The Return Of The Devil's Wife 85 Now, Who Is The Real Shame Of The Yan Family? 2

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A pin-drop silence blanketed the whole ballroom after the man's off-handed statement. Yan Xiaoyi seemed to have frozen in place as she looked around the room in embarra.s.sment.

"No... no. That can't be. My sister is definitely here in this ballroom. You're lying!" Yan Xiaoyi retorted to the man, brows furrowed with conviction. The man merely sighed and shook his head in sympathy.

Such a good little sister ah!

"Xiaoyi, stop protecting that sister of yours. We are all aware of her humiliating secrets. Who wouldn't? Especially now, with all these evidences affront, it further proves what a dirty b.i.t.c.h she is. No matter how much you refute it, these photos and videos say otherwise. And if she's here, which she is obviously not, it still wouldn't prove anything." Shen Ling, Yan Xiaoyi's close friend joined the fray. Her voice dripped with mockery. In truth, this woman was also in cahoots with the mother and daughter. Her tirade was purposely to ridicule Yan Qing Shan further in front of this elite crowd.

"Xiao Ling, stop that. That's my sister. I know she has done those things only because she was forced to do so. The elders kicked her out. It's not her fault. I'll protect her no matter what you all say." Yan Xiaoyi protested indignantly. It may have looked like she was trying her best to defend Yan Qing Shan however, her righteous statement only proved Shen Ling's accusations further sealing the latter's guilt. It was actually a covert agreement.

"Gasp! So, the rumors were true. Yan Qing Shan is a kept woman and is relying on different men?"

"And now she's even settling for some mere waiter? How dirty could she be?"

"Alas, I remember her mother used to be well-known for being virtuous, the epitome of a lady. She must be rolling on her grave right now, having a daughter like this."

Yan Qing Yu who was growing angrier by the minute finally couldn't help himself when he heard their mother being mentioned.

"Enough! Stop spouting nonsense, Yan Xiaoyi!" Yan Qing Yu's loud voice startled Yan Xiaoyi along with Shen Ling and all the other people who were present.

"B-big brother Qing Yu? You... Why are you here?" Yan Xiaoyi felt her breath hitch as she looked at Yan Qing Yu's furious and piercing gaze. Yan Xiaoyi has always been a little terrified of this brother of hers. He had never doted on her like a brother would to a sister. There was only contempt. In the past, she felt bad about this however Yan Xiaoyi got over it once she realized that Yan Qing Yu was another compet.i.tor to her all that was supposed to be hers.

Yan Xiaoyi wasn't aware that Yan Tianyu's only son has gone back to Hua Xia. Zhao Ming Hua had told her that there was a small chance that Yan Tianyu would ever make him return. And yet he was here.

"Am I not allowed to be here? If I wasn't my sister would be dragged down to her death by all of you." Yan Qing Yu narrowed his eyes menacingly at Yan Xiaoyi and turned to Shen Ling who blanched in fear.

"You. Who do you think you are? Are you the law? Is that why you judge my sister so quickly without even giving her the chance to explain herself? You're just a lowly leech sucking off benefits from a Yan." Shen Ling held a hand to her mouth, outraged and shamed. It was true that she befriended Yan Xiaoyi for benefits. But no one ever had the guts to say it on her face. Besides, she was used by Yan Xiaoyi as well. It was mutual cooperation.

"My sister did go with a waiter to a suite but not for any shady reason. She was going to change her clothes because the waiter tripped and splashed champagne on her gown. I was there. My companion was there. We saw it with our own eyes. Are you saying we're blind?" Yan Qing Yu recounted what happened earlier when they were with Yan Qing Shan.

"Why didn't she go with you then? Or with your so called companion? Why go with the waiter?" Shen Ling retorted acidly. She was already humiliated a while ago, there's no way she's going to back down now.

"My sister didn't want to inconvenience me or my date. So she troubled the waiter to lead her to Yan Xiaoyi's room. And now this happens when she's not around? How convenient." Yan Qing Yu replied coldly. His words insinuating something.
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Zhao Ming Hua saw that the situation was going out of their control. She couldn't let this b.a.s.t.a.r.d of Zhao Ming Yue ruin her plans.

"Qing Yu, dear, Qing Shan is the only one who could clear these misunderstanding. If she's just gone to change, maybe she'll be back any moment now. We can ask her then." Zhao Ming Hua gently intervened the scathing argument. She had the guts to suggest that they should wait for Yan Qing Shan because she knew the girl wouldn't be going back. She sneered internally. Zhao Ming Hua knew how lecherous that person was. She wouldn't be surprised if he had gone back to play with Yan Qing Shan after tampering with the footage.

"Aunt Zhao, if Yan Qing Shan has just gone back to change she should already be here by now. It's only changing, it can't take her more than half an hour. Why isn't she here yet? I bet my eyes she's really having fun with that waiter." Shen Ling replied in disdain, eyeing the expression of wrath in Yan Qing Yu's face. She quite enjoyed it.

"I have no need for your eyes. They're ugly. Best you donate them to those in dire need of it instead. Maybe your wretchedness could somehow be saved." A melodious voice shattered the tensed atmosphere. Though the voice had a pleasant tone to it, the blandness and disregard gave people chills.

Eyes snapped up to the newcomer who had just spoken. Her heels clacked onto the floor slowly, the frightening sound clutched at the people's ears like the whisper of the looming shadow of death. It was Yan Qing Shan who was still in her red, form-fitting gown looking especially gorgeous and queenly despite the undeniable messy hairdo. However, if one looked past her intimidating form, they could see that her garb was obviously stained and wet.

"Alas, I disappear for a moment rumors and scandals of me are suddenly revealed. I'm branded a disgrace and the shame of my family." Yan Qing Shan paused ever so lightly, her dark eyes emitting nonchalance.

"Truly, when a tiger remains silent they'd take him for a housecat. How moronic." Yan Qing Shan's scathing words slammed down the entire ballroom. Her lips quirked in irony as she stared directly at the b.u.mbling trio. She shook her head indistinctly.

"Some people really are a waste of two billion years of evolution."

The Return Of The Devil's Wife 85 Now, Who Is The Real Shame Of The Yan Family? 2

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