Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 134 Trial By Black Hearth - Chapter 134

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Traveller Moon Bear Emperor and Ice Yabet Wolf Emperor looked up at the same time.

They both didn't know what the symbol meant.

But in just a few seconds, three-green snakeheads in the sky changed to physical form.

It looked terrifying and strong but after one second, the three-green snakeheads in the sky changed to human form who was completely green-skinned and green-eyed it looked similar to Green h.e.l.l Emperor.

it slowly slipped from the sky and landed on the ground.

A few seconds later, he looked towards directly on Traveler Moon Bear Emperor and Ice Yabet Wolf.

At the time, Traveller Moon Bear Emperor and Ice Yabet Wolf Emperor both of whom had to kneel directly,

They couldn't stand up, and there is a lot of pressure on their back who was forcing themselves to bow down the ground.

Traveller-Moon raised his head slightly and began to look at the creature that was looking after them, in the form of green human beings.

"Three Headed-Hydra ???? ?????" (Reader Only)


"Battle Power = ?"

"Hydra Clan"

"STR = ?"

"Agiltiy = ?"

"Endurance = ?"

"Int = ?"




Traveller Moon Bear Emperor knew that the creature against them was too strong.

He had encountered creatures at ancestor level creatures and peak level ancestor level creatures.

He'd never seen a show of energy and power like that. In that case, there was only one thing that could be said.

What was happening was a creature above the ancestor level, which was a green human-shaped snake creature.

Traveller Moon Emperor and Ice Yabet Wolf Emperor didn't know what to do.

Even the Icean Family Leader was at a level that might have to kneel in front of the creature in front of them.




Martin took a slight deep breath. He washed his clothes well and after he wore his clothes, he sat in his seat and started thinking.

"And finally, I have to figure out a situation I've never touched."

Martin, after saying these words, "Sword Mastery Level 20" (Trial Is Ready (Trial By Paradigna .. Black Hearth)

He started looking at his part.

This part has been this way since the moment Sword Mastery reached level 20. Martin had put this behind him so far and ignored it.

But that's what he had to focus on right now.

Therefore, he started to talk to the system and get information about the situation first.

"Paradigna, can you tell me about Sword Mastery – Trial"

After Martin's question, the system began to speak in a fluent and relaxed tone.

"Sword Mastery Level 20 is protected by a test called "Trial By Black Hearth and ????" by the Black Hearth Clan to evolve and strengthen a different part.

As long as the user is focused, he can enter this exam section and, when he completes the exam, Sword Mastery, can evolve into a different and high-level shape with the pa.s.sive features it gives."

Martin had made a confirmation sign with his head. That was a very important point.

Therefore, there was no reason why he wouldn't do it. when he was thinking of doing it, The System began talking to him.

"Trial By Black Hearth, the user, ????? section of the In this section, it gives exactly three tasks. After these three tasks are completed, the user completes the exam. Tasks last at least 20 to 25 days."

Martin's thoughts had changed when he heard the new information.

"I didn't expect anything big and important like this."

Martin didn't want to waste so much time and, at the same time, risk his life for a test. But he knew he had to do it eventually.

At that point, martin moved on as he kept thinking.

Martin looked at the door and smiled lightly at the time.

"Leila must be here"


Martin stood up from his seat and opened the door after unlocking the door and pulled back.

Leila walked in and started talking after she walked towards Martin.

"Have you thought of anything?"

Martin knew immediately why he was asked about this question.

He told Leila to come in the morning last night to make a plan.

If he thinks about the truth he did not make any plan, Martin didn't make many plans.

After Martin thought about it for a while, he started talking.

"Right now, I don't have anything in mind, and I have a job that will go to last for 20 and 30 days.

Would it be appropriate for us to talk later?"

Unlike her personality, Leila welcomed the situation with understanding. Afterward, she handed out a white ring to Martin, which was hanging around her waist before she gave it to Martin.

Martin took the ring and began to look into Leila's eyes with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Leila frowned slightly and thought through it.

"Does he not know what the ring does?"

Leila - she got that idea out of her mind, and after coughing slightly, she removed the awkward situation and started talking.

"You can reach out to me by using the ring, by saying my name to the ring and using your energy to activate it. Valid only within the Atrem Continent. I expect to hear from you in a month."

Leila went out of the room and closed the door from behind, after saying those words. Martin smiled and started thinking.

"Women in this world aren't that bad."


After this little thought, Martin regained his attention and he left his room and went down to the Inn Hall and talked with the owner of Inn and rented his room for 35 days,

Martin wanted to spend time in the room after the trial was over.

That's why he did something like that.

Of course, his deal with Golden-Sand Desert Emperor at the time had no value.

After all, Martin was moving from being a bad person to a normal mid-level person and a shapes.h.i.+fter.

That didn't mean he'd put his interests in the interests of a few different creatures.

Especially these creatures, they were recklessly wanting to kill people from him.

This was already getting pretty upset.

So he whispered through them without caring and started talking.

"Paradigna, I accept Trial By Black Hearth and I want to enter. It's also my final decision."

Martin, when he said these words, his consciousness and body disappeared directly from the room where he was found.

Martin did not know where he was going.

Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 134 Trial By Black Hearth - Chapter 134

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