My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 589

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Chapter 589: Jing Yichen's Past (Part Three)

The cruel words echoed across the hill and the wild laughter of men could be heard everywhere.

But the speaker couldn't be seen.

Tang Yun shrank inwardly in fright. She had nowhere to hide.

“Or you can live, but your boyfriend must die!”

The wild voice arose again, shaking the entire valley.

“He is ruthless and has killed so many of my brothers. I will definitely make my brothers take their revenge. Haha, he is the strongest man I have ever met, and can definitely withstand dozens of brothers who will pounce upon him!”

The serious injury and the fever had made Jing Yichen become unsteady on his feet.

His hair was dripping blood. He was not even sure if that was his own or others'.

The provocative voice made him feel disgusted, and the horrible stink made him feel like puking, yet again.

He had never been in such a mess before!

He had never been so humiliated like this before!

His ironclad willpower had been destroyed and he wanted to kill himself.

But he did not choose to go that way. He had been trained for dozens of years and his mental strength could make him forget all kinds of negative emotions and support him physically. He sucked a breath in and thought of a way to escape this h.e.l.l.

He took a look at the deep valley, and thought that maybe the surging river could help him survive.

The enemy seemed to have seen through his intention, so he bellowed furiously, “You want to escape? That's impossible! You will surely die if you jump. Many people already did. Each man I have caught, wants to run away in this manner, but none has succeeded till date. You better come back to the cellar and let my brothers have fun, or I will shoot you now!”

But Jing Yichen ignored his words. Naked, he came to the edge of the valley and observed the scene with the last remaining part of his senses.

A loud noise scattered the rocks next to his feet, causing them to embed into his already wounded feet.

Fresh blood trickled out from his feet, and the pain went straight to his head.

But he was calm and did not even frown.

Tang Yun, however, got so frightened standing next to him. She screamed and came to stand in front of him as a s.h.i.+eld. She shouted at the enemy. “Don't shoot him! Please don't! Don't hurt him. You can do anything to me!”

The wild voice arose again. “Haha, I never expected that you are so devoted to your boyfriend, but he doesn't seem to be as devoted to you.”

This time, the enemy did not hide any more, but walked out of a cave that was located a few meters away from them.

There were at least ten men, each of them holding a gun aimed at their chest.

Jing Yichen felt his heart soften as he saw the slender figure s.h.i.+elding him.

Was there anyone else in the world who was willing to do this for him?

He had not even interacted with her so much. After the incident happened, he did not even care about her wellbeing. But she was willing to sacrifice her own body and life for him.

He suddenly felt a bit of brightness enter his dark heart for the first time since he was caught into the cellar.

He looked up and spoke for the first time, “Who are you?”

His voice sounded hoa.r.s.e because of the fever and the lack of water, but it was still lethal and cold.

These people looked like some ordinary mafia forces, but Jing Yichen had noticed that they were strong and well-knit, unlike those unorganised groups.

This kind of force should have been quite famous, but he had never heard of them before.

That was not normal.

He was aware of every single gangster group in A City and none of them was as cruel and crazy as these ones. So, they could not have come from A City.

And this hill was not located in A City either.

Therefore, he was not in A City at all.

Anyone who dared to touch him was either too stupid to not know about the Jing Family, or too conceited to think that he was strong enough to beat the Jing Family.

This force was unusually large, but it seemed that they did not know about his real ident.i.ty as the heir of the Jing Family, and that was why they had dared to do whatever they wanted to him.

After all, he had been caught by them because of an accidental conflict.

But it was no longer a small conflict at this stage, rather a matter of life and death.

That was why he would like to know who these people were. None of them was going to be allowed to live on in the future!

But they were not stupid. They did not reveal themselves and said wildly, “Son, don't think that you are smart enough to know who we really are. Today is your last day on earth and your girlfriend will become a play thing for my brothers. Haha!”

Jing Yichen did not bother to explain that Tang Yun was not his girlfriend, because it was meaningless. He did not know much about Tang Yun, and had she not been following him all the time, he would not have even known her name.

He did not need women, and even if he did, he would not want one like Tang Yun.

He never expected that the enemies would reveal themselves, because the more hidden one's ident.i.ty was, the longer they would live for.

He had no more time to waste because he had lost too much blood already, and his wounds were infected. If he didn't get medical aid soon, he would definitely die.

He had no option but to jump into the valley.

But the enemies had already realized his intentions, so they reacted extremely fast.

Before he could jump, they fired a shot.

The bullet came with a loud swis.h.i.+ng sound, and he was not able to dodge it in time.

But Tang Yun's slender body lunged at him at the sound of the gun!

My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 589

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