Reborn At Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around ! ! Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: What A Loud Slap In The Face (6)

“These two people are in a relations.h.i.+p but they still denied it after I saw them personally. I don't care. I just hope that this will not affect my Yingying.” She had said what she wanted to say. All that was left was to see how Mrs. Ke handled the matter.

Sun Dongqing felt dry in her throat. If Ye Ying wasn't crying, she would have gone to buy a bottle of water.

Her words caused Mrs. Ke to tremble. The Town Mayor's wife was pus.h.i.+ng her to death.

Gao Yiyang thought that anyone with a brain would realize their mistake after hearing what he had said.

However, she was still being unreasonable and wanted to frame Ye Jian. Gao Yiyang was a calm person but he was burning with anger now.

“As someone who got one of the six gold medals in the World Science Olympiad, madam, who is affecting who?” Gao Yiyang wanted to slam the table too. Sun Dongqing was quite a talent too. She managed to make someone cold and distant reveal his emotions outrightly.

The presence of Gao Yiyang caused Sun Dongqing to jump in fright. Her heart pounded furiously.

“You, you, who are you shouting at?! Where are your manners?!” Chen saw that she was going to start an argument again so he stood up and said seriously, “All of you can keep quiet now. Everyone makes sense so let's see what the truth is.”

“Town Mayor's wife, you are a person of high status. Please do not argue with a child.”

Sun Dongqing was really shocked. That wicked girl, Ye Jian, got one of the six gold medals from some world compet.i.tion? Why… why did it sound impressive?”

“Yingying, tell me what is happening.”

“You are harming me. Mom, you are harming me…” Ye Ying was having a breakdown. Her face was pale like snow.

She knew what happened. Because she knew, she didn't want more people to know that Ye Jian got a gold medal in a world compet.i.tion.

How was Ye Jian better than her?

Last time, she was always better than Ye Jian. But now, Ye Jian was better than her. She was unwilling to accept this fact. She didn't want to admit defeat.

Yet, things went against her.

Ye Jian got a gold medal. She got nothing!

Even Gao Yiyang who used to stand beside her no longer helped her. Everything had changed. Everything was different!

She hated this wicked girl! If it wasn't for her, she would not be in this plight.

Sun Dongqing was in a flurry. Her daughter kept crying. It would be troublesome if her eyes got injured from crying too much.

This wicked girl. She didn't act like an older sister at all! She told Ye Jian that she must help her younger sister in school. Look at this. She was bullying her younger sister along with her cla.s.smates.

The more she thought about this, the angrier she got. Her expression turned dark. She turned and pointed at Ye Jian. “Stupid girl. Didn't you see your sister crying? Is this how an older sister should act? Hurry up and apologize! Hurry up!”

This wicked girl is getting wilder. When Old Ye comes back, she must complain to him.

It was reasonable for an uncle to reprimand his niece.

Reborn At Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around ! ! Chapter 226

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