him and treated him there. Since his condition was stable, he should be fine with all of that"

"But... isn't it faster if he goes to the human camp?"

Tius pondered for a moment then shook his head. "He is from the third kingdom"

Zhar eyes suddenly brightened, then he sighed. "The only way for me to help you were to pull back and make way for you, brother. I'm sorry that I can only do this"

"Sherry... I'm counting on you. Bring my brother and save him"


Sherry snuck under Alex's body and stand up. Alex was laid unconscious on Sherry back. Luckily, her size was just enough for Alex. Then Sherry bites Alex spear to carry it in her mouth.

"Uncle Tius" Zhar said sadly.

Tius nodded his head and grabbed Zhar. "We will pull back"


After a while, Sherry started to move. Carrying Alex on her back, she traveled to the outside.

She traced the fire aura inside of the sword. Alex's fire that builds this sword. She found the direction of the other fire sources.

She journeyed toward the direction for days. Whether in the day or night, she keeps walking. With Alex on her back, she can't run. So she can only keep walking and walking. She killed all the monsters in her way. Fortunately, there are no high-rank monsters, only rank 3 or below. Even so, she was exhausted from all of that.

In the day, she carrying Alex. in the night, She didn't even stop walking but continuing the journey, hoping to arrive a few seconds faster, a few minutes, a few hours faster, a few days faster. She traveled through forest, plain, and swamp continuously without stop.

In the celestial forest, she was alone for many years. After she was born, she didn't even know her parents. There is only an empty fire cave when she opened her eyes for the first time. She fought with many beasts in that forest. Sometimes she killed other monsters easily, sometimes she got injured severely.

When she met Alex, she attacked Alex because she thought he was a theft that wanted to grab her treasure. But after seeing Alex's flame, she felt the superiority in Alex's flame. She thought Alex will kill her but it is not. Alex not only didn't kill her but also give her a chance to evolve. Even when she journey with Alex, she was protected by Alex all this time. This was the first experience for her who always surviving alone in that cave.

She found some fondness toward Alex. Even if others saw what Alex did was only a normal act. But it was entirely different for her. She found happiness with Alex.

This was her drive for walking this long. Before, she was ready to live and die with Alex when facing that centipede but somehow survive the ordeal. So this time, she wants to make sure Alex is safe.

After a week, she saw a big city wall. She felt many of Alex's flame sources gather in this city. She was exhausted. When she arrived near the city gate.

"!" Many travelers got surprised by the appearance of Sherry.

The guard also moves fast, "What happened? Where is the monster?"

After seeing the guards, she let down the spear on her mouth,

"Wuu" She let out a sound weakly because she was very exhausted. She collapsed with Alex on her back.

The guard surrounds her with caution but seeing this monster carrying a human. the guard looked toward the human, but he felt something familiar with him.

"Where did I saw his face? I thought I had seen him somewhere" The captain frowned.

"Cap...captain" suddenly one of his subordinates talked. "Isn't he the one we searched?"

After hearing it, the captain eyes brightened "Yes, his face was the same with the portrait"

Then he immediately stood up "Inform the king that we found him, hurry up bring him inside. And call the doctor"

"Yes, This subordinate understand"


The king was in the middle of the meeting with many ministers and n.o.bles


"Your...your majesty"

Many n.o.bles and ministers frowned. They are in the middle of the meeting but suddenly a guard came in.

"We are in the middle of the meeting!" One of the n.o.bles shouted toward the guard angrily.

The guard's face becomes pale.

But suddenly the king stopped him, "What is it? for you to be so rushed"

"We...We found him"

"Him? Who..." But before he completed his word, he was enlightened. He immediately stood up "Where is he?"

"He... he is in our medical barrack"

"What! What happened to him?"

"We...We don't know, your majesty. He was severely injured and unconscious right now"

"Imm...immediately call the royal doctors. Called the academy's dean too. And take me to him"

Gacha Sovereign 74 Going Back

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