I Am A Prodigy Chapter 350

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“brother y, what happened?” dalei similarly asked.

the program team also looked at ye lingchen with confused expressions.

“there's danger ahead. we need to turn back and paddle back full speed at once!” ye lingchen's voice was deadly serious, with no intention for negotiations.


everyone raised their heads and scanned the boundless seas. it looked calm, with no indications of a tsunami.

“y, you don't have to worry. our program picked this time with the best weather condition. there won't be any tsunami. your safety is a.s.sured,” zhang yong rea.s.sured him.

ye lingchen scowled furiously at zhang yong, then articulated his words one by on, “i'm. telling. you. to. turn. back. immediately!”

that caught everyone by surprise. it was the first time they have seen ye lingchen lose his temper like that, leaving them no room to negotiate with him.

one should know that over the past few days, everyone understood ye lingchen's temperament. he was definitely a calm and capable person. regardless of the situation, he would always come up with the best solution. furthermore, he was friendly toward others. to sum it up, it was comfortable to be around him.

however, when ye lingchen showed his anger, they felt their hearts s.h.i.+vered, not daring to even look him in the eye.

it was too terrifying. the presence he exuded was not something a normal person could stand up to.

zhang yong turned pale, then smiled bitterly as he replied, “we're having a special situation today and will be changing our itinerary slightly. let's head back.”

n.o.body dared to voice their dissent.

all of them quietly turned their kayak around and paddled back.

everyone on the program team threw occasional glances at ye lingchen. they were curious as to why ye lingchen would suddenly have such a huge reaction.

arnelle opened her mouth but decided not to speak after looking at ye lingchen's tense expression.

the live stream immediately erupted with activity as the viewers' curiosity was piqued.

[what's the matter? why did y's expression turn ugly all of a sudden?]

[awesome. he's so domineering that he would even reprimand the director.]

[y's just too temperamental. why should everyone turn back just because of him?]

[i think that might be scripted, most likely to steer our attention. otherwise, why would they suddenly do that for no reason?]

[y's not someone frivolous. there should be a reason behind this. he must've discovered something.]

the viewers debated each other. some were defending y, while some of them were taking this chance to diss ye lingchen.

meanwhile, the camera was switching between ye lingchen and the other five partic.i.p.ants. right then, all the viewers froze in front of their screens.

'earlier…was there something swimming on the surface of the sea?'

filled with suspicion, they looked more closely!

with that, all their eyes popped wide open as their faces were painted with disbelief, their heartbeats quickened.

the comments flooded in.

[f*ck! what's that behind them? a monster?!]

[are you stupid? that's a shark! it's a shark fin cutting through the water's surface!]

[shark! it's not just one, but a s.h.i.+ver of sharks!]

[that's so f*cking scary! what's going on? why would a s.h.i.+ver of shark appear here?! isn't the program team doing anything?]

[paddle faster! there are so many people there. hopefully, nothing happens!]

[oh no! oh no! how can they outrun the sharks? this won't end well!]

the comments went crazy as the number of viewers rose drastically. countless people rushed in after hearing about it. on weibo, it immediately went to the top of the trending search list!

that was too big a news. most importantly, it was a variety show filled with celebrities!


at that moment, countless little fishes sped by underneath the kayaks, affecting their stability.

“why are there so many fish rus.h.i.+ng by? it's like they're escaping from something?” asked one of the team members, as he noticed the phenomena. it gave him an ominous feeling.

“sharks! the sharks are coming!” shouted one of the cameramen with a trembling voice, his face pale. in that short time, his forehead was covered with sweat, breathing heavily.


everyone looked up just to see the seawater being parted from some distance with something swimming towards them at high speed. furthermore, there were a total of eight fins on the surface of the water!

although they have only seen this phenomenon in the movies, they were familiar with it. those were shark fins!

“ah! sharks!” someone shouted in despair. “what do we do? i don't wanna die! i don't wanna die!”

“sob sob sob. i'm doomed. it's sharks!”

“why are there sharks?! there're even eight of them. we're so dead!”

in that instant, chaos took over the entire program team. everyone was disoriented and quite a number of them even broke down in tears.

arnelle similarly had a pale look on her. her pet.i.te figure trembling uncontrollably. “sob sob sob. i heard that it's very painful to be bitten by a shark. ahhh, i don't want to be shark food!”

little mo was instead hugging her own legs. words failed her as she was trapped in despair.

although chen xiaoyan did not have much of a reaction, she could not help but hold onto ye lingchen's arm. unknowingly, her nails lodged tightly onto ye lingchen.

if not for ye lingchen's amazing physique, it would have been excruciatingly painful!

ye lingchen gently tapped chen xiaoyan's hand, indicating for her to relax.

chen xiaoyan looked straight into ye lingchen's eyes with tears br.i.m.m.i.n.g in hers. biting her lips, the anxiety in her heart slowly dissipated.

“everyone please don't panic. paddle faster and distance ourselves from the sharks!” ye lingchen stated.

“how can our kayak go faster than a shark? sob sob sob. i wanna go home…”

“the sharks are not necessarily coming after us. we just need to paddle away quietly and leave this place!” ye lingchen instructed, then added, “furthermore, keep your voices down to avoid attracting the sharks. stay stealthy. most importantly, you must not drop into the water. don't even think about swimming away from this!”

ye lingchen's words were effective. it managed to help everyone calm down slightly. they all tried their best to not make any sound. some of them that could not control their sobbing would cover their mouth tightly with their hands. their bodies, however, would still tremble vigorously.

right then, they could only silently chant within their hearts, 'you can't see me…you can't see me…'

the viewers in front of their screens held their breath, not daring to make a sound. they could only stare nervously at the screen.

at that moment, they finally understood why y was showing such a fiery temper earlier. he urged them to leave because he sensed real danger. unfortunately, it was too late!

I Am A Prodigy Chapter 350

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