Memories Of The Night 500 Chapter 500: Personally Apologized Her

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After hearing Joseph's words, Aaron appears a gleam of hope in his eyes. Then, he says with a voice full of sincerity and grat.i.tude, "If I can be of any use to you in the future, just ask me and I'll try my best to do it."

Joseph snorts, says nothing, and walks to Katrina's door.

He doesn't need his reward.

As long as Aaron won't hurt Katrina in the future, it is already the best thanks for Simon's family.

This time, he gives him another chance and asks Katrina if she wants to see him.

If Eric was around, he's afraid that Aaron has been driven away.

Joseph knocks softly on the door, "Katrina, it's me, Joseph. May I come in now?"

Katrina is flipping through a storybook, lying in bed.

When Katrina hears a knock on the door from outside, she responds quickly, "You can come in, Joseph."

Joseph uses the room card in his hand to open the door and enters the room.

Katrina puts down her book and looks up at Joseph. She stares at Joseph with sincere eyes and thanks, "Joseph, thank you very much."

During the days when she was missing, it must be a very tough period for Joseph to look after grandpa and find out where she was.

Katrina's feelings towards Joseph, usually solemn, non-talkative cousin, and had respect and grat.i.tude.

"We're family. It doesn't have to be so polite."

Joseph strides to her bed and sits down in a nearby chair.

"How are you? Are you feeling better?"

Facing Joseph's concern, Katrina replies, "Today I feel much better after a day's rest!"

Katrina doesn't want her family to worry too much about her, so Katrina shows optimism in front of Joseph.

Joseph nods, "That's good."

Joseph and Katrina chat casually for a while.

He wants to change the subject and tell Katrina that Aaron is here, right outside the door...

However, seeing her bright smile at this time, he is worried that when Katrina hears Aaron's name, it will remind her of some bad memories and make her feel upset.

Katrina probably senses a different look on Joseph's face, as if he had something to say to her.

Katrina, somewhat puzzled, asks, "Joseph, you come to see me... Is there anything else?"

Under Katrina's questioning, Joseph hesitates, then finally says, "Katrina, he is here. He wants to see you."

Upon hearing Joseph's words, Katrina's smile freezes.

Then, she lowers her eyes gloomily.

Although Joseph doesn't mention Aaron's name directly, Katrina immediately knows who he is talking about.

At the thought of Aaron, Katrina remembers his indifference to her.

Thinking about that morning after she woke up in his bed, he said angrily in a cold voice and asked her to leave. She cannot help remembering the pain and sadness.

Thinking of that morning, she went back to her room to retrieve her belongings, but accidentally saw him in his bathrobe holding a woman in his arms outside his door, she felt sad and desperate.

If he hated her so much and if he fell in love with someone else...

Why does he want to see her again?

She promised him to leave Hadley city and get out of his sight as soon as possible, isn't that enough?

What else does he want right now?

Does he want to humiliate her again?

Now that she's decided to give up...

She will not give herself any hope nor allow him to hurt her more.

Katrina clenches her fist tightly, the pain came across, and after a long time, she speaks softly, suppressing the emotion of the deepest sorrow in her heart, "Joseph, you tell him I don't want to see him. Tell him to leave."

Seeing Katrina's unsentimental look on her face, Joseph knows she must be very disappointed with Aaron.

But he promised Aaron to try to persuade Katrina...

Joseph still hopes to do something to help him.

Joseph stayed and whispered, "This time... He seems to have come with sincerity. He wants to apologize to you."

Upon hearing Joseph's words, Katrina doesn't hesitate to close her eyes and shake her head.

"I don't need his apology, and I don't want to have anything to do with him! Cousin, I don't want to see him! Please let him go!"


Does she just need his apology?

Even at the sight of him, she would think of her previous painful experience.

Hasn't she suffered enough?

That painful memory, she really doesn't want to recall again.

Seeing Katrina in a slightly emotional state, Joseph doesn't dare to force her anymore, so he quickly gives in, "Okay, Okay, you don't see him, I'll convey your message to him!"

Joseph gets up from his chair and helps Katrina with her bedding. "You get a good rest and don't think too much about it," he says. "I'm going to tell him and let him go."

Joseph takes a look at Katrina with some worry and finally turns around and leaves her room.

He has no idea that Katrina would react so violently when she heard Aaron' name.

Not long after she woke up from her coma, Aaron came to irritate her...

It seems not good for him to do so.

As Joseph opens the door, Aaron, who is waiting outside, smile and ask, "May I go in and see her?"

Joseph closes the door and looks up at Aaron. His voice is low and cold, "She said she didn't want to see you. You may leave now!"

At Joseph's words, Aaron's eyes flash with disbelief.

She didn't want to see him?

A few days ago, she wanted to be by his side every day.

No matter how indifferent he was to her, she never gave up.

But today, she was not willing to see him.

Was it true, as Joseph said, that she has made up her mind to give him up?

Did she really not want to have anything to do with him anymore?

When Aaron hears this, his eyes turn gloomy, and he was hurt.

So has he hurt her too much?

Does she hate him because he mistreated her days ago?

Or is it because she mistakenly thinks he doesn't love her?

He knows she loves him.

True love. It is impossible to vanish quickly.

Aaron's gaze at Joseph and says, "Just let me go in and see her. I know she is blaming me and resenting me, give me ten minutes. I will personally apologize to her! There is a misunderstanding between us!"

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Memories Of The Night 500 Chapter 500: Personally Apologized Her

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