My Secretary Is A Little Sweet 180 You Stopped Playing Tennis Because Of Her?

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Seeing his wife's loving face, Jing Yichen said to her in concern, "That's why you need to be careful. Ignore him if he is here, just leave him to Lu Qing. Lu Qing is my father's man and Jing Yiran would not dare to do anything to him. I have thought about getting him under my nose, so that you will be safe enough, although he might ruin some daily affairs of the company. It is less troublesome for him to make trouble here in company than outside the company. It would be great if he can stay longer in the company, so that I have got enough time to remove all of his power outside."

Shangguan Ning's eyes widened in surprise. She stared at this handsome and deep man in front of her. "You brought him to the company for my sake?"

"That is the best method at this stage. He has had his eyes on Jingsheng Enterprise for a long time. I will just let him touch it once. It will keep him distracted and we will be in an advantageous status!"

The man in front of her was thoughtful and cautious. He didn't care about the losses at the moment, but thought about the long-term. He was charismatic and powerful. He was able to turn the table around at any time!

He was strong and full of confidence that a man ought to have!

The longer she spent time with him, the more deeply she was falling for him.

Shangguan Ning looped her arms around his waist happily and smiled brightly. "I think I fell for you once again. What am I supposed to do?"

Hearing her words, Jing Yichen became really happy. The smile visible both on his face and his words as he said joyfully. "It is okay, my wife. We can fall in love with each other again and again! As long as you like it, I can fall in love with you for the entire life!"

He was gentle and spoiled Shangguan Ning, making her feel protected, happy and satisfied.

She never knew that if you loved someone, you were really able to enjoy the happiness of a long lasting relations.h.i.+p. Being loved brought her endless power, making her fearless.

Previously, Shangguan Ning had always been the one who made the effort. She had naively thought that as long as she worked hard, her love would be returned. But if that man didn't love her, she would gain nothing however much effort she put in. But the man who loved her truly would not need any efforts made by her before giving her, his most sincere love!

She and Jing Yichen were like the lonely and isolated stars in the sky. They didn't start to s.h.i.+ne or blaze until they travelled close to each other. They kept warming themselves up and absorbing power from each other..

Time always quickly when we are with the people we love. It was time to get off work.

In spite of Shangguan Ning's struggling, Jing Yichen held her hands tightly and pulled her into the special elevator earmarked for the President. Arriving downstairs, he stuffed her into the car and drove her home.

Seeing his wife staring at him with pursed lips, he chuckled. "Ning, you can't keep hiding! They will know about us sooner or later. I also want everyone to know that you are my wife!"

His vulnerable sentence touched the softest part inside Shangguan Ning.

She couldn't get angry facing Jing Yichen in this state.

She leaned against his broad shoulders and smiled. "I feel that we are currently in a good place. You will lose a lot of fans if they know that we are married. Not a good deal!"

Jing Yichen sounded helpless. "What do I need so many fans for? What if someone follows me around all the time, you will make me sleep on the street again. That wouldn't be a good deal at all!"

The couple talked and laughed all the way home. Jing Yichen washed hands for Shangguan Ning as usual and then they ate in the dining room.

After dinner, they got changed into the sportswear and went for a stroll alongside the seash.o.r.e.

The afterglow of the sunset shone upon the sea, making it look like a beautiful golden layer above the blue sea. It also dyed the entire sky, and the clouds looked like girls who blushed easily.

Hands held, Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen took a slow stroll on the endless boardwalk alongside the sea.

After they had gotten married, their life became gradually stable and regular. As long as Jing Yichen wasn't out on business trips, he would have dinner with Shangguan Ning every night, take a stroll with her, watch her favorite TV programs and go to sleep with her in his arms.

Everyone who worked with Jing Yichen would discover in surprise that this workaholic no longer did overtime. He didn't allow anyone to interrupt his nighttime. If the negotiation didn't end at 6 in the evening, he would cut off the meeting and postpone it to the following day.

His colleagues who knew him well couldn't understand the reason. Jing Yichen used to be a workaholic. If someone starved and wanted to eat something before continuing the negotiation, Jing Yichen would ignore them by saying that anyone who wanted to eat could get out of the meeting at that moment.

Therefore, many people would finish the work ahead of time by working extra on a hungry stomach.

Someone bold enough once had recently asked him cautiously as to why he was working this fast and why was he going home ahead of time?

Jing Yichen had answered calmly, "Because I want to have dinner with my wife at home."

His answer had surprised all!

No one had expected that it would be this reason!

Because no one knew that Jing Yichen was already married!

Didn't the rumor say that he was physically ill so that he couldn't touch women? No, not only women, even men! He always hated it when someone touched him.

But he turned out to be so devoted to his wife. He would put down work for her sake. His focus had moved completely towards his family! Now his ears p.r.i.c.ked everytime he heard someone chit chat about his wife and children, behaving totally different from the past when he used to be cold and distant.

People were surprised by this change in him but they liked it because it had made him more easygoing and communicative.

Jing Yichen was pretty aware of the changes himself and he liked it too.

When he displayed an arrogant face and stayed away from everyone was not because he pretended to be so. Instead, it was because that was his nature to be aloof.

But when he held his wife's hands and felt her warmth and softness, his heart softened too, and the coldness disappeared.

"Let's play tennis tomorrow. We haven't been there in two weeks. At this rate, we will lose our proficiency without practice!" Shangguan Ning proposed happily as she leaned her head against Jing Yichen's shoulders and walked ahead with him.

"Okay, let's go and play tennis." Jing Yichen took hold his wife's slender waist and sounded indulgent enough to go and pick the stars from the sky if she really asked for them.

But Shangguan Ning didn't want the star from the sky. She got jealous again at the mention of the tennis. "Oh yes, Mr. President. I just remembered that your fiancée said that you stopped playing tennis because of her?"

My Secretary Is A Little Sweet 180 You Stopped Playing Tennis Because Of Her?

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