Blood Type: Dragon 240 A Punch To Remember

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Elric stood above the cold fine sand of the desert. His eyes were closed and breathing so calmly as if he was sleeping. 

Contrary to him, the thick dark clouds that have acc.u.mulated above him is now looking like a cloud of pitch-black charcoals. Streaks of white lightning crackled from time to time as it was about to strike the lone being below. 

On the other hand, on a dark cave located five hundred meters below Elric, the Emperor was waiting for the perfect timing to attack. His creepy grin was masked by the glowing tentacles that covered every inch of his body. His excited eyes were locked at Elric's current location.

At the moment, he does not possess the power to completely dominate Elric. In fact, the longer the fight, the stronger Elric becomes, so he decided to take his time and wait for the other side to collapse from heaven's wrath first. Until such a moment that Elric is weakened, only then the Emperor could completely dominate and consume him.

When that happens...

The Emperor could only lick his wide grinning lips.

Krugggggh! Kruuuggghh!~ Craaakcle!~

Hearing the final thunderous rumble, Elric's Dragon eyes were finally revealed. The slit in his iris sharpened while his body suddenly unleashed a blinding light.


It was the roar of a Dragon that was challenging the heavens. His ten golden wings were fully stretched as if inviting the heaven to strike while his roar faced the sky. 

It was a blatant provocation to heaven to strike him with the strongest lightning.

In response, the sky above temporarily glowed like a sea of sun. For a moment, the entire world was covered in the day-like light of the lightning as the Retribution of Heaven Tribulation has finally commenced.


The sheer size of the lightning bolt was huge enough to cover ten times Elric's mountain-like Dragon body. 

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" using his spiritual senses while hiding deep below, the Emperor watched in pleasure as the entire lightning tribulation unfolded like a giant glowing hand made of lightning and crushed Elric's figure below.

Shah!~ booOOOOOM!~

The sand below him was instantly dissolved before the lightning could even make contact. The sheer power of the impact was strong enough to break the entire place like a thin gla.s.s meeting a demolis.h.i.+ng hammer. 

Elric's Dragon figure was crushed below by the overwhelming lightning. From the distance, there was nothing one can see but pure blinding light.

Even the Emperor who was hiding deep underground could feel the powerful quake from above that caused the cave to slowly collapse.

The power of the lightning did not just hit Elric but also pushed him below with an overwhelming blow as if being hit by a mortar made of lightning.

On the other side of the globe, the ten Guardian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps that are currently battling the gigantic Shadows and the rest of Elric's descendant Dragons were taken aback at the sudden day-like moment before it was followed by an echoing roar of thunder from the distance.

"What was that!?"

"Was that the G.o.d Reckoning Tribulation?"

"No..our system detected more than that. It has a hundred times the power of the normal G.o.dly tribulation!"

While the monitoring staff was shocked at the terrifying results detected by their system, the Second Elder on the other side looked at the direction of the blinding light with a serious expression.

His eyes are currently locked at a certain monitor that has exploded just now.

The monitoring satellite that was watching the entire Retribution of Heavenly Tribulation battle received an overwhelming shock and energy that it exploded on its own. The sheer size of electromagnetic energy caused the rest of the hovering satellites to malfunction while the other feeble ones just exploded on their own.

His mouth was wide open. He was speechless at the immense power of the heavenly tribulation.

Meanwhile, the younger Dragon descendants of Elric watched the sudden phenomenon with worried faces. Some of them glanced back at their great mother Lesse who is currently overpowering more than ten gigantic Shadows at the same time.

Now noticing her children's worried look, her four pairs of wing stretched as she unleashed a victorious call.


"Continue fighting. Your father will survive!"

Lesse's confident shout followed as the millions of new Dragon descendants replied with their own empowering roars.




And just like that, the continued their ruthless rampage against the forces of the Emperor. As the new Dragon descendants pressed forward, it didn't take long before they reached the other side of the globe.


Minutes later, the Guardian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps that are currently on the verge of collapsing from the vicious attacks of the gigantic Shadows have finally seen a glimpse of hope.


"Look at them taking down those giants! Are they all King Dragons!?"

"What are those breeds.. I have never seen those kinds before!

With a relieved face, the Second Elder Guardian explained,

"They are the descendants of the Alpha Dragon." the Second Elder heaved a sigh before mumbling to himself,

"Your calculations are always spot on First Elder..."



Headed by the flaming giant turtle and present Elemental G.o.d, the new Dragons were quickly advancing towards the Guardian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p's direction.

Along the way, they spat golden fireb.a.l.l.s that scorched the a.s.saulting Shadows like soft marshmallows on direct contact with blue fire. From below, they looked like a ma.s.sive golden s.h.i.+p that effortlessly sliced the dark sky.

Those Shadows that had been chasing the Guardian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps were also not spared at the bombardment of their golden fires.

The entire dark sky was filled with burning Shadow. It was as if a new year's eve celebration but instead of fireworks, it was the Shadows that are being lighted and exploded like firecrackers.

The Guardians inside the s.h.i.+p were rejoicing at the scene of their unexpected saviors. 

The Guardian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps opened their docks. Inspired by their new comrades, the Dragons, Elementals, and Ancient Humans were finally given a chance to fight for their lost brethren. 





Like a reversed tide, the chasing gigantic Shadows were suddenly overwhelmed by the renewed courage of their prey. The remaining Dragons of the three regions fought fearlessly and widely. 

The Elementals unleashed their elemental wrath, shooting down the Shadows with a rain of fire, freezing blades, ma.s.sive rocks, and destructive winds.

Meanwhile, the Ancient humans - including Arkhans, swiftly summoned their powerful mechs, boarded them, and engaged the enemies by shooting them with rail guns, mini flash cannons, and colorful beam swords that can effortlessly cut the shadows into black minced meat.

Of course, there were still some of the Elementals and Dragons who fell in the hands of the enemy, but as the situation continued to unfold, the Shadows were quickly being irradiated at a rapid rate.

They may have not the numerical advantage, but they were able to make it up with overwhelming quality. 

The dark sky filled with Gigantic Shadow was slowly being cleared with a glorious fire of hope.


Back on Elric's side, the aftermath of the Retribution of Heaven Tribulation has finally calmed down. The fine and beautiful desert sand is now nothing but a sea of fire. 

A deep two hundred meter crater was formed as pieces of Elric's ma.s.sive Dragon body parts were scattered from here to there.

The Emperor was still hesitant to reveal himself. The scene outside was too hazy for his spiritual senses to clarify the actual situation. The lingering presence of heavenly lighting was still crackling in the sand.

"No...I won't fall to his trap.." the Emperor told himself.

The moment he comes out now, there is a high chance of him falling to a weakened state due to the heavenly essence. In any chance that Elric is still alive, it could be lead to his defeat. Thus, the Emperor decided to wait for a while. 

Three minutes... five minutes... ten minutes...

After more than fifteen minutes of waiting, the Emperor was already restless. The heavenly energy was still present outside causing his spiritual senses to go hazy. As a result, he can't be sure of Elric's real state!

"Should I go out now!? No what if.. Did he survive? What if he recovered the longer I wait?! No... Its impossible!" 

Gritting his teeth, the Emperor finally moved. He covered himself with the glowing tentacles to at least protect him from the excess lightning essence outside and finally forced himself out.



As he went closer and closer to the outside surface, he started to hear a faint counting voice from above. Nevertheless, the Emperor still decided to rush out and ignore it. He can't dare to hesitate now!

The moment the Emperor revealed himself out of the scorching sand, he saw Elric on his b.l.o.o.d.y human form. His kneeling body was filled with burnt and scorched marks but remained intact. 

In fact, there was a victorious smile on Elric's face as he finished his counting. Elric has withstood the power of the heavenly retribution!


Elric's hand suddenly moves forward as if trying to choke the air. At the same time, the Emperor, in his humanoid form, also fully came out of the sand and his neck perfectly timed with Elric's choke.


Elric's powerful grip took the Emperor by surprise. In response, the Emperor tried to fight back but the excess presence of divine energy was faster and gave him an intense shock.

It was excess divine lightning that completely nullified the Emperor's power temporarily.

Eric on the other hand smiled wickedly.

"Let's move to the next and final stage." 

Then with a terrifying force, Elric threw a gut punch that sent the Emperor flying up to the air. The punch was too strong that a hole was created in the Emperor's stomach.

Elric suddenly revealed his golden wings of fire.

Flap! WOOOOs.h.!.+

With a single flap, Elric managed to overtake the soaring Emperor and gave another punch, this time to send him to the eastern direction.



Elric chased, gave another punch and the series continued. 

The Emperor was in a too much-stunned state. He could not even control his power and summon the dimensional door thanks to Elric's dizzying punches. The only reason he was alive is thanks to his undying body that instantly recovers no matter the severity of wounds.


A final punch sent him diving fast from the sky, the Emperor quickly tried to stabilize his thoughts and prepared to summon a dimensional door to escape when he noticed something.


A dimensional door of Kaora suddenly appeared in the direction he was going!

A little fairy, a red-tailed mermaid, an eagle, and an Arkhan warrior suddenly came out from it.

The four of them were about to rejoice in their success of leaving the Kaora's realm when they saw the Emperor of Darkness flying towards them. 


Their faces paled in surprise. Then what followed them was even more shocking.


A powerful punch came from behind the Emperor and sent the latter inside the Kaora's door before it closes back. At the same time, Elric followed through the Emperor and went inside the closing Kaoras door. All of Elric's timing where thanks to Kaora's teaching for ten thousand years.

Danna saw him giving her a warm and thankful smile before completely disappearing together with the Emperor inside the Kaora's door. 

"He's back!"

Danna cried happily as tears flowed down her eyes.

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