Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary 641 I'm Sorry

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Norvin again cut her off and spoke taking the files, "So the rumors are right. You are kind to your enemies."

Sky furrowed her brows and stood silently. Norvin checked three project files that were under him and they left after his father's news broke.

"Thank you for this. President Harley." Norvin spoke after checking all the files.

Sky came to screw him for giving up which affected so many people. Seeing him in a business suit and thanking for projects, she wasn't sure if he was showing off as strong or he was ready to take responsibility.

"Sam" Sky said pointing at the main door with her chin and walked towards it.

"Sky... Harley" Norvin called, "President Harley, Weren't you here to say something? Say it."

Sky turned around and saw him standing. Sam nodded at her. "CEO Wright, our age difference is nearly seven to eight years. Will you able to take what I say? You are experienced enough to know why I am here."

Norvin smiled. His gentle voice sounded, "I thought you will call me Mr.Cleaner again... Anyway, can you not sound like I'm an old man?"

Sky furrowed her brows high, "I'm not here to listen to your c.r.a.p."

Norvin nodded with a smile, "Your target was never the Apollo or Me. So you don't give a d.a.m.n about these projects and came to return it."

When he investigated, he knew quite a few things about Sky Harley.

Sky smirked, "So you have a brain too." Sam interrupted, "Shall I take a nap?"

Sky traced the water gla.s.s rim with her fingertip as she responded, "Sure"

"Heartless!" He was bored to death hearing the serious talk.

Norvin didn't understand anything. In fact, he couldn't understand how they were conversing. They were very close yet they declined to be in a relations.h.i.+p.

Sky faced him, "CEO Wright, People change, Things go wrong, Sh*t happens but Life goes on. If you want to wither, wither alone, not by pulling your employees down who has their family and responsibilities. A mistake repeated more than once isn't called a mistake. Learn to take responsibility for them."

Sky went to Sam and took a card from his jacket. She was about to give to Norvin's hand but she placed it on coffee table ignoring his hand in the air.

"This will help your company if you want to attend." Then Sky looked at Sam, "Let's go."

She had only taken two steps when Norvin held her wrist. Sky clenched her fists and turned around.

"Do I really have no chance?" Norvin asked unhurriedly reading her expression.

Sky gritted her teeth, "I gave your projects, I even inv..."

Sam flicked on her head, "He is asking about his confession. Dumb."

"Oh!" She thought he was asking about the survival of the Apollo in the business industries.

Sky turned back to Norvin and her tone wasn't harsh as before, "CEO Wright, can you please check my ring finger of the hand you are holding?"

Norvin saw multiple tiny diamonds sparling on her delicate finger and he left her hand immediately.

Sky continued, "I'm married and n.o.bODY! stands a chance."

"I... I..." With lots of difficulties he apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

Sky responded, "No problem" she saw the disappointment, discontent in his eyes but his face didn't let anything out.

She again gave a piece of advice, "Moving on will be a little easier if you remember how much you suffered for thirteen years."

Sam took her out not being able to take her advice for Norvin. "That's enough of babysitting."

Sky added a line before exiting, "Mr.Wright! I hope my visit here won't be vain."

Norvin sat back on the couch and smiled to himself.

The butler who went near him to talk didn't dare to open his mouth. He wasn't sure whether Norvin was happy or sad as he never saw his smile for a long time. It wasn't a happy smile.

The lonely air around him turned intense as time ticked off. Norvin knew he couldn't get what he wanted but he still gave it a try.

'I hope my visit here won't be vain.' He remembered her last line out of all and left to his office.

Even though he never expected her to personally come, when he saw her, he knew the reason behind her visit.

Hence he got ready to go office. But after remembering her last line, he didn't want her to regret visiting him when he had no hopes on himself.


Sky went back to the Harley corporation and reported everything to Arlo including how Sam teased her. Sky played with words making him imagine having a big belly instead of his defined abs which made his face go dark.

Sky held her stomach and laughed hard as she made him remember it a few times until he threw a backrest pillow on her to stop.

After work, Sky and Arlo returned home soon knowing David and Olivia were back. David sounded enraged on mobile when he spoke to Sky so she was mentally prepared to get reproached.

She always used to run inside but she pushed Arlo ahead and went behind him. Arlo was surprised to see her new side.

"Sky. Arlo. Come here." David ordered them in a stern voice seeing Sky hide behind Arlo.

"Hi, Dad! Long-time. How was your vacation?" Sky went ahead leaving Arlo.

David was about to hold her ear, Sky slid off and sat next to Olivia. "Grandmother!"

Olivia patted her hands and said in low voice, "Well done!"

Olivia heard everything from Ryan so she was proud that Sky who handled without Arlo's help. Sky grinned and looked at Arlo who greeted David.

"Arlo, whose idea was it to hide from me? Did you guys forget that I'm the chairman?... And Arlo, why did you ask to turn on jammer? Many tried to contact me. Do I have to check internet news to know about my own company when I was coming back? Did you think you guys can do..."

Arlo didn't know how to react to David's series of questions. He didn't want to put it on Sky either as David really looked enraged.

Sky giggled sitting next to Olivia as it was a rare sight to see David questioning and Arlo standing silently without answering anything.

Olivia tried her best not to laugh looking at Arlo's blank yet confused face. When David's question didn't stop even after five minutes, Sky whispered to Olivia, "I will save my husband."

"Damsel in distress." She said before getting up.

Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary 641 I'm Sorry

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