The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: Sun Never Sets (2)

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They finally arrived at the Sun Never Sets the next afternoon.

That place had been one of the demons' five headquarters. The city was one of the best ones in the Forsaken Land because of its size and buildings.

However, after several wars and thousands of years of neglect, the once prosperous city looked like a ruin.

The city wall was covered with cracks and tenacious weeds, and there was also a ma.s.sive gap in the gate that might have been caused by a bomb explosion.

As she stood at the gate and looked inside, all Shen Yanxiao could see was a deserted and broken scene. Almost none of the buildings were intact.

It sufficed to say that the Sun Never Sets had become a piece of ruins; it was barely a city.

Du Lang and the others also stood by the gate. As they looked at the devastation in front of them, they dared not imagine that it was the city that they had to rebuild.

Even a thousand people would need three to five years to rebuild the city, but they only had about a hundred people with them.

It was also more difficult because they had to account for some demon attacks.

What worried them more was what Freud had said.

“There are many high-level demons in the Forsaken Land, and there are probably about 80 to 100 in the Sun Never Sets.”

How horrifying was it to have nearly a hundred high-level demons?

One high-level demon was enough to destroy one city!

Even if their team consisted of advanced-level professionals, they could not fend off so many high-level demons!

At that moment, everyone felt uneasy and a little panicky. Out of instinct, they turned to look at that pet.i.te figure.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the team with her back toward them. She made no sound at all.

Du Lang clenched his fists, and so did the others. They thought that Shen Yanxiao must have been overwhelmed by the pressure of that troubling issue.

“Did the Emperor lose his mind? How could he send someone to such a dangerous place? Does he have a grudge against this little girl?” Evil Wolf could not help the insults. The champions from past tournaments were a.s.signed to small cities that were much better than the Sun Never Sets, both in their geographical locations and on other fronts as well.

The five main cities were the most challenging places in the Forsaken Land. The other three countries had been in the Forsaken Land for a long time, and they could not even conquer the main cities in their respective territories.

Even a fool could tell that the plan was to cause trouble for Shen Yanxiao. They had purposely sent the girl, who had no foundation, to rebuild one of the main cities, the Sun Never Sets.

There were more than 20 cities scattered around the eastern region of the Forsaken Land, and any of them was an easier job than the Sun Never Sets.

The team looked at Shen Yanxiao with concern. She was silent, so they thought she must have been worried about that issue.

However, they were all wrong.

If anyone had dared to step forward and take a look at Shen Yanxiao's face, they would probably die from the shock.

Shen Yanxiao's face was filled with joy and ecstasy as she stood in front of the shattered Sun Never Sets.

Over a hundred high-level demons!!!

That was such a huge benefit!

Other people might be afraid of demons, but Shen Yanxiao had only love for them.

She was there to breed demons. For Shen Yanxiao, high-level demons were as cherished as those adorable pandas!

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 607

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