Let Me Game In Peace Chapter 130

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Chapter 130 Peerless Genius?

Impossible! How can Zhou Wen fish out a coin, while I can't? Li Xuan's expression was one of disbelief.

However, the results of this option were set in stone. Li Xuan couldn't even fish out a single coin, putting his result at zero. Even if he received a perfect score on the other three options, there was no way he could squeeze into the top ten.

Li Xuan felt a sense of regret. If he hadn't been careless and bore with it, he could have taken out the coin. After all, with the Immortal G.o.d of War Life Providence, his hand wouldn't be crippled.

One false step will lead to everlasting grief! Li Xuan nearly cried.

Zhou Wen successfully pa.s.sed the subsequent tests. Other than crossing the paper bridge at a slower speed, he obtained a perfect score on the other three options.

Instantly, the entire school broke out into a flurry of discussion. People were trying to find out more about Zhou Wen. A freshman at the Mortal stage had actually received three 10s and one 9. They were basically certain that he could enter the top ten. The results were really shocking

Although w.a.n.g Lu, An Jing, and Feng Qiuyan were freshmen, they had already advanced to the Legendary stage. It was understandable for them to have such results. It was shocking for Zhou Wen, who was at the Mortal stage, to obtain such results.

Instantly, the reputation of the peerless genius Zhou Wen spread throughout the school, but there were also teachers who had their doubts.

They had seen their fair share of geniuses, but none of them could achieve such results at the Mortal stage.

The person who had the greatest suspicions was w.a.n.g Fei. She had wanted Zhou Wen to be stirred up by the comprehensive test and see if he could pull himself together, but to her surprise, Zhou Wen had managed to enter the top ten and even obtained the qualifications to enter Providence Palace. She thought this was unacceptable.

However, all the tests were carried out in front of everyone. Zhou Wen wasn't the first or the last one. People before and after him used the same equipment, so there wasn't any evidence to explain it away with cheating.

“It doesn't make sense… This doesn't make sense… Why did I only get three 9S… Yet, you obtained three 10s and a 9…” Li Xuan really couldn't accept this outcome.

In fact, Li Xuan wasn't the only one who couldn't accept it. Zhou Wen also knew that his results were absolutely problematic. On the Strength test, Zhou Wen knew very well that he couldn't lift the tenth stone tripod cauldron; yet, he had managed to raise it in the end. Furthermore, he felt that the tenth stone tripod wasn't any heavier than the ninth. It was impossible that there wasn't something fishy about it.

How could Zhou Wen know that electromagnetic devices were installed at the bottom of the stone cauldron and the platform beneath them? Zheng Tianlun could control the power needed to lift the stone cauldron to a certain extent.

The other tests had also been tampered with. However, they were done in an extremely unnoticeable fas.h.i.+on. Even the teachers did not know that the venue had already been tampered with during the setup.

After the comprehensive test ended, the venue was dismantled, so no one would realize anything

All of this was something Zheng Tianlun had actually prepared for himself, hoping to use these methods to enter the top ten, but after he was exposed by Wei Ge, he didn't dare continue with the tampering. This ended up benefiting Zhou Wen.

This resulted in Zhou Wen inexplicably gaining the reputation of a genius. When Wei Ge specially came to congratulate him, he even winked at him, making Zhou Wen, who had originally suspected Wei Ge, confirm his theory.

Indeed, it was Wei Ge who tampered with it. But why did he do that? Is it to rope in a freshman to join the student council? Zhou Wen was perplexed.

Regardless, Zhou Wen was famous in Sunset College. Since its establishment over the years, no Mortal-stage student had such results.

As expected of Coach. Feng Qiuyan had zero doubts, believing that it was all Zhou Wen's true strength, so his determination at getting him to be his personal coach became firmer.

Although there were people who had their doubts, they could only keep quiet because of a lack of evidence.

Finally, the top ten spots were confirmed. Without any surprises, Zhou Wen successfully entered the top ten and obtained the qualification to enter Providence Palace.

“Old Zhou, I really can't accept it. Other things aside, your Strength definitely isn't as great as mine. It doesn't make sense that you could lift the tenth stone tripod cauldron, but I couldn't.” Li Xuan's face was filled with resentment.

“That's life for you.” What else could Zhou Wen say?

Thankfully, Li Xuan wasn't really bothered by the spot. All he did was gripe at Zhou Wen.

“I'm not bragging, but Zhou Wen is a genius amongst geniuses. Back when we were in Guide High School, everyone in our school knew that Zhou Wen was a genius. You know Ascetic Meditation, right? With how difficult it is to cultivate, the typical person won't even gain a basic mastery in Primordial Energy without a couple of years, even if they have Primordial Energy Crystals. Yet, Zhou Wen forcibly mastered it without using a single Primordial Energy Crystal…” Tian Xiangdong's saliva splattered as he described anecdotes of Zhou Wen's past during high school to other students.

Without Zhou Wen even realizing it, he had become an iconic figure amongst Sunset College's freshmen and was regarded as the most promising freshman in Sunset College.

Although this wasn't the outcome Zhou Wen wished to see, obtaining the qualifications to enter Providence Palace was a pleasant surprise for him.

The second day after the comprehensive test ended was the day Zhou Wen and the other nine students entered Providence Palace. All of them received a token given by the school, and under the leaders.h.i.+p of a counselor, they arrived at the legendary Providence Palace.

Providence Palace was more magnificent than the Forbidden City. After becoming a dimensional zone, it gave people the feeling that it was magnificent and majestic. Although it was underground, it did not hinder Zhou Wen and the other students from marveling at the greatness of the ancient culture.

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Outside the entrance, Zhou Wen and company were waiting for it to open. w.a.n.g Lu looked around curiously. “This place is about a thousand meters deep and is surrounded by rocks. Where did those legendary treasures come from?”

“Other dimensions, obviously. Do you really think there are ghosts?” Hui Haifeng said with a smile.

It wasn't Wei Ge's first time here, so he explained, “Those treasures float out of the dimensional rifts before flying into Providence Palace. There is no lack of precious, rare treasures. However, the typical rare treasures are only collectibles that can only be exchanged for money. The truly precious ones are the Companion Eggs and dimensional crystals. Among them are things that the East District doesn't have. If you are lucky enough, you might obtain a Companion Egg like an elf or an angel. They are pretty good selections.”

“How does one know what type of Companion Eggs they are?” asked w.a.n.g Lu curiously.

“I really do not know. Let's not talk about identifying Companion Eggs, it's hard to even choose one,” said Wei Ge.

“Why?” w.a.n.g Lu was a little confused.

“Because all the treasures are in boxes. All we can see are those boxes. We don't even know what's inside. Once the box is chosen, we won't be able to change it. Therefore, we can only rely on luck to choose something,” Hui Haifeng explained.

Let Me Game In Peace Chapter 130

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