Kung Fu Beyond The World 312 Chapter 312 - The Powerful Yun Chao

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Yun Chao found that there were people on all sides, and each one was powerful, and he looked quite familiar-it was just a few people from Yazun.

He grinned, as if greeted by an old acquaintance: "Zhong Yihan, it's been a long time."

"It's been a long time since I saw you," Zhong Yihan said in a deep voice. "Say, what are your conspiracy this time?"

"Conspiracy?" Yun Chao laughed, "What conspiracy can there be? This is just a counterattack by the weak, let you geniuses know that we are not weak!"

"That's it? Yun Chao, don't take any chances. According to the Kung Fu Ordinance, when we see the fallen, kill them! If you honestly explain your conspiracy, maybe I can let you die happily."

"Ha ha ha ha, Zhong Yihan, you are still proud, do you think you can defeat me? Hum, you came just right, I was still worried that you would be met by several other guys. In that case, I lost the joy of revenge in my own hands. Now you met me, and the humiliation you gave me before, I just want to pay you back ten times more today! "

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Zhong Yihan laughed and said: "Yun Chao, you seem to forget that the person who challenged me from the beginning is you. The person who looked down on me at the beginning and the person who insulted me was you too! It was said that it was a fair test, but you asked Geng Yueguang to be the black whistle! Now you are acting like a victim as if I bullied you? It is so funny! "

Yun Chao was furious: "Of course I blame you! As a waste, you have to be aware of waste! I am stronger than you, and you deserve to be stepped on by my feet! But you suddenly turned over. What? Isn't it good to be wasteful honestly? I was stepping on you, but I became your stepping stone, why ?! "

Zhong Yihan was mad, and said, "The world should turn around you?"

"Who doesn't want this world to turn around himself?!" Yun Chao roared, "So I believe in the great demon Lazili! He can give me strength! Now my strength has reached the fighter, ha ha ha ha, Zhong Yihan, today, I will let you know that you should always be stepped on my feet in your life! "

At this time, Bai Hao and Gao ******* had helped Shentu Xuan kill those barbarians around him.

Six people surrounded Yun Chao, but Yun Chao was not afraid, and sneered: "Zhong Yihan, would you dare to come and compete with me again?"

There was a smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth, and he said, "You are a fighter. Why do I compare it with you? Now we have six people."

Yun Chao sneered and whistled.

Suddenly, dozens of barbarians appeared in the distance, and they were still holding a handful of unconscious students from Yucai High School.

Yun Chao sneered: "Zhong Yihan, this is to give you a chance, but also to fulfill my own wish. In this way, you fight with me again, if you win, I let them let those people go. But if you want to fight in groups, I will also fight with you. If you dare to run away ... I will kill them all! "

"You ... mean!"

Yun Chao laughed: "Zhong Yihan, are you afraid? So you will be afraid?!"

He looked at the barbarians and yelled, "Choose one to kill!"

"Stop!" Shentu Xuan sulked. "Despicable man, I kill you!"

Zhong Yihan also hurriedly said, "Stop! I fight with you!"

Yun Chao laughed: "Zhong Yihan, you still look like this, do you think you are the savior? But come on, I like you. today, I will find everything I lost before! "

"Wait a minute," Zhong Yihan said. "You let people go first."

"This is impossible!"

"I didn't say to let them go, but to put them on the ground ... Aren't they all stunned? They won't run on the ground, let those barbarians get away!"

Yun Chao thought about it and felt that this condition was not impossible, so he turned around and scolded the barbarians, and the barbarians immediately put down a few students of Yucai and then retreated.

Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao stood in the woods and face to face.

Gao ******* and others on the side also stepped back with interest, leaving a s.p.a.ce for them.

Gao ******* said strangely, "Why would those barbarians listen to Yun Chao?"

After all, Shentu Xuan is from a big family and knows far more than ordinary people. He whispered, "Generally speaking, the status of the fallen is relatively high, at least for ordinary barbarians. Because in order to win over these humans, the evil G.o.ds also paid some. "

"But that there are many evil G.o.ds? How so coincident, these barbarians and Yun Chao believe in one evil G.o.d?"

"That's not true. There are indeed a lot of evil G.o.ds, and the barbarians of different realms also have their own beliefs, and they even conquer each other. But facing a common enemy, that is us, they are still a whole. For example, for example, we have an army trapped in the enemy's hinterland, we have no leader, and there is no command. At this time, as a colonel, you come to us, you are the highest rank in the army. Then as long as you can prove your status, you can naturally take over this army. "

Gao ******* understood.

Yun Chao's body exuded strong black gas, and then his arms, neck, and face. Wherever the skin was exposed, fine scales had grown.

Zhong Yihan was familiar with this scene and said coldly, "The two wastes in the previous No.3 high schools were really with you!"

Yun Chao laughed: "You are right, the two guys are indeed waste. But there is one thing to tell you, the two wastes are to quickly improve their strength after eating the pill, so the state is unstable and easy to explode. But I am different. I was earnestly uplifted by the great power of the evil G.o.d, so ... you die! "

Yun Chao yelled and waved his knife towards Zhong Yihan.

Both were holding knives. Zhong Yihan's knife was like thunder, while Yun Chao's knife was strange and unpredictable.

In this way, Yun Chao just happened to restrain Zhong Yihan!

Because Yun Chao's knife is so weird that his entire body is like a ghost, uncertain, obviously a living person, and under the sun, it gives a feeling of coldness in the heart.

Zhong Yihan's knife method is magnificent, and each knife is almost thunderous, but it is also useless if it is not cut.

Yun Chao laughed and laughed: "Zhong Yihan, this is your end!"

"You just got the power from the evil G.o.d, and this power doesn't belong to you!"

"What do you care about my power? And how do you know that this power does not belong to me?"


The two met for the first time with two knives.

Zhong Yihan snorted, and even took a few steps back, his face horrified.

Yun Chao laughed: "Your college entrance examination vitality is only 4.6, but I already have 5.1! A difference of 0.5 is a small realm, not to mention that I am now a fighter! And this is what our G.o.d has given us - shadow knives, Zhong Yihan, you are dead! "

"Stop!" Zhong Yihan yelled, "Isn't the G.o.d you believe in an evil G.o.d from Different World? This knife is obviously carried out by the human body. How could your evil G.o.d teach you a human knife?"

"Haha, my G.o.d is omnipotent, Zhong Yihan, you must die!"

Kung Fu Beyond The World 312 Chapter 312 - The Powerful Yun Chao

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