My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: The Angel and the Demon (Part One)

Lu didn't move even an inch when her tiny hand was in Jing Yiran's large hand. She didn't realise that blood had started to drip out of her hand.

Pain didn't affect her as much. She had been a killer for a very long time.

Her fingers were probably warmer than Jing Yiran's, but she felt chill all over her hands and feet, and unconsciously tried to seek warmth.

But she had been by herself for a long time and dare not indulge herself into the warmth of the unknown.

She was her best in cold and dark. Warmth would make her lose her instinct that she had cultivated after thousands of cases.

“Why didn't you utter a sound when your fingers got cut!” Jing Yiran suddenly felt his heart ache for some reason, when he saw Lu's nonchalant expression.

Fingers were connected with the heart and when fingers were hurt, it would hurt a person much more.

But this lovely girl didn't seem to feel a thing.

Jing Yiran picked Lu and placed her back on the bed and ordered seriously. “Sit here and do not move. I will get the medical kit.”

Lu threw a glance at him. She neither talked nor moved.

Jing Yiran came back after one minute with a large sized medical kit.

He had the best equipped first aid kit in his house. He had got quite experienced in bandaging wounds, almost as good as Mu Qing.

He had been injured too many times for him not to be good at bandaging.

He took out a cotton swab and disinfected the wound, proficiently. Then he brought out white gauze and dressed her wound.

Soon, Jing Yiran had managed to bandage Lu's wound.

He couldn't help but feel proud. “How is it? I am very good at doing this, right? If I run out of money in the future, I can open a clinic and help those with broken bones and wounds. I would definitely be good at it!”

Lu's heart softened when she watched him proficiently bandaging the wound for her.

He would not have gotten so good at it if he had not been injured so many times, himself.

She looked at Jing Yiran's beautiful face. Then she said in a serious tone, “Stop being Jing Yichen's enemy. You are not going to defeat him.”

Startled, Jing Yiran got extremely furious!

He kicked the first-aid kit aside so that the gla.s.s bottles in the kit clattered against each other. Then he bellowed, “Bulls.h.i.+t! Why am I not capable of defeating him? Does he have so many arms or eyes that he can keep me down all the time? He is just a human being and the only thing I don't have compared to him, is money. Else he would have been defeated ages ago!”

Jing Yiran couldn't hold back his anger. He was like a firecracker that had been ignited, splattering everywhere.

“Everyone speaks highly of him. Why do they think that I am worse than him? Why must I lose to him? I am telling you that you are all wrong, totally wrong! I will defeat him and make him a hobo. I will let all of you understand that you were blind not to recognise me being the better one!”

Lu listened to his roaring and didn't speak peacefully until he calmed down. “I am not saying that you are not as good as he is. Just don't be his enemy, or you will suffer.”

Jing Yiran didn't pay attention to her words. He got extremely furious. “Get out of here now. You are at my home and still defending others. I am so silly to have brought you in. I should have stabbed you just now before you could annoy me.”

Lu stood up and walked outside, peacefully. “I will leave, but what you need to know is that you can't kill me. I have been sparing your life, or you would have turned into a corpse a long time ago.”

Saying so, she walked away.

Before Jing Yiran realised the import of her words, Lu had already disappeared.

He felt very sorry.

Lu's finger was injured and she was wearing minimal clothes. The temperature outside had already dropped to minus 5 degree. It would be too dangerous for a single girl to go outside alone at this hour of the day. She was pretty and had a baby-like face. What if someone laid eyes on her and did something bad to her?

Jing Yiran ran out after her without any hesitation.

He seemed to have forgotten that Lu would be the one who did bad things to anyone who tried to hit upon her.

Jing Yiran didn't want to think about why he would run out behind her.

All he wanted was to get the straightforward woman back to his side.

Jing Yiran put on an overcoat and started to walk outside. He mumbled inside his heart – Jesus, she was even more hot-tempered than he was!

He had just gotten a little angry and talked a little bit louder than usual but she had thrown temper back at him. She was stubborn.

Lu had been in Family Jing for years. She was mostly absent but she was the closest woman to Jing Yiran after so many years.

Jing Yiran liked beautiful girls, but he didn't linger on with any. The woman he had been with would not last next to him for over a week.

Lu was a good-looking woman, lovely and adorable, and most of the time, she showed the innocent little girl look in front of others. Since it had always been safe in Family Jing, the lethal side of Lu barely woke up.

If Lu could be counted as one of the women of Jing Yiran's life, she must have been the woman who'd been with Jing Yiran for the longest time.

During the past ten years, Jing Yichen had not been back to Family Jing, so his relations.h.i.+p with Lu was not that deep. Jing Yiran, however, tended to mess around with Lu.

Lu was strong and a good fighter who came handy in every naughty thing that Jing Yiran was involved in.

Although Lu tended to have a switch of personality in the crucial situation and would get increasingly capable in combats, yet Jing Yiran didn't give that a second thought. He had a.s.sumed that Lu must have felt so threatened that she would switch her personality to face the enemy.

He treated Lu as his friend and regretted that he had driven her out at this time of the night.

He found himself feeling guilty. He could do anything to anyone and would not give a d.a.m.n. But Lu was different.

The blurry scene in his memory became increasingly clear. Whenever he was injured, there was always a cold woman sitting by his side, caressing his forehead and cheeks.

My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 458

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