Genius Detective Chapter 37: Why Can't I Control?

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The truck driver who had just hit the man said in a panic, “It's not my fault! He rushed out by himself!”

Chen s.h.i.+ rea.s.sured, “It is definitely not your fault, rest a.s.sured! You wait here for the traffic police to come over and deal with it. I will send the person to the hospital first.”

“Okay...” the driver choked, horror written all over his face, “He's not dead, right?”

Chen s.h.i.+ touched the pulse of the wanted criminal, picked him up and returned to the car while shouting, “Open the back door!” Then, he put the criminal in the back seat.

Lin Dongxue smelled the b.l.o.o.d.y iron as she looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y head of the wanted criminal and frowned.

At this time, the police unit rushed to the scene and asked, “What's the situation?”

Chen s.h.i.+ sat back in the driver's seat and told the people in the black car outside, “When he ran away, he was. .h.i.t by a car. I am now sending him to the hospital. You guys handle the scene.”

“Wait, who are you?”

Lin Dongxue explained, “I am a criminal police officer. I have a team with Xu Xiaodong. We have already told our superiors.”


Chen s.h.i.+ started the car and Lin Dongxue sighed, “Haii, why did it turn out like this?”

“It's his bad luck.”

Chen s.h.i.+ called Lin Qiupu. “There's good news and bad news.”

“Don't act all mysterious and just spit it out!” Lin Qiupu's tone was anxious.

“The man was caught, but when he ran away, he got hit by a car. Now he is unconscious and I am going to send him to the hospital.”

“Which hospital?”

“Wait a moment...” Chen s.h.i.+ glanced at the GPS and replied, “The closest one is Bai Hua Hospital.”

“I will come over later!”

When Chen s.h.i.+ rolled up to the hospital, Lin Qiupu also arrived with another police officer. Chen s.h.i.+ took the criminal from the car and laid him on the hospital stretcher. Lin Qiupu gave his accompanying police officer an order to take fingerprints and saliva samples for the purpose of verifying ident.i.ty.

Lin Qiupu was still not at ease and was ready to cuff his wrist and surgical cart together. The doctor rea.s.sured, “Police comrades, you don't need to be so careful. He will be anesthetized soon, so he can't run off. We have performed surgeries for prisoners without anything going wrong before.”

Listening to the doctor, Lin Qiupu felt relieved of his worries.

The wanted criminal was sent to the emergency room. Lin Qiupu looked at Lin Dongxue, who was sitting in the car, and at Chen s.h.i.+. He questioned, “Why are you two together? Give me a reasonable explanation!”

“Attending a concert.”

“Attending a concert? Who allowed that?!”

Chen s.h.i.+ smiled. “She needs permission for this type of stuff? Captain Lin, aren't you a bit overly controlling?”

Lin Qiupu was so angry that he exploded, “She is my sister! Why can't I control what she does? I have repeatedly forbidden you from getting too close to her. What exactly is your motive?”

Chen s.h.i.+ calmly pushed away the finger of Lin Qiupu who was using it to point at Chen s.h.i.+'s nose. “Captain Lin, so much for being an educated adult. Do you think your words hold any logic? Don't say it is your sister, even if it was your daughter, you have no right to interfere with her matters. I emphasize again, we just went to a concert. However you want to take that is your right. I will go first. Remember to reimburse me for the car repairs later!”

Lin Qiupu violently commanded, “You stop right there!”

At this time, a doctor came over with a surgical consent form. “Please sign this form!”

Lin Qiupu took up a pen, signed the form and asked about the patient's condition. By the time he turned back, he found that Chen s.h.i.+ had already driven away. He was so angry that he grinded his teeth.

In the car, Chen s.h.i.+ asked, “Want to go back and continue listening to the concert?”

“Forget it, take me home!” Lin Dongxue looked a little unhappy.

“What's wrong? Are you upset that your brother controls everything that you do?”

Lin Dongxue pointed to Chen s.h.i.+. “I warn you, if you dare to say something like, 'He is doing it for you,' I will turn my face!”

“He is doing it for you...” Chen s.h.i.+ deliberately answered whilst observing Lin Dongxue's expression. “I always think that this sentence is used as propaganda, confusing intentions with results and muddling it up to be the same thing. But some things become habits after a long time and so the people in question will think it's natural. For example, let's say that your brother is in charge of you. If you were not so dependent on him when you were young, would you have such a relations.h.i.+p with him today? Don't always blame others and only think about your own reasons.”

“Yes, yes, in hindsight I was very dependent on him when I was a child. We are orphans. We lived in our Aunt's house. How could I not rely on him? But I am so old now, yet he still continues to control me like this. It's too annoying.”

“I think that freedom and rights are the same. It needs to be slowly fought for. Refuse a few more times, so that your brother will get used to your independence.”

Lin Dongxue stared at Chen s.h.i.+. Chen s.h.i.+ asked, “What are you looking at? Do I have words on my face or something?”

“When a man and woman are alone and you say this, I feel that you have bad intentions.”

“It depends on how you define good or bad intentions!”

“Oh, you thought you could hide it from my eyes? What you're thinking now is definitely not a good thought.”

The road traffic was spa.r.s.e, the car was playing gentle and relaxing music, and the air was very quiet. Lin Dongxue suddenly realized that her sentence contained a flirty tone, and her face flushed red.

If it was any other person, Chen s.h.i.+ wouldn't mind pus.h.i.+ng the boat with the current, but he didn't want to have too close of a relation with Lin Dongxue, so he changed the topic. “Do you regret not being able to listen to the concert?”

“As a police officer, this much is standard. Work definitely comes first.”

After a while, Chen s.h.i.+ was already outside the complex where Lin Dongxue stayed. Lin Dongxue still had no shoes. Chen s.h.i.+ offered, “Do I need to carry you on my back?”

“Don't think you can try to take advantage of me!” Lin Dongxue sneered.

“Then give me the key. I will bring the shoes down for you.”

Lin Dongxue thought about it. This method was probably the for the best. She handed over the keys to him. She carefully reminded, “Unit 403, don't touch my stuff randomly, shoes are in the shoe rack.”

Chen s.h.i.+ found the apartment and turned on the lights to find the house was in a mess. The leftover lunch boxes were piled up in the trash can, and the sofa had all her dry clothes piled up on it.

He took off his shoes and went in. The bedroom was decorated very warmly and pleasantly. The quilt and blankets were very neatly stacked. There were a lot of plush dolls on the bed and the room had a nice smell, like a girl's room. Looking at the kitchen and the refrigerator, almost nothing was in them. The pots and bowls seem to have not been used in a long time. It seemed that Lin Dongxue is too busy normally, with no chance to cook.

Chen s.h.i.+ took a pair of sneakers and went down. Lin Dongxue was on the phone and her att.i.tude was very impatient. He could tell who she was talking to easily.

“My business doesn't need you to control... So what if you're my brother? Are you going to manage me for the rest of your life?... We are now downstairs from my house!”

He originally wanted to hand the shoes to her, but he saw that she wouldn't be able to mult.i.task. Chen s.h.i.+ squatted down, pulled her left foot, put the sneaker on, and then took off the women's sandals on the other foot to slide the sneakers on.

“Hang up! Don't call me again!”

Lin Dongxue hung up the phone and suddenly saw Chen s.h.i.+ ready to help her tie her shoes. Her face turned red. “What are you doing?”

“Don't move!”

Chen s.h.i.+ skillfully tied the shoelaces tightly. The way he tied the shoelace was not the same as that of the average person. The knot was on the side. Although it was a bit strange, it looked better the more you looked at it.

After finis.h.i.+ng tying up the laces, Lin Dongxue's face was already red like an apple. Chen s.h.i.+ stood back up and said, “Okay, you should go up!”

“You...You won't come in and sit down for a bit?” Lin Dongxue politely offered without meaning anything else. It was just out of politeness, but when she spoke, she immediately regretted it. Wouldn't this make him think he had a chance?

“Nah, it's already so late. Me going to your house? Nice to say but not nice to hear.” Chen s.h.i.+ smiled.

1. Break connections with him. Severing ties with him.

2. Continue pressing on (to flirt back – in this context).
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Genius Detective Chapter 37: Why Can't I Control?

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