My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 597

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Chapter 597: Fear

A peculiar quietness spread across the cellar. No one dared to go forward when one of them was dead within seconds.

However, some of them still could not resist the strong desire due to the drugs, so they threw themselves at Jing Yichen.

Tiger stood back to back with Jing Yichen, facing hundreds of strong, crazy men on all sides. They started to kill them.

It was a s.p.a.cious place and there were no barriers apart from the dozens of supporting columns.

There was no place for Jing Yichen to hide.

He saw the column that was located closest to him and led Tiger slowly to that corner.

Tiger was equally strong and capable as Jing Yichen. He was Jing Yichen's bodyguard for so many years, and had killed many men with him. He had fallen into numerous dangerous traps with him as well. That he was able to survive meant that he was thoroughly capable.

Although they were in a disadvantageous situation right now, Tiger did not feel desperate.

He stayed calm, because he was confident about his master and his capabilities.

They had been through many difficult situations, and had beaten crazier people than these.

Tang Shunian was just one of them, but he was very well prepared, and that made it difficult for them to find a breakthrough.

Jing Yichen had not killed so many people in a long time with his bare hands.

He didn't like being touched by others, and hated it when his skin was close to someone else's. That was why most of the time, Tiger would handle such situations when they did not have any guns.

Jing Yichen was a bit rusty with his punches, but soon, he got used to the situation.

The combative feeling that had been dormant inside Jing Yichen for a long time, swelled up. It made him feel good, and turned into the strength which he put into use while fighting the enemies.

He was using fatal moves each time, and succeeded in killing the enemies at one go.

In this way, he was able to reduce the possibility of being touched by anyone and also save some energy.

The bodies were acc.u.mulating near their feet, and a pile started to form around the column. It helped them block attacks from one side, giving them some relief.

Some had died because of smashed inner organs, while others died of suffocation because of crushed Adam's Apple.

Within half an hour there were hundreds of bodies in the cellar.

Tiger and Jing Yichen were soaked with blood, except that the blood belonged to someone else's. Jing Yichen had not got a single wound on him, till now.

He was not feeling tired despite being hungry through the night.

Tang Shunian planned to exhaust him first, so that he could be tormented when he was too tired to move. But Jing Yichen was not worried.

He was not his old self anymore. He was not fighting alone this time. Also, he was sure that his men had already come here and started the fight against Tang Shunian's forces.

Jing Yichen had paid great attention to Tang Shunian. Although he seemed a bit more capable than he had imagined, Jing Yichen was confident about his own arrangement.

If Tang Shunian wanted to take his life, he would not be able to live on either.

Tang Shunian must be aware of this point too, and that was why he had not killed him yet.

If he was dead, Tang Shunian would never live a peaceful day in his life.

But even if he survived, Tang Shunian would not live a peaceful day in his life, either!

Jing Yichen knew Tang Shunian was aware that Jing Zhongxiu would definitely kill him if Jing Yichen died.

Not only did Jing Yichen know that Jing Zhongxiu would be here, Tang Shunian knew about that as well!

Eleven years ago, Jing Zhongxiu had already shown his incomparable, powerful strength.

That hill used to be Tang Shunian's secret place with more than one thousand guards residing there. Apart from the three or four hundred people who were killed by Jing Yichen, Jing Zhongxiu had killed the rest of the people!

Tang Shunian had gotten scared of what happened. If it had not been because of his overconfidence about Jing Yichen's inability to withstand the torture, he wouldn't have left early from there, and would have died in the cellar which he had built himself.

Tang Shunian had gotten to know that Jing Zhongxiu and Jing Yichen shared a bad relations.h.i.+p with each other and they hated each other. He had thought that even if Jing Zhongxiu went to look for Jing Yichen, he would not make too many efforts.

Unexpectedly, however, Jing Zhongxiu had gotten so furious that he turned the hill into a barren place. Dozens of cellars had been destroyed and no one managed to escape!

Only then did Tang Shunian realize that the rumor was not true. Jing Zhongxiu not only cared about his son, but cared so deeply that he did not spare anyone's life if someone dared to hurt Jing Yichen in any way!

Family Yang was the best example of this.

They had hurt Jing Yichen and the entire family was gone. The Yang Family had been destroyed and those on the run were also removed one after another.

Jing Zhongxiu did not care about the consequences. Nor did he care about anyone else's opinions.

What a ruthless and scary father he was! One had to think twice before irritating Jing Yichen.

Tang Shunian did not want to be caught by Jing Zhongxiu. He had to guarantee his own safety once he caught Jing Yichen. That was why he spent so much time planning.

Tang Shunian's aim was not to kill Jing Yichen but to destroy the Jing Family. He wanted the Jing Family to suffer the same pain as the Tang Family had done back then!

Tormenting Jing Yichen made Tang Shunian feel comfortable.

Jing Yichen must die, but not now.

Hidden in the shadows, Tang Shunian watched Jing Yichen kill hundreds of people with quick moves and no fear in his eyes.

He watched the show for a while before instructing someone who was standing behind him. “Send 500 more people, and give each of them strong drugs. Put more drugs into the cellar, as well. I want to see everyone getting crazier!”

His man bowed and went to carry out his instruction.

Soon, more people emerged into the cellar, putting pressure upon Jing Yichen who had started to get injured.

Tang Shunian finally felt a bit satisfied.

He lit the cigarette in his hand and was about to inhale it when his phone screen lit up. Shangguan Ning was calling him.

My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 597

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