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Alex officially reached rank 6 prowess (1 Stage=1 Rank). After the incident, the academy spread the announcement the next day. It was said that the incident was when the dean experimented with new magic. Though the power was very great as everyone already saw it.  It made the dean need to rest for a month, so the magic cla.s.sified as a failure. To make it more believable the dean won't appear in the academy for this one month.

The dean did something like this was to protect Alex. so he put all the attention into him. Alex protested to him about this. After all, it was because of him that something like this happened, but the dean only shrugged his shoulder.

Though Alex felt guilty, he also felt thankful. It was really good who will have your back, the support of a parental figure.

After the incident, Alex focused his training in Sanguin Sword Art. Since he became a rank 6, it didn't take too long for him to master the Sixth Slash of the 'Sanguin Sword Art'. This 'rank 6' alone put him to advantage. After a day of practice, he mastered the technique. If he met with the bear last time, he might only need a few moves to defeat it, there is no need for him to use his spear.

This week he keeps practicing the Sanguin Sword Art, he is not able to use the Seventh Slash yet.

The started of a new cla.s.s. Alicia and Alex were coming to the academy from Rizertia's house. When they arrived at the academy's entrance. The entrance was bustling with people. It seems that the new students who wanted to register were twice the number of the previous year. Well, whether if they were accepted or not is another matter.

Alex and Alicia along with Sherry walking toward the crowd. The crowd noticed them. With Alex's handsome face, he was somehow noticed by the crowd. But most of them noticed Alicia who beside Alex, the ice princess. With both look and power, she was idolized by many, especially men.

"Look...the ice princess is very beautiful"

"She is beautiful and powerful. If I can become her man even for a day, I will be satisfied"

"Shut up you monkey, she is not for you to sully"

"Shut up you monkey"

"Shut up you monkey" and somehow this phrase becomes a trend to shut Alicia's admirer up. Well, most of them were male.


On the other hand, the females were focused on Alex.

"The male G.o.d arrived"

"Yes, the fire prince is my idol. I came to this academy for him"

"Fire G.o.d, let me bear your child"

"Fire G.o.d?"

"He is the Fire prince and also the male G.o.d of this academy, so he is Fire G.o.d"

"He defeated the hero's party easily"

"I heard he also a gold rank hunter"

"That means he can defeat a rank 5 monster?"

"Fire G.o.d, let me bear your child. I can take care of the house and warm the bed for you"

"Shut up, you dinosaur"

"Lose your weight first you pig"

The females were hysterics. Alicia who heard all of this immediately linked her hand with Alex and waved toward the crowd.

The male was crying, "No...Our princess..."


"A perfect match"

"Fire G.o.d, I don't mind become your mistress"

Alex heard that sweatdropped. Alicia still waved toward the crowd, but her other hand that linked with Alex pinching his arm.

"Look, the fox seems to follow them"

"The fox is very cute, looked at that pure white fur. Adding the pinkish fur at the tip, it makes the fox very cute"

"But, can we bring the pet to the academy?"

"You fool, Sherry was different. At that time, I looked at her exhausted state carrying the injured male G.o.d. I was moved to tears."

"The friends.h.i.+p between human and monster... Is it possible?"

"Of course it is possible, look at our male G.o.d and Sherry. A perfect combination"



After this enrollment test, 'Sherry Fan Club' was established.


When Alex and Alicia pa.s.sed the crowd. They saw a few teachers handling the enrollment process. They saw a very familiar face in there.

"Teacher Farida"

"You two, can you not bring trouble here...sigh..."

"I'm sorry teacher, I wouldn't do this don't even know why this happened"

"Sigh...You are actually not aware of your own reputation?" Her face was very tired when she said that. Even Alicia giggled.

"After you defeat that hero and his companions, your reputation went through roof. They said 'Zircodina might have a hero, but we have Alexander' or something like that. Well, since you are here, you might as well give a little speech"

"This..." Alex was surprised.

"Why not" Alicia said and looked at Alex expectantly.

Alex can only sigh. He looked toward the crowd.

"Look, the male G.o.d will make a speech"

"What is talent?" Alex started his speech with this question. The crowd was silent as they looked at him.

"Talent... This word actually gives me a concept of a limit. Your talent is low so you are useless, your talent is high so you are a genius, you should aim high...rank 7? Rank 8?. I keep wondering why... you might be a genius here, but in other places... you might be not the only genius or maybe you are only a mediocre in that place.

Peerless Talent is numerous. But the talent that can take you to the top? There are none. You can only thread it with hard work, determination, and blood. For those of you who not pa.s.sed this year, challenge it again next year, prove it to them who judge you who only have a poor talent that they are wrong. And for those of you who pa.s.sed this year. Never look down on others, there might be a time for those who you look down to become someone that is higher than you. Keep striving, keep challenging, Show your might. Show it to the world that you deserved your position. Not because you bully the weak and fear the strong. But because you challenge the strong and an example for the weak to keep striving."

All of them were astonished, they were shocked. Alex's speech made their blood boil. The ones who already pa.s.sed secretly swear in their hearts. 'I will keep striving, I'm not giving you my place because I deserved it'. those who not pa.s.sed, 'I might not pa.s.s this year, I will keep striving. Next year, I might be the number one genius for the new students'

"Fire Prince"

"I love you"

The crowd keeps cheering, Alicia giggled. The teachers can only shake their heads. 'Like teacher, like student'.

Alex, Sherry, and Alicia slowly walked away from the crowd and got inside the academy.

The school starts tomorrow so they walking toward their room first. They were surprised to see Firia waiting for them at the dorm entrance.

"Ara... Our Fire Prince has finally arrived" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alex stumbled. "What... what fire prince...who is that..."

"Oh right, I'm sorry then. Please forgive me, Male G.o.d"

"Gah. Like I said, who is that person" Alex keeps denying it in both his mouth and his heart. He never like that kind of thing.

"Fine... I won't call you that... Well, what is it...that new nickname? Fire G.o.d?"

"Who...who is it that gave me that nickname, I will beat them"

Alicia and Firia giggled, even Sherry jumping around in joy. They kept chatting around for a while until Alex asked a question.

"What is the schedule for the second year? Is the schedule be like last year?"

Alicia and Firia were astonished, they forgot that Alex wasn't their native, so he didn't know about it.

"No. Actually, it's only first-year students that have We, second year, only have free practice all year. There are only two events for the second year. The first was four-month from now, We will go to Bawon Fortress, in there we need to kill monsters in the Death Forest. This is the biggest Forest of the continent, because of its size and the number of monsters reside within it, the forest named as such.

The second event was the same as the first year. It will be held in the Maka Town's dungeon. Our requirement was only for us to reach rank 3, within those two events. The first-year events were purposed for the student to get used to battles as much as possible and reach rank 2. Now for the second year, we need to keep training our technique, that's why we got free time all year round. We need to polish the power we got in the first year. As for the third year, they will be visiting many places with a mission from the academy. The requirement for a graduate was for them to reach rank 4, though there are many that graduated as a rank 5. Most of our graduates will reach rank 7 and few of them will become a teacher in this academy" Alicia explained.

"Than...that means, for this year, I can keep practice for year-round without a need to go to" Alex's eyes brightened.

Alicia and Firia facepalmed. "This is your conclusion?"

"Wuu Wuu" Sherry looked toward him, she seems to say 'Don't forget about me Master'

"Oh right, don't forget the ranking compet.i.tion one month for now. But for you, it will be easy ain't they" Firia added.

Alex nodded. They chatted for a while and said goodbye. The next day, Alex practicing his Sanguin Sword Art. He wanted to succeed in the Seventh Slash first before he practices the second stage of Sky Movement.

One month later, Alex still hasn't succeeded in the seventh slash. This past month, he keeps practicing this technique. Because there are no for second-year. He used all the time to practice. He sometimes practicing together with Firia and Alicia and sometimes Sherry asked him to spar and chatting with the dean. He also spent some time to help the dean to make pills.

But most of his time was used to practice this technique. He practiced the technique in the dean courtyard. The pitch-black burned ground in the courtyard was nowhere to be seen. It seems the dean fix them in only a few days and finished before the school started. He also reinforced his courtyard wall. Now Alex keeps getting stronger and stronger, there might be a time that Alex might break his courtyard. So he used this time to reinforce them.

Now a month pa.s.s, the ranking compet.i.tion comes once again.

Gacha Sovereign 82 Academy

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