Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 98 Chapter 95: Oldest Rule

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"Well, I did it because it was the mission I had received. As for why the sect released a mission like this, that's a whole different story," Zi Zhenfeng said as he glanced at Xu Ming.

"It's related to the oldest rules of the Sect," He further said.

"Oldest rules? Which rule is that?" Xu Ming inquired with a frown.

"The rule of love. No disciple of the Sect is allowed to fall in love and elope with someone from outside. Apparently, a girl of our sect ignored the rule and had an affair with the man that you just saw," Zi Zhenfeng explained.

"She was caught and she was killed. The elders didn't feel like they personally needed to go out to kill the man. They issued a mission in the mission hall. I took the mission and finished the job," He further said.

"Oh," Xu Ming didn't even know what to feel about it anymore. In a way, Zi Zhenfeng wasn't in the wrong as he was just following the orders from the Sect. Things were not always right or wrong. There was a grey area a lot of the time and he realized that.

Still, he didn't care. He had decided that he would destroy the Glorious Sword Sect only then will his heart feel better.

Throughout the journey, Xu Ming didn't say anything else and just sat there in silence.


Back in the Glorious Sword Sect, a man was walking back and forth with a frown on his face.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Chu! Where the h.e.l.l is he? I told him that he could go out after he attained the Peak Body Refining Realm, but I didn't tell him that he could stay out for so long," He let out in an annoyed tone as he looked towards the door.

He was the brother of the boy that Xu Ming had killed. His name was Win Gu. 

He was starting to get worried after Chu didn't come back for over 20 hours.

"Screw it! I'd find him myself and teach him the meaning of discipline!" 

He finally couldn't wait any longer and decided to search for him himself.

After asking around inside the sect, he found out that his brother was last seen with 2 outer disciples of the sect whose names are Mai and Ruu.

After more questions, he was told that Ruu and Mai often went to two places. They either went to the Enchanting Hall that was technically a Brothel, or the Drunken Pavilion. 

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Did he really go to the brothel! That must be the reason he's not back yet!" Win Gu couldn't help but curse out loud as he heard about the potential places his brothers could have visited.

He fully believed that his brother went to the brothel.

He furiously left the sect on his flying beast and flew for just over 10 minutes before he realized that he didn't even know where the Enchanting Hall was located.

He got his beast to get down and he got off of it.

He stopped a person that was walking on the streets.

The person noticed the clothes of Win Gu and realized that it was someone from the Glorious Sword Hall. He couldn't help but be worried for himself as he stepped towards the man.

"Y-yes sir," The man said as he stopped before Win Gu.

"I want to go to the Enchanting Hall. Where is it?" Win Gu asked straight away.

The man just looked at him with a stunned look on his face.

Win Gu felt like the man's gaze was quite weird. He realized that the man misunderstood him and thought that he was going there to have fun with a girl.

"I want to go there to look for someone. Just tell me the directions," Win Gu said.

"Ah, Right. Of course, you need to look for someone. I did hear that Si Ziyi is really beautiful. If you go there, you should definitely look for her," The man told Win Gu in an effort to win favor for his suggestion.

"Just shut up before I break all the bones in your body. Tell me the directions!"  Win Gu said.

"O-of course. Go straight in this direction and then take the first left and walk for over 20 minutes. You'll see the sign of Winxu restaurant. Just take the left from there and walk for the same distance. After 20 or so minutes, you should be able to see the sign of the Enchanting Hall," The man told him the directions.

Win Gu didn't even thank the man as he climbed on top of his flying beast and flew away, following the directions that the man said.

In just 5 minutes, he reached the Enchanting Hall.

He sent his flying beast back to the beast bag and stepped towards the door.

2 Cultivators were hired by the Enchanting Hall to guard the gates and check the customers to make sure that no one brings any weapon inside, but as soon as they saw Win Gu, they stepped back.

They didn't even dare to talk to him, let alone take the big sword that he was carrying on his back.

Win Gu entered the place without any trouble. He was standing in a big hall where girls were sitting on sofas.

A person could generally go to the reception, pay, and take any girl they liked to the room for some fun time.

The hall was filled with chatters of the girls, but as soon as they saw Win Gu and the color of the sword symbol on his chest, they all turned silent.

It was pin-drop silent and even the sound of Win Gu's footsteps could be heard by everyone as he walked towards the receptionist.

"M-master, you don't need to pay. Consider this your own place. You can choose any and as many girls, as you like," The receptionist said with a fawning smile on her face as if she didn't wish to offend Win Gu even by mistake.

"I'm not here for that. Tell me where my brother is. He must have come here in the last 24 hours," Win Gu said.

"Ah, Is he also a disciple of the Glorious Sword Sect?" The girl asked.

"Yes," Win Gu nodded.

"Well, Only a single disciple came here in the last 24 hours. He's still inside with a girl," The receptionist said.

"That must be him. Where is he?" Win Gu inquired impatiently.

"That room right there," The girl pointed towards a room towards the corner.

Win Gu walked towards the room. It was clear from his face that he wasn't happy.

Awakening Of The Ancient: Rise Of The Fallen 98 Chapter 95: Oldest Rule

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