Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 133 The Betrayal - The Green Hell Make Surprise - Chapter 133

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Mager Ven Luos couldn't believe what he saw. It wasn't because Allie wanted to kill "TheHunter," now known as "Martin."

He'd do the same thing if he was in shoes of Allice. now.

Martin right now Killing organizations around him and doing consistently bad things made him no different from the leader of the Fire Mountain Organization, "Fernn" who was killed by the

"Shapes.h.i.+fter Union".

Mager Ven Luos was surprised because the way that Allie is going to use to kill the Martin

Allie used a big organization named "Ring Link"

The blue ring that Allie used was specially produced for shapes.h.i.+fters and creatures.

The color of the ring didn't matter.

Only a color symbolizing the clan was used or the shapes.h.i.+fter chooses the design of the ring. The important thing was the person who activated the ring after the ring was activated.

Allie had an open contract for Martin without thinking. In short, information about Martin would be delivered to all King Level, even higher levels of shapes.h.i.+fters.

with this ring, the information was sent to a Ring Link that all king level and higher level shapes.h.i.+fters can see and accept.

Even Mager Ven Luos didn't know the exact name of this ring producer and how he or she connects all the clans and King Level Shapes.h.i.+fter and creatures at the same place.

This Ring Link would transfer information from the ring directly to the Clans, Shapes.h.i.+fters, Creatures who have Ring, Clans tell their members about the contract.

When the contract was complete, Allie was going to pay to reward the amount she said. Afterward, the payment received would be shared between the Ring Link, clan and the shapes.h.i.+fter or creature that completed the Contract.

The reason Mager Ven Luos was surprising was that he knew that such a contract was rarely used.

At the same time, Starlight Stone was also quite expensive, as Starlight Stone was to be divided between Ring Link, Clan and the who completed the contract.

"Why was an experienced manager like Allie going this far just to kill Martin."

Allie, on the other hand, just sat in her seat after the contract was opened and began to think. She thought she'd get along with Martin.

But eventually, she had to think about her clan's problems and orders. The Clan did not care about the Martin killings humans and other villages that when there is no value or damage to the clan itself.

But when a person began to attack organizations and cities, this means he is attacking all the resources the continent has and devalue the continent.

Icean Family was investing in the continent their starlight stones and manpower.

The reason they invested was to get stronger and win Starlight Stone by owning the Atrem Continent.

In short, Martin was attacking the Icean Family with his actions.


There were three creatures in the middle of a green plain. Each one was in human-form.

The difference between a shapes.h.i.+fter and the creature was also extremely obvious. The creatures had natural energy.

But shapes.h.i.+fters, on the other hand, used their soul energy to transform their respective creatures.

These human-looking creatures were Golden-Sand Desert Emperor and Green h.e.l.l Snake Emperor.

The human-shaped creature, which had a white skin color, was naturally sent by the Icean Family as the Traveller Moon Bear Emperor for emperor levels inside the continent to talk to them or destroy them.

At that time, The Traveller Moon Bear Emperor started to talk. The smile on his face was never diminished.

"The Icean Family wants to take owners.h.i.+p of the Atrem Continent. You, as the owners of the regions within the continent, will have no trouble if you help us with this, and you don't have to pay any taxes. You can continue to live in the region within your continent. We don't have to fight."

Traveller Moon Bear Emperor spoke with a confident and simple tone. Despite being alone, he seemed to be not afraid of two Emperor-Level creatures standing in front of him.



Sand-Gold and Green h.e.l.l, who had heard the words of Traveller Moon Bear Emperor, began to look nervous.

Golden-Sand took a deep breath and started talking.

"The Icean Family can fool mindless Emperor Creatures with small lies. Me and Green h.e.l.l are also the Alpha Yabet Wolves will not going to accept that becoming your and your master slaves."

Green h.e.l.l, who had confirmed and smiled at what his old friend had said.

Traveller-Bear - who expected to receive such an answer, shook his hand in the air and behind him a smoke of dust manifested.

After smoke cloud disappeared there was a creature that started to look at the Green h.e.l.l and Sand-Gold,


"How could this be?"

"What's he doing there?"

Green h.e.l.l and Golden-Sand spoke at the same time.

The creature that emerged from the smoke was the real creature that they thought they were friendly with But it had changed.

"Ice-Yateb Wolf Emperor" - (C) / (T) -


"Icean Clan"

"Yates Clan" (Yateb Clan leader was Alpha Yateb Wolf, now it is owned by the Icean Clan, Ice-Yateb Wolf Emperor, do not have two clan pa.s.sives like MC (Martin)

"STR = 553.3"

"Agility = 534.1"

"Endurance = 532"

"INT = 525.7"


"Ice Yateb Wolves"

"Conjure, 1000x Ice Yateb Wolves, each around the level of King Level One Ring to King Level Two Ring"

"????? "


At that time, Ice Yateb Wolf Emperor started talking.

"I'd rather be on the side of the bad than on the side of the weak in wars."

Those words were telling them everything. Greenh.e.l.l and Golden-Sand looked at each other.

They both thought that the person they agreed on, "Martin," would betray them.

But they never thought that Yateb Wolfs' Alpha would betray them and make a deal with the Icean Family.

Most likely, thanks to this agreement, the Icean Family, had accepted it directly to their clans to develop its potential.

Already, the innately powerful Alpha Yateb Wolf had reached Emperor Level within a few days with the support of the Icean Family and was able to fight them.

It was a little stronger than the Sand-Gold Desert Emperor.

In that case, neither of them knew what to do. But Green h.e.l.l began to smile at the time, and then after shaking his head negatively, he began to speak out loud.there was more than 50 meters between the two groups.

"Does the Icean Family think it's not watched by anyone. Does he think they can take the Atrem Continent without announcing it to anyone?"

After these words, the Green h.e.l.l Emperor slightly raised his hand in the air and a green sign symbol with three heads appeared in the air after a green light blew out of his hand.

Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 133 The Betrayal - The Green Hell Make Surprise - Chapter 133

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