Epic Of Caterpillar 172 Scripted Event Athetosea Great War 16/?; A Bloody Affair

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As the war unfolded, Alice Lomanie, who was once a talented adventurer and destined to be a Hero but was caught by Kireina's hands and transformed into her loyal servant, shared the seats with several others n.o.bles, near a clean hill, where most n.o.bles gathered over their carriages to watch over the "Spectacle" of the war. Alongside the countless n.o.bles there was the Royal Family and the Royal Knights.

Because most of the n.o.bles, from both sides were already hypnotized and turned into Alice's slaves, they enjoyed the war despite the outrage and impotence of most of the other n.o.bles.

They had become loyal servants to the Dhampir woman, and because of this, they developed s.a.d.i.s.tic tendencies, going over the top sometimes. Certainly, the n.o.bles that weren't hypnotized feared their companion's new personalities, and heavily doubted about their credibility.

Alice who remained inside of her home until the Half Dodomeki woman was confirmed to be inside of the battlefield, joined in with the n.o.bles, surrounded by her loyal slaves.

Suddenly, while she was glaring at the bloodshed with her scarlet eyes, a message sent by Kireina through her Slime Clone that was inside of Alice's equipment, alerted her to start their "plan".

A simple plan that was designed before the war started, where Kireina gathered most of her new Dhampir soldiers and while using Stealth and Illusion Fabric Equipment, they would wait for her orders and then begin a total ma.s.sacre against the n.o.bles, while capturing most of the Royal Family alive.

When she finally realized her plan, suddenly, hundreds of Dhampirs wearing black cloaks and equipment appeared out of thin air and began a terrible ma.s.sacre. They ravaged and attacked any n.o.ble in their way while sucking their succulent blood.

As they grew stronger with the blood of the fallen, the Royal Knights were no match for them, dying miserably. Alice revealed her true nature in front of everyone as her appearance changed to that of her Dhampir form, impacting even those who believed the rumors about her being a type of vampire or demon in disguise.

Using her unconventional and less known Blood Magic, she trapped the Royal Family and captured most of them, if it wasn't for that just at that very moment, a group of soldiers, commanded by the Royal Family came back from a crusade that lasted three months, where they successfully subjugated five demi-humans villages and enslaved their people.

Led by Acelina Athetosea, the Queen's younger sister alongside Jonete Athetosea, the Queen's older sister, they coincidentally came through the terrible bloodshed and ma.s.sacre that was being unfolded, and while bracing themselves with bravery and heroism, the two sisters separated themselves, one group would support the Athetosea forces in their desperate war against the monsters, while the other was in charge of saving the Royal Family.

As the two sisters began their counterattack, Alice noticed the arrival of Jonete Athetosea, a beautiful and tall woman, with long blue hair and golden eyes, fair and pale skin with a beautiful and pointy nose, her lips were crimson red and her eyelashes were long and black, showing a beautiful makeup that increased her beauty even more. Wearing a paladin white armor decorated with pure gold, the woman raised her golden Axe as she commanded her troops over her white unicorn.

The surprise attack took Alice unprepared, as the Dhampirs desperately tried to fight against Jonete troops, who were clearly way stronger than any of Athetosea conventional soldiers.

The blue-haired maiden rushed towards Alice, who she immediately saw as the biggest threat on the battlefield, and tried to take her down.

"You, demon! Confront me! Holy Gold Axe Onslaught!"

Jonete jumped over Alice above her unicorn with amazing speed, as she rained the Dhampir with hundreds of golden thrusts, that resembled a shower of s.h.i.+ny meteors.


Alice quickly reacted to the woman's attack as she summoned hundreds of small red sparks, that formed a powerful barrier, protecting her from most of Jonete techniques.

The sparks had a scarlet color and they obtained incredible power through the absorption of the blood on the battlefield. 

As Alice noticed Jonete's impressed reaction, she summoned her Cursed Spear; Kriemhild, which resembled a fleshy stick which had countless demonic eyes, that glanced over the Queen's older sister menacingly.

While raising her cursed spear, Alice started to laugh maniacally while looking at Jonete with a wicked smile.

"Hahaha! Come! Come! I am itching to taste your blood!"


Suddenly, a powerful burst of lighting was released from Alice's lance, the lighting was deep scarlet as it had a strong blood smell, its power was devastating and Jonete wasn't able to dodge in time. Unlike her sister, Jonete did not possess the powerful Holy Golden s.h.i.+elds.


Although the woman tried to protect herself with her own weapon, it was futile, as the scarlet lighting easily penetrated her weapon like nothing and covered her entire body in a strong and sharp pain, the lighting didn't stop as its heat quickly began to melt her armor and equipment. Although the Queen's sisters were comparable to Champions, Alice has long surpa.s.sed them as she continued to feast in blood, increasing her power almost endlessly.

With the action of the skill [Blood Orgy], as long as she kept consuming blood, she would remain in an excellent state, her recovery rates would be increased and her stats doubled. However, her l.u.s.t for fresh blood to drink was even higher.

As she saw Jonete fall unconscious in the ground, she pounced at her like a crazed and hungry wolf, and attacked the Royalty Woman neck, opening it wide with her fangs and drinking all the delicious and fresh blood that came her way, like a ma.s.sive scarlet river.

"Gulp, gulp! Hmm! Aaah~! Delicious blood! Royalty blood cannot really compare to n.o.bles! It's on another whole level! Fufufu…!"

As Alice enjoyed her meal, the rest of the Dhampirs finished most of the work, killing the remaining non-hypnotized n.o.bles while capturing the Royal Family unharmed, as their Empress commanded. The only exception being Jonete, who was mercilessly killed by Alice, but because the Dhampir woman was already considered one of Kireina's concubines, she was allowed to bend the rules if she so desired.

"Aaah~! Delicious blood! Our baby will grow strong, Master~!"

The King and the Princess saw with horror as their beloved family member was being devoured alive by an ominous monster, that didn't resemble at all what Alice used to be.


As the terrible war unfolded, Kireina fought against the Hero of Raging Winds, in which would be a destined battle, the princ.i.p.al event in the [Athetosea Great War] scripted event.

As the Dark Fairy overwhelmed the Hero of Raging Winds with the myriad of skills and techniques at her disposal, the Wyvern Family led by the Wyvern Overlord flared the entire giant tree in flames. Any soldiers or knight that dared stop them would meet their end as they would be welcomed with hundreds of powerful fireb.a.l.l.s, completely burning into ashes.

The giant tree has long stopped producing its enhancing fragrance, as it only released a poisonous smoke that affected most of the humans who lacked natural resistance to toxins and poison. The powerup that they received slowly dissipated as their morale weakened.

Meanwhile ma.s.sive groups of demi-humans commanded by Truhan and Celica ma.s.sacred colossal armies of thousands of humans as if they were mere bugs, the ma.s.sive Fiery Oni only needed a wave of his arms to completely burn every human to a crisp. At his side, Celica ravaged the humans and sliced them into pieces with her dagger techniques, while practicing with the new [Phantasmal Relic] that she received from Truhan's, [Heaven and Earth's Anguish], which she was able to wield while using her daggers at the same time, greatly increasing her destructive power.

Alongside slicing the countless humans into tiny pieces, her punches now made the entire earth tremble as it created hundreds of cracks in the floor, leading the humans to their ultimate demise, alongside this, her blows also created powerful air forces that blasted everything with ma.s.sive shockwaves. It seems that Celica was even more skillful than Gustav in the use of the weapon that was specifically made for him.

In their ultimate sacrifice, the humans believed in their numbers, recklessly sacrificing themselves thinking that somehow, the demi-humans would sooner or later get tired and slowly die by their thousands of attacks. Sadly, the troops of demi-humans that they were fighting were no normal beings, raised through h.e.l.lish training, their skin and flesh was thick and st.u.r.dy while having tremendous regenerative capabilities. And even if they were to be injured, Kireina had thousands of her Slime Clones spread all around her servants, which could save them from life and death situations with ease.

A giant Rainbow Slime maiden was wearing an intimidating dark armor while wielding demonic deep black weapons, her attacks were devastating and her magic catastrophic, the combination of the entire Slime Family held incredible power. The beautiful Slime Giantess devastated everything as she constantly digested the corpses of the fallen, gaining abilities and power, growing stronger endlessly.

The Champion of Psychic Eyes' last stand, even after receiving the support of the Athetosea Kingdom reinforcements was weakening by the second, the onslaught that the Slave Team, the Slime Family and Truhan's group was causing was tremendous. Hundreds of humans died by the second and Nanako Maki had to join the war to fight for her life, even considering escaping, as she had different routes to take with ease, however, deep inside of her heart she didn't want to leave her subordinates neither her friends die in vain, and just escaping from everything didn't fit with her character. Leaving her hopes for Hammond, the Hero of Raging Winds to have a victory over Kireina, Nanako Maki fought bravely alongside her subordinates.

Although she was a frail woman by nature, as the Dodomeki species are as frail as paper, the power of her eyes alongside her [Legendary Relic] held sufficient might, enough to make the demi-humans retreat for the moment. She was able to shoot powerful pink rays from her multiple eyes, that could vaporize most of the weak soldiers while using special techniques named [All-Seer Arts], she was able to conjure different types of force fields to protect herself and her subordinates while using the psychic powers held in her eyes.

However, every time she tried to protect her subordinates with her [All-Seer Psychic Eyes Force Fields], they were quickly shattered and destroyed by Kaguya's merciless barrage of powerful fire magic, blessed by the G.o.ddess of Sun, her firepower had no parallel, as she burned to a crisp anything that her attacks touched.

Nanako Maki was in serious trouble as she was being pressured from all angles, and all the spots she had for escaping were quickly filled, leaving her with no hopes for survival others than to desperately fight for her life. The situation that she most feared has already happened, and there wasn't any turning point to it. She regretted her naivety, rashness, and ignorance while accepting that her time was coming.

However, just as she thought that things couldn't get any worst, countless of ma.s.sive demonic arms began to fall from the sky, devastating anything in their way, while completely smas.h.i.+ng any human that they came in contact with, only leaving poodles of minced meat and blood.

As this happened, the Half-Dodomeki woman felt an incredibly thick pressure, something so ominous and chaotic that she felt it would devour her whole at any moment.

"W-What is this?! Ah…! N-No!"

A figure slowly descended, it was a beautiful woman, with a voluptuous body, pale white skin and long purple hair. Over her head two ma.s.sive horns coiled to the heavens. Her face was that of tremendous beauty, with scarlet eyes and beautiful and delicate facial features. She was wearing an intimidating black and purple armor that held a powerful presence. In her back, she had two pairs of bat-like wings that seemed to be made of the same material as the armor.

"I-It can't be…! You finally show up before me, Realm Menace of l.u.s.t, Kireina…!"

"Oho? I never thought that your beauty would increase if I saw you up close… You will really make a wonderful personal slave… Aaah~ I can't wait to taste your body…"



Epic Of Caterpillar 172 Scripted Event Athetosea Great War 16/?; A Bloody Affair

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