Genius Detective Chapter 42: Autopsy

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Next came a scene that was chilling for Lin Dongxue. Peng Sijue pulled down the center of the woman's clavicle with a sharp scalpel, breaking the skin of the entire trunk. The ribs and subcutaneous tissue under the skin were exposed.

She subconsciously averted her eyes, to which Chen s.h.i.+ whispered, “You scared?”


Next, Peng Sijue's a.s.sistant cut the ribs with a small electric saw. Although the sight was quite gory, from a medical point of view, the deceased was very young and had no bad habits, so the internal organs were quite intact and not ugly. Even Peng Sijue could not help but sigh. “It's a pity that you died so young.”

“Yeah, raising a daughter to be ruined by a bunch of animals. I don't know how sad her parents are.” Chen s.h.i.+ agreed.

Peng Sijue was used to dissecting from top to bottom. He cut the trachea first, and the a.s.sistant used a device like a blood recovery machine to suck up the blood overflowing from the tissue.

Then, Peng Sijue cut open the lungs of the deceased and said, “There is no abnormality in the lungs...”

His eyes stopped at a certain place, then leaned down to use a clamp to rub the alveoli around the lungs and said, “Aren't these alveoli a little swollen?”

“It might have a disease!” the a.s.sistant proclaimed.

“Get samples and create a pathological slide!”

Then, he cut the cardiovascular tubes in the direction of the blood flow, followed by the liver. As this was done, Chen s.h.i.+ said, “The smell of alcohol.”

Peng Sijue glared at him. A forensic identification does not directly use the nose. He said, “The liver is slightly swollen and a bit whitish, possibly due to excessive alcohol consumption.” He then took some samples for testing.

After this, he began working on the stomach. The stomach contents of the deceased are more important for identifying the time of death, the occasion, and even the ident.i.ty of the deceased.

Peng Sijue put the whole stomach bag into the tray and then cut it open. As the stomach contents flowed out, the disgusting smell of drunken vomit escaped . Lin Dongxue could smell it through the mask and couldn't help but furrow her brows.

Peng Sijue used the clamp to pick at the porridge-like puddle, picking out things that hadn't been digested such as celery, enoki mushroom, and tofu. In addition to these, there were three kinds of meat.

Chen s.h.i.+ used the naked eye to observe and said, “Pork, chicken, fish... this meal was plentiful.”

“Plus drinking wine!” Lin Dongxue added.

“Here's a test for you. Can you figure anything out after seeing her stomach contents?”

“This... The deceased's family is very rich?”

“Haha, the angle is very interesting, but you said it wrong. The deceased should be just an ordinary office worker. The salary should just barely be enough to get her through life. You see, there is not much fat on the outside of her small intestine, which means that she usually eats very basic meals. Then, look at the palm. There are old calluses, indicating that she has been riding bicycles for a long time, and there are egg whites that have been almost digested in the stomach. From the time of murder, it can be inferred that she had omelettes for breakfast, indicating that the deceased is very poor... This rich meal in the belly, I think it is probably due to a colleague treating her or due to a company dinner. This is because the amount of each food is not much, but the variety is very rich!”

“Wonderful reasoning!” The a.s.sistant applauded.

Peng Sijue glared at the a.s.sistant, and his a.s.sistant lowered his head. Peng Sijue said bluntly, “To show your talents, do it outside. It is delaying my work time here. I am only responsible for finding out the facts. The reasoning part is your job.”

“You are a very boring person. Is it not a pleasure to dissect and reason at the same time?” Chen s.h.i.+ said.

Peng Sijue looked at his eyes and suddenly remembered a person. One of his old friends also said something similar. Additionally, that person liked to make big reasonings here each time.

Is it a coincidence?!

The thought pa.s.sed through his mind before he went back to work.

“From the degree of digestion of the stomach, the time of death is judged to be three hours after the last meal. Combined with liver temperature, it should be around 9:00 in the evening of October 4th.” Peng Sijue said. The a.s.sistant wrote these notes down.

“Great minds think alike.” Chen s.h.i.+ nodded and ignored Peng Sijue who rolled his eyes at him.

“What is this?” Peng Sijue pinched a small white particle that had been severely corroded by stomach acid from the stomach. He then immediately deduced, “It is a pill.”

He put the pill in a test tube and left it for testing.

Chen s.h.i.+ stopped him “Wait, the stomach contents of the deceased are best carefully recorded to determine which dishes she has eaten, and the stomach acid also needs to be tested. Some restaurants will put additives and some frozen foods often contain preservatives. Then, the food safety department may be able to find the restaurant where she ate.”

“You don't need to tell me that!”

“I was just telling her.” Chen s.h.i.+ looked at Lin Dongxue.

After dissecting the remaining organs one by one, the autopsy was over and the four people left the autopsy room. Chen s.h.i.+ said to Peng Sijue, “Captain Peng, let's exchange contact information. Once the test results are completed, remember to inform me.”

Peng Sijue took out his phone with a blank expression and asked, “What are you betting on with the Captain Lin this time?”

“He thinks that this female corpse was killed by the wanted criminal who went to the concert. I don't think so. What do you think?” Chen s.h.i.+ asked with a smile.

“I'm not going to partic.i.p.ate in your meaningless bet.”

“Alright, you must inform me of the results.”

“Useless words!”

After leaving the lab, Chen s.h.i.+, who had been stuck in the room for half a day, took out a cigarette to satiate his addiction. Lin Dongxue asked, “What do we do now?”

“Wait!” Chen s.h.i.+ said simply, “Without the test results, we can't do anything.”

“You are really sure this time?” Lin Dongxue looked at him with suspicion.

“You just heard it, the deceased had been gang-raped, so your brother's direction is wrong from the get-go.”

“That may not be, the murderer did not leave the DNA. Maybe the same person repeatedly raped her...” The words said, Lin Dongxue blushed. How could I even say such words, 'repeatedly raped.'

“Haha!” Chen s.h.i.+ laughed. “You've learned to think independently! You have made progress!”

“Tch! Am I right?”

“Actually, I checked the cases committed by the guy in the past last night. The behavior of the person is stable and consistent. Unless his character has undergone a major change recently, it is impossible for him to do it.”

At this time, Xu Xiaodong rushed towards them happily holding printed pieces of information in his hand. He said, “These are faxes of recent missing persons sent from various police stations and branches.”

“Wow, so much!” Lin Dongxue said sympathetically.

Chen s.h.i.+ took a few to look at and said, “Not bad, you knew to take all the men out.”

“The deceased is a woman, of course I know.” Xu Xiaodong answered proudly.

“But the missing case is usually filed after forty-eight hours. In special cases, it can be filed in twenty-four hours. You have a lot here from last week that we don't need to look at. Just look at the 5th and 7th. I'll give these back to you.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Lin Dongxue asked as Chen s.h.i.+ began to walk away.

“I'm going home to sleep for a bit. Gotta raise my energy!”
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Genius Detective Chapter 42: Autopsy

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