• Evil Sword Overlord
  • Evil Sword Overlord

  • Author(s) : DOPPLEPOD
  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Read First Chapter : Evil Sword Overlord -1 Soul Levels
  • Read Latest Chapter : Evil Sword Overlord 3 The Little Red Lizard
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  • Evil Sword Overlord Summary:

    To avenge the misfortune of his master, he embarked on a journey. On his way, he robbed the Young Mistress of the City of springs. After he entered the academy, the Young mistress found him and asked his father to exile Dom from his kingdom with the help of the King. He is banned from the Light Crest alliance. Then, a sect leader found him and he let him enter the sect. Follow Dom as he Avenges...

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