Path Of The Lilies 160 This Is The Only Way

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Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

The bats kept on coming at them without stopping at all. It seemed as if they were determined to chase the three intruders out of their territory. At the same time, the three of them also defended with everything they had as they continued to fight on their grounds.

"Can you still fight?" Qi Huan asked as he pulled the beast's corpse and placed it on the front door. He intended on using the beasts' corpses to block the way for other beasts to come swarming here.

"Don't worry."

"Of course!"

Hearing the two of them replied, Qi Huan felt relieved. He was worried that one of them might have fallen because of the beasts, so he tried asking. Fortunately, it seemed that they still managed to stay on their grounds.


Ye Jiao used her dagger to attack every bat that came closer to her. She was using her Eon Energy to nourish her ankle, so she didn't move from her position at all. Because of that, an uncountable number of bats fell around her legs.

She watched them carefully as she would attack any bat that came within her attack range.

"Do you still have any energy left?" Qi Huan asked from the front door.

Ye Jiao looked at the beast around her. "I don't know how much time have pa.s.sed, but I think that I'll be fine if it's just against these rank 1 bats."

The bats might be bigger in size. However, there was not much difference in the attack pattern and the power behind it compared to the normal bats. Their large size only made them look scarier without much increase in the attack power.

"Try to not use Eon Energy too much."

"I barely use it."

The three of them didn't have any Eon Energy left after using so much of them. Right now, they completely relied on their physical endurance and stamina to fight against the beasts. It was not like it would get any easier, but they didn't have any other choice. Without Eon Energy, it was much harder to move around and produce a lot of strength, but the three of them have gotten used to it.

In h.e.l.l Island, they have to use up their Eon Energy before they start to climb a cliff. Climbing a cliff with only their physical power and stamina trained their body to be much stronger than ordinary people.

"Just hold on. This will end eventually."


Even though they said that, the bats didn't seem to come to an end as they swarmed to their direction and attacked them rapidly. The number of bats on the ground was already more than enough to form a 30 centimeters deep lake. No matter where they moved, they would surely step on the bats' corpse.

*pant* *pant*

Fighting without Eon Energy drained their stamina completely. Even with Eon Energy, they still could feel tired and all. Now that they no longer used Eon Energy, the toll on their stamina increased even more. They have to push themselves to their limit over and over in this place.

"Is there no medicine that can help us have a lot of Eon Energy in an instant?" Lu Wan asked. He felt his vision start to turn blurry due to the exhaustion he experienced.

"There's no such thing," Qi Huan replied. "At least, not in our kingdom."

"One of us has to rest and recover his/her Eon Energy. At this rate, we will all die in the cave," Ye Jiao remarked.

"We can use Eon Energy Pill, but I don't bring any with me," Qi Huan felt like cursing his carelessness. They were not allowed to bring medicine that recovered Eon Energy into the forest because it would be counted as cheating. That was the reason why he didn't bring them. 

If only he knew that things would end up this way, he would surely bring it.

Ye Jiao smiled bitterly at her senior brother's words. Even if she knew that Eon Energy Pill could recover Eon Energy in their body, she didn't have the means to buy it. She was so poor that even her food on a daily basis was provided by Lu Wan or came from the beast's meat that she had saved.

"I don't have the strength to protect you anymore…" Lu Wan said weakly. He swung his chain again and slashed several bats at once when he realized that there was a sudden pressure coming at him.

This pressure was oddly familiar to them.

"There's rank 2 beast here!"

"The leader?" Qi Huan turned alert as he dashed to Lu Wan's side. At the same time, Ye Jiao was following behind him as she tested her legs. There was no more problem with her ankle as she could start to move around freely. The medicine that she used seemed to be quite effective.


The large bat seemed to be angry as it scratched its claw that was located on its wing to Lu Wan. The boy immediately pulled his chain and used it to block the attack and twisted it around the wing.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Both Ye Jiao and Qi Huan immediately attacked the bat. Their expression turned grim when they realized that their attack barely caused any harm to the bat. It should have been expected that their raw strength without Eon Energy was still far lower than what was capable of breaking the defense of rank 2 beast.


The bat flapped its wing, generating wind that pushed the three of them back. Without sufficient strength, they didn't have the energy needed to stand on their ground to face the attack.


Cras.h.i.+ng on the ground, Ye Jiao could feel her back was hurting like crazy. She slid down to the ground as her eyes looked at the bat with despair. There must be something that they could do right now. 

"Stand up!" Qi Huan yelled suddenly.

Ye Jiao's eyes widened when she saw the bat headed straight to her direction. She rolled her body as the claw of the bat reached the rock and scratched the rock. It trembled a bit as if it was about to fall down. Her eyes widened as she studied the cave layout.

The cave itself has several pillars that helped prop up the ceiling.

"Senior Brother Lu! Do you have any poison that can melt rock or destroy them or whatever?"

Lu Wan was surprised, but he gave an affirmative answer. "I do."

"Pour them on the pillar."

"Are you sure?"

"Just do it!"

As soon as Lu Wan took out a bottle, Qi Huan s.n.a.t.c.hed it and ran to the nearby pillar. He opened the lid and poured the content into the rock, which immediately made a sizzling sound as it turned into dust.


Ye Jiao evaded the bat's attack once more at it hit the pillar behind her. Ye Jiao made sure that she was standing near the pillar as the bat kept on attacking her, intending to bring her down first.

Lu Wan headed to the other pillar and poured the poison too. The cave's ceiling suddenly started to tremble as it lost its foundation. The bats were alarmed and swarmed to Lu Wan and Qi Huan while their leader continued to attack Ye Jiao.


As the last hit reached the pillar, the pillar snapped and fell down. At the same time, the ceiling started to collapse.

"Get away!"

Path Of The Lilies 160 This Is The Only Way

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