Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 100 Chapter 97: Arrested For Slandering

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The mission hall was just as crowded as Xu Ming entered the place. He had to stand in a line to even get to the elder.

After around 20 minutes, it was finally his turn.

"Alright. Show me the mission form," The elder said.

Xu Ming took out the form and gave it to the elder.

"Hmm? A level 2 mission? You finished that?" The elder let out in surprise.

He brought out the disciple badge of the ones he killed and placed that in front of the elder.

"Ah, yeah. I did. Here are the badges of the disciples that I killed," Xu Ming said.

"3 badges? I'm quite surprised that you killed 3, but you won't get any extra contribution points for it. Give me your badge. I'll transfer the contribution points to your badge. I'm sure that I don't need to explain where you can use them," The Elder said.

Xu Ming gave his disciple badge to the elder.

The Elder transferred the contribution points before giving it back.

"You can leave now," The Elder let out as he gave the badge back to Xu Ming.

Xu Ming took the badge and left the room. Surprisingly, he and Zi Zhenfeng came out of their rooms at the same time.

"Did you submit the mission?" Zi Zhenfeng said.


"Nice. Anyhow, it was really nice meeting you. You can come to me for help at any time. Just ask where Zi Zhenfeng lives and everyone will tell you my address. Alright, bye now," Zi Zhenfeng bid his farewell.

"Wait," he was about to leave when Xu Ming stopped him.

"I do need some help. Can you take me to Elder Wu's house?" Xu Ming asked.

"Elder Wu? I don't think he likes visitors. It would be bad if we anger him," Zi Zhenfeng said.

"He knows me. I have something to talk to him about. I do know his address, but I can't just walk there as there is someone in the sect who wishes to harm me. I would have asked Senior Wu Tian if he was here, but I don't even know where to find him," Xu Ming explained.

"Hmm? Do you know Elder Wu? And you even know Wu Tian?" Zi Zhenfeng said.

" Interesting. I'll escort you. I'll see who wishes to harm you in the sect," He let out as an amused smile appeared on his face.

"Thank you," Xu Ming thanked him for agreeing to help.

"Don't worry about it. Let's go. You walk in the front while I'll be 20 meters behind you. Let's see who dares to mess with you," Zi Zhenfeng responded.

Xu Ming left the hall and walked towards the residence of the blind Elder Wu.

The sect was just as lively as ever and people could be seen everywhere.

Xu Ming was midway when a person came out of a nearby skill hall.

The person noticed Xu Ming and hurriedly ran towards him. It was none other than Wu, the disciple of Punishment Elder that chose the letter for Wu.

Wu stopped before Xu Ming and pointed his finger at him.

"How are you back???" He exclaimed in shock.

"Was I not supposed to come back?" Xu Ming asked a question in return.

As soon as he asked the question, he noticed that Wu grew worried.

"Of Course you can come back. Did you complete the mission?" Wu asked.

"Yes. I completed the mission and got the contribution points as well. Now can you step aside? I have somewhere I need to be," Xu Ming said as he tried to leave, but Wu again obstructed his path.

"What's the hurry, little friend. Let's go to the Punishment Elder. He would like to have a talk with you," Wu said smiling as he tried to catch the hand of Xu Ming, but Xu Ming dodged and created distance between them.

"As I said, I don't have time to go there, I'm busy at the moment. Also, I have finished the mission. The Punishment Elder can't get involved in my matters anymore," He said smiling.

"Hmm? Do you dare slander the Punishment Elder? Come with me this instant!" Wu let out as he brought his sword out and pointed towards Xu Ming.

Right at that moment, a hand landed in his shoulders. It was Zi Zhenfeng that had appeared beside him.

"Hmm? Isn't that little Wu? Have you started bullying people now?" He called out.

Wu turned back and was visibly surprised to see Zi Zhenfeng there.

"Zi Zhenfeng! Don't get involved in my matters. I'm on the official duty of the Punishment Hall! I need to capture this guy for slandering the Punishment Elder! Step aside if you don't want to get in trouble" He called out.

"What slander? I've been standing here since the beginning and I haven't heard a single word of slander," Zi Zhenfeng said.

"Also? Are you trying to threaten me with the name of Punishment Hall? You can try getting me in trouble if you like. I'm not worried as long as I have my master," He further said.

"Cheh, I'm not going to get into a fight with it. I just want the boy," Wu said.

"I'm taking him with me. You can try stopping me if you dare. But I'll warn you, I'm not worried about breaking every bone in your body even if you're the Disciple of the Punishment Elder," Zi Zhenfeng a.s.serted as he walked towards Xu Ming.

"Let's go. He won't try anything," Zi Zhenfeng placed his hands on Xu Ming's shoulders and told him.

Xu Ming and Zi Zhenfeng left that place together and Wu indeed didn't try to stop them, though he constantly looked as if he was going to eat them.

"Zi Zhenfeng you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Wu cursed out as he started following them stealthily to see where they were going.

"So Wu was the one you were worried about. That guy is indeed a sc.u.m. I've heard that he abused the authority of Punishment Hall a lot just because he's the disciple of the Punishment Elder. He's not the only Disciple of an elder in the sect though," Zi Zhenfeng said smiling.

It didn't take them much tone to get to the courtyard of Elder Wu.

"Here you go buddy, you can go. I'll start here and leave after I see you enter," Zi Zhenfeng said.

Xu Ming nodded his head and walked towards the courtyard, leaving Zi Zhenfeng behind.

*Knock* *knock*

He knocked on the door and immediately got the response as a servant opened the door.

"Yes?" The servant asked.

"I'm here to meet Elder Wu. He should be inside," Xu Ming said.

"I'm sorry, but he doesn't meet anyone. You can leave," The servant replied.

"No wait, Just tell him that Xu Ming is here to talk to him. He knows me!" Xu Ming said.

"Alright. Wait here," The servant closed the door and went inside to ask.

After 10 minutes, he came back and opened the door.

"Alright. You can come inside," She said.

Xu Ming entered the place though he didn't forget to look back at Zi Zhenfeng once before entering.

As Xu Ming entered the place, Zi Zhenfeng departed as well.

Xu Ming was brought to a room where Elder Wu was sitting in a chair.

"Little friend, what brings you here today?" Elder Wu said in a gentle tone.

"I have a problem and I didn't know who to go to. You're the only one here that I could come to," Xu Ming replied.

"Hmm? What problem?" Elder Wu asked.

"Last week, the disciples of punishment hall came to my courtyard and took me to the punishment elder. Which is fine as I had missed the deadline for completing a mission. He told me to go complete a mission. His disciple Wu chose a level 2 mission for me saying that it was my Punishment," Xu Ming said.

"Level 2 mission? There shouldn't be a Punishment like this for the first time? Is Mingxu going crazy with old age?" Elder Wu muttered.

"That's not the main problem. I believe that they wanted to kill me. Only Wu knew that my mission was to go to Xiayi Kingdom. And when I got there, a disciple from our sect was waiting for me and instantly attacked me. He was in the 1st stage of Spirit Establishment Realm if I'm not wrong, so he must have a special standing,"

"Also, he had a snow-white crane with him that a normal Disciple shouldn't possess. I killed him and brought his disciple badge back. Also, when I was coming back, I realized that the map that had given me was a fake one as well. If I hadn't met Zi Zhenfeng, I would have been lost. I need your help to find out why Punishment Elder wanted to kill me!" Xu Ming said.

"That does sound like you were targeted, but the Punishment Elder doesn't have a white Profound Crane. But I know someone who does and that person might have a reason to go it as well. Come with me,"  Elder Wu said with a frown as he stood up.

Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 100 Chapter 97: Arrested For Slandering

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