Memories Of The Night 397 Chapter 397: Fate Makes Him Meet Her

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"Umm..honestly speaking, I can't take any random women from any place because I suffered mysophobia," He answered thoughtfully. "Wife, can you please let go of the past, please?"

Women's minds are always so strange.

He was apologizing for his forcible possession a few years ago, but she suddenly thinks about him cheating and seriously questions him...

Yes, he did let his men pick out and send a woman in.

If it weren't for her, it would probably be another woman but it should be a clean one.

But it's been so long. Does it make sense for her to turn over old debts with him that happened a few years ago?

Fate makes him meet her.

They are destined to be together.

No matter what happened before, he only knows that in this life, he only needs her.

To ignore Katrina's silly questions, Aaron bows his head, kisses her lips and blocks her up.

As he is kissing her, he unzips her dress and takes off her clothes.

With a skillful finger hook, her underwear is unb.u.t.toned.

Before Katrina responds, she has been stripped off by Aaron.

"Hey, Aaron, get out!"

Katrina hugs her chest and has not yet had time to push Aaron out...

He has picked her up and steps into the bathtub.

Then she is taken to bathe together by such a bad man.

This is the first time they have bathed together.

The steaming vapor in the room makes Katrina's beautiful little face red.

Aaron will certainly not let go of such a great opportunity.

He's not ashamed to take advantage of her, unscrupulous to take her.

The moment he gets into the bathtub, Katrina knows she is doomed to that.

The engagement ceremony has made her so exhausted...

This fellow, in the name of taking a bath to relax, forces her not to let go.

For a while, Katrina is crying without tears.

Since Katrina and Aaron are formally engaged...

Aaron spoils Katrina even more, and showing love has become almost his daily life.

After all, everyone in Abbe City now knows that she is his fiancée.

It's natural for men to spoil their wives.

With Aaron's thoughtfulness and love, and with such a lovely baby around her, Katrina feels like she's the happiest woman in the world, accompanied by her two favorite men.

When other women are pregnant and giving birth, they will be somewhat out of shape and look a little old.

But Katrina, nurtured by love, has more s.h.i.+ny skin. Her whole aura still looks like a young girl. People can't see that she's already a mommy.

In the morning, when Aaron wakes up, he kisses Katrina on her cheek as usual.

Not having the heart to wake her up, he gently takes his arm out behind her head and helps her cover the quilt before getting out of bed.

When Katrina wakes up, Aaron has gone to work.

In the morning, after lulling the baby to sleep, Katrina gets bored.

She hasn't worked for a long time since she became pregnant.

Staying at home every day must be a bit boring.

She wants to go back to her job and to work at the police station.

However, the thought that the baby is still so young, who will wake up every few hours and be disappointed if he can't see his mother, makes Katrina unbearable.

Nevertheless, the matter of earning money should be handled by the father.

She can just stay at home and is comfortable with their baby.

Although she stays at home every day, she also wants to do something for Aaron that she can do.

For example...

He likes her cooking very much.

Whatever she does, even if she sometimes follows a video to learn new dishes and accidentally makes bad cuisine, he never says another word and finishes it out.

Since she has plenty of spare time, it's better to cook dinner for him personally, waiting for him to come back from work and surprise him.

In the morning, while the baby is asleep, Katrina, accompanied by Randy, goes to the supermarket to buy raw materials.

Katrina bows her head to choose ingredients and compares prices, which shows an image of a good wife and mother.

Even though her man is rich, Katrina has retained her original habit of never wasting too much in all aspects of life.

Turning around, Katrina has bought a cart full of ingredients that Aaron loves.

Randy is very happy to see Aaron, Katrina, and the baby living happily together every day.

When Aaron dotes on Katrina, Katrina also knows how to be considerate of Aaron.

The once empty villa now finally has the warmth of home with unspeakable harmony and warmth.

Under the warmth of Katrina and the baby, Aaron will become more and more stable and mature, and take on the responsibility as a man.

Under the guidance of Katrina, Aaron will be a good husband and father.

Check out and come out of the supermarket.

Suddenly Katrina thinks of something and can't help murmuring softly.

Randy looks at her doubtfully. "What's wrong, Miss. Miller?"

Katrina says with somewhat depressed: 'There's a material I forgot to buy. It's important to cook today! Randy, you wait for me here. I'll go in and be right back!"

It's really stupid of her after her pregnancy.

On the way they came, she clearly remembered that, but in the twinkling of an eye, she forgot it.

Fortunately, before they walk out of the supermarket, she immediately remembers that. Otherwise, her materials will be ready in vain today.

After Katrina finishes her words, she turns around and hurries into the supermarket.

She searches the shelves one by one, and finally finds something she needs. She sees that brightly and hurries over and takes two boxes of them.

While she is preparing to check out at the cas.h.i.+er's desk, she accidentally hears a conversation between two young girls next to her.

"What a beautiful bag you have, at least thousands of dollars. Is it from your rich boyfriend?"

"Of course! I can't sleep with him for anything. I have to make some profit for myself."

"Who are you with now? Shouldn't it still be Samuel of Real Estate Enterprise?

"He? Don't be funny! Anderson's Real Estate Enterprise is close to bankruptcy now. It owes a lot of debt. It is hard for him to save himself. How can he afford such an expensive bag? I broke up with Samuel right after I was aware of the fact and before the decline of his company. Now he has nothing to do with me.

"Oh! Anderson's Real Estate Enterprise was really a big company, how can it become so miserable? You just broke up with him like that. Don't be afraid that he'll trouble you?"

"When he's rich, he doesn't treat me as a person. Now he's out of money, why should I treat him well? Love? Come on, n.o.body will believe it! We just took what we needed…"

Memories Of The Night 397 Chapter 397: Fate Makes Him Meet Her

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