Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 134 Chapter 131: Cleansing

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" You won't find the quant.i.ty like outside, but the quality would be absolutely incredible. That's why the Core Sect doesn't have many buildings, and the ones it has are oftentimes smaller than the ones in the Inner Sect," she replied.

"Oh," Xu Ming nodded his head.

He was brought to a small pond that was not guarded in the least.

"This is the Cleansing Pond. Take your clothes off and jump inside. I'll stay here," Elder Mu told him. 

"Can't you leave and come back after seven days?" Xu Ming inquired.

"Why would I leave? I need to stay here to make sure no problem occurs. If I leave and anything happens, I'll be punished," Elder Mu said.

"I have a question. If this place is so important, then why is it not guarded?" Xu Ming asked her as he looked around. There was nothing around him. Not a single person other than them could be seen.

"Do you know when was the last time the Core Sect had a new disciple?" Elder Mu asked.

"No. What does that have to do with it?" She asked.

"It was six years ago. One month is enough time for that disciple to cleanse as must impurities from this pond as possible. Every disciple has utilized the pond, and it doesn't have any benefit for them anymore. Why would the Sect waste time by putting someone here," Elder Mu turned said.

"That makes sense, I guess," Xu Ming muttered.

"Alright. Take your clothes and jump in the water. Your seven days started the moment you entered the core sect. You're literally wasting the previous time by not entering the water," Elder Mu replied.

"I'm going," Xu Ming said as he walked towards the Pond. He started taking his clothes off. Elder Mu turned back to give Xu Ming his privacy.

Xu Ming jumped inside the pond. He thought that he would feel something as soon as he got inside the water, but the things were different. He felt nothing. No impurities were coming out of his body.

To him, this water felt like average water.

He started frowning as he wondered what was happening.

"I feel nothing happening. Is this supposed to be like this?" Xu Ming asked the woman.

"You're going. You might not understand the profundities. Just stay in the water and let it do its work," Elder Mu said.

"Alright," Xu Ming muttered as he stayed in the water.

What Elder Mu didn't know was that Xu Ming's body was already as pure as it could be. His body had no impurity, so this water was useless for him.

"Do you know who the girl called Battle Fairy is?" Xu Ming asked Elder Mu.

"Who doesn't know her. She's the star disciple of the core sect and a potential Sect Master of the future," Elder Mu replied.

"Can you take me to meet her?" Xu Ming asked her.

"Meet her? Why?" Elder Mu inquired with a frown.

"She has something that belongs to me. I want it back," Xu Ming said.

"She has something that belongs to you? Little boy, she can get everything she sees because she has the power to take it, but she doesn't. She only takes the things that she really likes, and if she took something from you, then it just means that she liked it. I don't think you'll get it back," Elder Mu said.

"I don't care about what she takes and what she doesn't. The thing she took from me is more important to me than my life. I would really appreciate it if you could help me meet her," Xu Ming told her.

"I wish I could, but it's impossible. There's no way I can help you get to her. Her position in the Sect is way higher than mine. Even I'm not allowed to go where she stays. Secondly, you were allowed inside the core sect to cleanse your impurities in the pond for seven days," Elder Mu explained to Xu Ming.

"That's all the permission that you have. If you're found to be roaming other places in the sect, then you'll be punished no matter how much the higher-ups like you. And I'll be punished with you," she added.

Xu Ming was disappointed in her response. 

"What's the thing that you want, though?" she asked.

"I'll talk to her about this when I see her,"  Xu Ming replied.

"To see her, you must succeed in the Core Tests. If you do, then with the amount of attention that you have, you'll reach the high tier of the core sect instantly," Elder Mu told him.

"I will definitely do it. I will take back what's mine," Xu Ming muttered.

Xu Ming had realized that this water was useless, so he decided to cultivate instead of wasting time.

Xu Ming began his cultivation and started absorbing the Origin Energy from his surroundings.

The Origin Energy entered his body and nourished it before getting collected in his soul s.p.a.ce.

His cultivation rose slowly. Even though his cultivation was still slower than it would have been if he was in the Heaven Realm, his cultivation speed was still amazing for a place that lacked the Origin Energy.

His cultivation speed also saw a ma.s.sive rise in it after he broke through to the Spirit Establishment Realm and formed his 6 Winged Martial Soul.

Xu Ming cultivated for the whole day and night for seven days straight and only came out occasionally to sleep when he was too tired of cultivating.

Elder Mu kept an eye on him through his time there.

"Alright. Your seven days are over. Come out of the water," She told Xu Ming one afternoon.

Xu Ming listened to him and came out of the water. He got dressed.

"I'm ready to leave," He told Elder Mu.

Elder Mu turned back and looked towards Xu Ming.

"Oh, I can see the changes. It looks like you removed a lot of impurities. Are you feeling good now?" She asked.

"I literally feel no difference in terms of impurities," Xu Ming commented.

"As I said, you might not be able to see it as you're inexperienced, but I can see it clearly. The pond had been really useful to you," Elder Mu said to him.

"If that's what you want to think, then fine," Xu Ming replied.

She took Xu Ming with her, and they left the Core Sect.

She entered his courtyard along with him and sat on his bed.

"Now that we're done with it, time to talk about the future. The Core Trial, when are you going to attempt it," She asked him.

"As I said, I want to attempt it as soon as I can," Xu Ming said.

"Alright. I'll schedule it at the start of the next month. You can start your preparation. Best of luck, boy, I and many others have high hopes on you," she told Xu Ming before she stood up and left.

"Don't worry, even if I don't have luck, I won't let anything come in my way. I will definitely succeed and get what I want," Xu Ming muttered as he sat on his bed and laid on it.

"Come to think of it; I haven't seen that dream in a long time. I wonder what happened to the boy? Did he leave successfully? He should've left since he wasn't there last time," Xu Ming muttered.

"It was strange how I found him so familiar. That cute phoenix as well. If father was alive, he might've been and to answer what it was about," 

As he thought about his father, he started getting emotional. Xu Ming looked at his ring as his eyes got wet. 

"I promise you, father. The one that killed you, I will destroy him," He let out as flames of revenge burned in his heart.

After half an hour, he sat up and started cultivating.

He cultivated for four days before he heard a knock on his door.

He stopped his cultivation and walked to the door.

Opening the door, he saw Sun Mu standing outside.

"How are you feeling?" Xu Ming asked.

"Not fully healed, but I'm better than I was when we fought," Sun Mu said.

"That's good. Did you need something?" Xu Ming inquired.

"Yeah, I wanted your help," Sun Mu told him.

"You want my help? With what?" Xu Ming asked.

"I am leaving the sect to train. I was hoping if I could ask you to do something for me," Sun Mu said.

"I can't answer without hearing your request. What do you want me to do?" Xu Ming inquired.

"You don't have to do anything right now. What I need you to do can only be done once you're inside the Core Sect. I believe that you have the hope of entering the Core Sect before me, and I'm leaving for a long time, that's why I came to ask you," Sun Mu said.

"You can get to the point straight. There's no need to talk around the topic. It shouldn't be that serious," Xu Ming told him.

Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 134 Chapter 131: Cleansing

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