My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: Jing Yichen's Past (Part Two)

His s.h.i.+rt, which had been clean and white, was soaked with blood now. Someone reached out for him, speaking filthy words.

Jing Yichen got extremely furious, feeling disgusted and humiliated, wanting to kill everyone present in the room.

But there were way too many people around him!

He was strong, and for the longest time, he throttled and broke the neck of anyone who approached him, killing them immediately.

But after a point, he got increasingly tired and his energy drained out, leaving him dizzy. He finally sank to the floor.

What awaited him was endless torment.

Rough hands started to grope him, trying to stimulate his dorment desire. He felt nauseated and finally started to puke.

The men surrounded him, and ripped off his clothes. He lay completely naked amidst a pile of corpses in a pool of blood.

There were an uncountable number of hands touching him, making him feel agonized.

He could not tell how many men were there but everyone was naked, and laughing in a disgusting way. Craziness had entered that dark cellar.

Some of them started to touch and feel their friends intimately. The drugs had made them lose their rationality, and they were not able to distinguish one from another.

A man lunged at him with malicious intent. Jing Yichen used his last ounce of strength and squeezed that man's throat, allowing that man's cold body to cover his own.

The corpse disgusted him, but it provided a cover, s.h.i.+elding him from the crazy men who did not move the dead body. His presence went unnoticed by the drugged men who had turned to others to vent their desire.

He collapsed out of tiredness, and the presence of the drugs in his system, not to mention the crazy environment.

If possible, he would have chosen to die.

There was nothing in this world that was worth going back to, after this. He had been living a numb and cold life, and death did not frighten him, instead it held a promise of relief.

His life had been devoid of colours for so long. It did not matter to him whether he was alive or dead. But it was humiliating to be attacked and tormented by a group of men.

If he was going to die, he would kill everyone else first!

He had never lost a battle in his life, and would not allow himself to be defeated by those losers.

He fell asleep in the nightmare and woke up again in the nightmare.

Blood was everywhere amongst the mountain of bodies, reminding him of what had happened.

He had already forgotten about Tang Yun. He was tired and famished.

Without hesitation, he bit open the artery of a body which was yet to stiffen. He drank the still warm blood like a vampire to fill his empty stomach.

He had eaten everything when he was alone in the wilderness. He even had consumed animals' blood.

If he did not drink the animals' blood, he would have been torn apart by the animals and become their meal, instead.

It was the first time for him to drink a human's blood, but he was already feeling numb towards the difference, because it was simply a means of survival for him.

An hour later, he had gained back some of his strength.

Naked, he stood up, blood staining his body.

He was not looking for clothes. The worldly things had lost their meaning for him, as of now. He did not want to be in those filthy clothes, anyways.

He wanted to find the exit so that he could escape.

At this moment, a woman's frightful scream arose.


He turned around and remembered Tang Yun, who had been caught along with him.

Or, to be more precise, she was caught because of him.

She was still alive!

He had thought that those strong men thought her to be dead and maybe she was able to escape the horrible attack.

What he did not know was that Tang Yun's ident.i.ty was fake. Her family was Tang, and she was one of the owners of these people, whom no one would dare touch.

After Tang Yun screamed, she pa.s.sed out again seeing the frightening scene in front of her.

He only took one look at her.

He did not care if this woman was alive or dead.

If it had not been her, he would not have needed to go through so much torment.

His wounds had been touched by the men and were beginning to get infected. The bacteria was causing fever, as well.

He dragged his body and tried to find the exit.

The cellar was completely dark, and his watch had already been lost in the fight. He was not sure how much time had pa.s.sed. All he knew was that he managed to find the exit eventually.

Tang Yun had already woken up. With his coat over her, she followed him out. She drank the blood with him, trying not to behave like a spoiled little girl.

That made him change his perspective towards her.

Not everyone could tolerate the sense of disgust and guilt while indulging in cannibalism. Many people would rather die than drink another person's blood. They tried with all their might to open the heavy iron gate of the cellar and finally got to smell the fresh air.

When the sun shone upon them, they could not even open their eyes.

It took Jing Yichen a long while before he got used to the bright sunlight.

Much later, when he saw the surroundings did he realize that the cellar, where he had been trapped for numerous days, was located halfway to a hill.

No wonder the cellar was so large, and no wonder it took him ages to find the exit.

However, even if he found the exit, it was still very difficult to get out of this place.

After a few steps ahead of the exit, was a high cliff and a long, surging river beneath it.

There was no escape!

He realized now that the enemy had guided him towards this exit on purpose. This wasn't the real one.

He could either jump down off the cliff and die or go back to the cellar and be tormented to death.

Tang Yun's frightened voice reached him. “What are we going to do? Are we going to die? We have nowhere to go. But I don't want to stay here with those monsters.”

She had just said the words when a wild laughter arose from the top of the hill. “Hahaha, you poor couple, you are definitely going to die now! If you want to get out of here, you can come and satisfy me, girl!”

My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 588

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