Silverhart Online Chapter 89

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Published at 25th of May 2020 04:30:04 PM
Chapter 89: 89
Chadena's Administration District is where the citizens conduct their business with the town's governing body as they interact with the proper government authorities for whatever case they have consulted within the affairs of the town itself .

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Aside from the Residential District, where citizens ranging from the common-folk to the middle-cla.s.s have made their residence, the Administration District is also the place where many of the high-cla.s.s individuals make up most of the n.o.bility live .

As such, when a person of the lower cla.s.s visited this district, they are usually met with the scrutinizing eyes of the n.o.bles as they watch their juniors from the lower-cla.s.s in judgment . Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the n.o.bles have ill-intent to the commoners, merely tolerance if one accurately defines it .

After all, peasants and people of low-blood have their uses in the social hierarchy as they work under their n.o.ble lords, mostly for the benefit of the latter as their purse turned heavier with coin in each pa.s.sing day . Although the n.o.bles won't hesitate to deliver judgment and are given considerable reign in enacting justice to them as to how they interpret the laws and customs that make up the solid foundations of the town and land overall .

Of course, there are also outstanding n.o.bles who are renowned to be quite good and benevolent to their subjects, taking into consideration of their well-being . A good example of this is the distinguished orc Baron Krothu who oversaw the farmlands on the outskirts of Chadena .

As Gray and the gang trek to the district's streets, the trio, plus Lily, who was slightly above them flying on her sparrow form, eventually arrived in front of a stoned keep that easily towered every building in its vicinity .

The keep is known as the Lion's Keep, a small castle where the Count and his royal court reside . A drawbridge makes up the entrance of the keep as a wooden bridge leads to a gateway, capable of raising or lowering to allow or prevent entry into the castle, and is spanned by a moat as means of further defense .

The guards overlooking the entrance watched the approaching group of the elf with wary eyes as they held their weapons firmly and scanned them for any factor that's a potential for danger .

"Greetings, citizen . " One of the guards greeted Gray with an acceptable non-hostile tone, fitting for someone of his status . "I'm sure you are well aware, but no visitors are allowed to freely enter the keep unless one is an esteemed n.o.ble, a castle worker, or having been granted an audience by the good Count himself . "

"Ah, then I believe we're of the third option," Gray spoke diplomatically as he presented the letter that the messenger had given him a few moments ago when they were inside the tavern .

The guard nodded as he accepted the letter and begun reading it . After a minute, the guard gave the message back to Gray and said . "Ah, you must be Sir Gray Allister together with his companions, Lady Selena Allister and Sir Isamu Meiyo, correct?"

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"Yes," Gray answered in agreement . "I believe the Count is expecting us?"

"Of course, our Counts.h.i.+p has been antic.i.p.ating your arrival . " The guard replied with a welcoming tone . "If you would kindly wait first at the castle grounds good sirs and lady, for we'll inform one of the servants to guide you inside . "

"Very well," Gray responded with a nod as they were officially granted entry by the guard and made their way into the area of the castle that was instructed to them .

Arriving at the castle grounds, the first thing that the group noticed is the significant number of guards at an open field as an old militia instructor conducted the usual military drills and training to hone their skills and fundamentals in combat as expected of their combat background for the protection of the town .

Isamu's eyes wander at the training field as he meticulously looked at the guards performing different combat exercises and commented on their performance inside his mind . 'Hmm, not bad, but they need to improve their footwork and the grip on their weapon . Based on their performance and stats, they appear to be new recruits and are training in preparation to be a guard or soldier to be garrisoned here . Most Guild Warriors can definitely do better than these poor sods . '

After a few minutes of waiting, a middle-aged man emerged outside from the castle door . He has short brown hair with a neat mustache and a goatee . The man was also clad in a light blue gambeson and a pair of brown shoes . Upon setting his sights on Gray's group, he approached as he greeted them with a stylish bow .

"Greetings Sir Allister and company . " The man's voice was resonating with a sophisticated vibe, giving the impression of a well-educated individual trained in the arts of speechcraft . "My name is Howard Belington, steward and chamberlain of the humble Count himself . I have been a.s.signed by my liege to guide you to his Counts.h.i.+p's royal court . Since I already know all your names, we might as well keep skip through the pleasantries and proceed immediately . It's disrespectful to keep the Count waiting after all . "

Howard Belington

Level 25

Health: 3,025 / 3,025

Stamina: 1,317 / 1,317

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Mana: 300 / 300

After verifying the chamberlain, Howard's stats, Gray and the others nodded in understanding as Howard gestured them all to follow and enter the keep with him . Lily, still in her sparrow form, followed them discretely as she went inside with them .

Standing inside the hallway, Gray and his companions could not help but be impressed by the sight presented to them . A long table made itself known in front of them, filled with luxurious meals of all kinds as expected of the n.o.bility . Eyeing further past the table and into the hallway, a throne above a small stairway was seen at the very end .

Gray noticed that the throne was empty as he inquired Howard about it . "Where's the Count? I thought he is supposed to meet us . "

"You'll meet him inside his private office together with two of his trusted advisors . " Howard simply answered the elf nonchalantly as they kept on walking .

The elf shrugged in agreement, satisfied with the steward's response . The group was led upstairs to the second floor, where they eventually stop at the door inside a corridor that they entered .

"This is the Count's private office," Howard said in a lecturing tone . "I expect that you conduct yourself with proper bearing in the face of n.o.bility and watch your words carefully with respect . The group is to stand before the Ruler of Chadena, one of the King's most loyal va.s.sals and commanders . As per his benevolence, only a simple bow from the waist shall suffice when you greet him . "

"Alright . " Gray nodded in satisfaction, seeing no good reason to be a defiant c.u.n.t . He may harbor indifference to the n.o.bility as per his observations during his three-month stay here in Chadena, but it's not a big deal, and he'll just save the trouble and be a respectful young man .

Besides, p.i.s.sing off the n.o.bility is a lot more complicated with dire consequences, and Gray does not want any complications as long as they don't bother him and behave like the respected n.o.bles that they really are .

Howard returns the nod with approval as he opened the door and entered together with Gray's group . In Lily's case, she went inside in a subtle manner as she perched somewhere nearby to observe the scenario that's about to unfold .

As they stood foot inside the Count's office, the group's eyes widen with surprise upon seeing two familiar figures that they all knew too well .

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'Wait . ' Gray thought in sheer wonder . 'What's Master and the Guild Master doing here?'

Although Gray and his companions knew better than to concretely expressed their similar thoughts as he saw Malic and Rarsu eyeing them with the most serious of looks . That and the older man who was sitting on his chair at his office desk looked at them with the same expression, most notably at Gray meticulously from head to toe .

"Count Randalf, sir . " Howard bowed down his upper body sincerely with the utmost of respect and grace . "I present to you, Sir Gray Allister, together with Sir Isamu Meiyo and Lady Selena Allister . "

On cue, the group bowed down and exhibited the minimal courtesy of greeting when addressing someone of a considerably higher status on the social ladder .

"Leave us, Howard . " The man sitting from his desk emanated an aura of authority as he instructed the chamberlain .

"Of course, my liege . " Howard nodded as he quickly did so with regard .

With the chamberlain finally out of the way, the Count cleared his throat to call everyone's attention as he crossed his arms .

Gray also took a quick moment to take a closer observation at the Count, a man resonating with a commanding demeanor fitting indeed to his status as the ruler of the town . He is of middle age, with pale blonde hair, light-blue eyes . Time seemed to be kind to him as he still manifests some youthful features on his face . He is clad in a brocade outer jacket, a quilted wheat-colored coat similar to a gambeson .

Count of Chadena

Level 31

Health: 4,315 / 4,315

Stamina: 1,612 / 1,612

Mana: 390 / 390

'Wow, the Count sure is powerful . ' Were Gray's thought upon seeing the man's impressive status bar . 'I guess strength must also be a factor in determining one's worth in ruling a land . '

"I'm sure you already know my name, but formality dictates that we adhere to a set of social standards that separate us from debased animals . " The Count said as he smiled . "My name is Randalf Lionheart the Third, ruler of this beloved town of Chadena . "

"I'm Gray Allister, Count Randalf, sir . It's a great privilege to finally meet his kind Counts.h.i.+p in person . " Gray introduced himself with great poise and elegance without a single stutter on the way he speaks, fitting for a refined elf as he was aware of the etiquette of a higher decorum, having been taught a thing or two by Rarsu aside from magic should he find a situation of him socializing with a n.o.ble as to not make a fool of himself . Apart from that, he also learned from the various games and media he encountered from his previous life on earth, so he won't be suspected as an ignorant peasant wandering around the wrong place of the town . Social protocol also dictates that when the person introducing himself has companions, then he should be introducing them as well . "And these are my esteemed companions, Isamu Meiyo, and Selena Allister . "

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"I see . " Randalf nodded approvingly, impressed at the social display that Gray is exhibiting to him . "It appears that your apprentice is well-taught in the art of social undertakings, Rarsu . You've done well . "

"I thank you for such kind words . " Rarsu bowed down with appreciation .

"Indeed," Randalf said as he faced the group once more . "I suppose you are wondering as to why I've called you and your little band here . "

"Yes, sir," Gray said in acknowledgment .

Randalf placed his hands at his desk in a relaxing manner and leaned his face a little closer to get a little more comfortable as he a.s.sumed an intrigued expression . He then pops out a rather surprising question, causing Gray and his companions to be taken aback .

"Gray Allister, no… Paragon Gray Allister . What do you say about joining the ranks of n.o.bility?"

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Silverhart Online Chapter 89

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