Memories Of The Night 510 Chapter 510: She Escape From Him Again

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As soon as Katrina speaks, she realizes how ridiculous her remark is.

She is a policewoman too. Who else will she ask for help?

Aaron "attacks" her in broad daylight at the gate of her working station. He is really bold and arrogant.

Katrina is overwhelmed with shame and vexation, but she still can't get away with it.

In her heart, her anger and rejection of Aaron naturally increase a lot.

Just then...

Colin steps out of the police station.

At the sight of Colin...

Katrina's eyes light up, and she immediately screams, "Colin! This guy attacks me! He's rude to me! Help me get him away!"

Katrina tries to save herself from Aaron's control by asking for help from her partner and colleague.

Colin, who hears Katrina's call for help, comes over with a serious face.

d.a.m.n it! This guy dares to insult Katrina at the police station gate. Is he tired of living?

Colin must catch him and teach him a good lesson!


When Colin sees clearly that the person holding Katrina is Aaron, his anger disappears instantly.

Colin doesn't know what has happened between Katrina and Aaron, which has led to break up...

Though, Colin knows that Aaron won't hurt Katrina.

After all, when they went to Thailand on a mission together, Aaron used his life to protect Katrina.

It's inappropriate for him to get involved with the argument between the couple.

Before reaching Katrina, Colin stops and scratches his head, "Sorry, I suddenly remember something urgent at home. My mother asks me to take some scallions at home. I won't disturb you both. See you!"

Colin finishes this sentence and hurries off by a detour.

Katrina, who originally had a glimmer of hope for Colin, watches Colin go incomparably. She's filled with shock and depression.

Colin, this guy!

They have been colleagues for so many years. But he doesn't help her when she's in deep trouble momentarily!

She's so helpless!

Can't he see that?

She doesn't want to be held by the man in front of her! Not at all!

She doesn't want to have anything to do with him!

She doesn't want to hear anything he says!

Just when Katrina is struggling with how to get rid of Aaron...

Suddenly, she sees his arm on her shoulder.

While Aaron isn't on guard, Katrina suddenly grabs Aaron's arm and bites him hard on the back of his hand.

Aaron feels pain, temporarily unprepared, and releases Katrina.

Katrina quickly escapes from his arms, turns around, and runs away without turning her head back.

See her leaving...

Aaron is anxious and depressed.


He keeps calling her name.

However, when she hears his voice...

She quickens her pace even more, just like she is avoiding the plague, fearing that he will catch up with her.

It is not until she disappears that Aaron has a lost look on his face.

He looks down and sees the deep tooth mark on his hand, even bleeding.

She really had no mercy just now.

Does she hate him so much?

Is she so unwilling to see him?

Finally, the first forced meeting ends in failure.

Now Katrina is reluctant to see him at all.

In such time, she won't listen to every word he says.

So how can he ask for her forgiveness?

When Katrina is out of Aaron's sight, she catches a taxi and goes home.

Today, her driver asks for leave. She should have driven home by herself.

Unexpectedly, the sudden appearance of Aaron makes it too late for her to hurry home.

She's not very skilled in driving. She's afraid that she's too clumsy to start the car, and she'll be stopped by Aaron again.

It takes Katrina a long breath of relief when she keeps looking back and is sure that no one is following her.

A few days ago, Katrina always felt that someone was following her. It seemed that someone was staring at her in the dark.

At that time, she thinks that it might be her negative thoughts about Aaron. She might worry too much.

Now she thinks that it's entirely possible that Aaron is following her in secret.

How does he know her whereabouts so clearly?

The appearance of Aaron is a disaster for Katrina.

Even now that she calms down still, she occasionally feels a dull pain in her heart.

Aaron's appearance even makes her worried; she had moved on after exerting so much effort, suddenly pain came again.

She hasn't expected to meet him here.


What exactly does he want?

Doesn't he think that she suffered so much from what he had done back in Hadley?

He's the one who lets her go.

She has made up her mind not to meet him again.

Why does he appear at this time? Why does he hara.s.s her again?

When Katrina returns home by taxi, she happens to meet Joseph, who just arrives home.

Joseph gets out of the car and asks, "Why don't you drive back? Are you sick? Your face looks pale. What's wrong with you?"

She was meeting Aaron unexpectedly. Until now, her face has not recovered, and Joseph noticed it at a simple glance.

Katrina doesn't want her family to know that she has just met Aaron. She doesn't want her family to hear that name again or worry about her.

Notably, she doesn't want Eric to be angry because of Aaron.

Katrina hastily finds a reason, prevaricating, "Oh, I'm all right. I'm just too busy today. I feel tired. So I don't drive back."

Hearing Katrina's words, Joseph isn't suspicious, nodding, "You work so hard. Have a rest early tonight."


Katrina responds warmly and walks with Joseph to the villa.

Joseph suddenly remembers something and says, "Katrina."

Hearing the words, Katrina raises her head, "What's wrong, Cousin Joseph?"

Joseph stares at her and asks seriously, "Are you free the day after tomorrow?"

The day after tomorrow?

That's Sunday. It's her rest day.

"Yes, what can I do for you?"

Joseph replies, "Oh, that's it! Liam has just been transferred to Abbe City as a vice mayor. He is not familiar with many places in the city. I want to lead him around this weekend. But I just have something urgent to deal with and can't accompany him. If you are free, can you show him around on my behalf?"

Afraid of Katrina's suspicion, Joseph added quickly, "He studied in the University in Abbe City before, but you know, in recent years, Abbe City has changed too much. He hasn't come back for several years. Maybe he can't recognize many places anymore."

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Memories Of The Night 510 Chapter 510: She Escape From Him Again

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