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It also reflected the popularity of iPartment.

At exactly 12pm, the television series' ratings on New Year's Day were finally announced!

The public's watchful eyes paid close attention.

“Oh G.o.d, oh G.o.d!”

“Come on, come on! F*CK?”

“Show me!”

“It's finally out!”

“What's this… What's going on?”

Countless casual observers swarmed to watch!

Blockbuster industry insiders paid close attention!

However, the moment they saw the ratings statistics, everyone was stunned and began yelling in their hearts.

Durian TV, Peach TV, and all other major channels that competed with iPartment on New Year's Day nearly glared their eyes out. A profound look of disbelief appeared on all their faces.

“This… How is this possible?! It has to be fake?”


“No way! My eyes are going blind!”

“This is definitely a mistake! It's a statistical error! F*ck! ”

Several figures in the ratings statistics were very eye-catching and were seen by everyone.

Surprisingly, iPartment was actually in first place!

Getting first place far exceeded everyone's predictions, but the most glaring aspect was the ratings—it was 2.03%!

No one, not even a diehard fan, would dare to imagine that it broke past 2%! It really did break past 2%!

What was the notion of breaking past 2%? One could use the example of Ye Lingchen's initial entrance into the film and television industry. With his spectacular acting skills while playing the masked man and Xiao Feifei as the lead, it only managed to get 2%!

Moreover, it was not the first episode that received 2%, but a slow and c.u.mulative increase!




Everyone's brains crashed momentarily. All they felt was awe and more awe.

In terms of the current situation, any television series that could exceed two in their ratings could definitely be regarded as the pinnacle of masterpieces and the crème de la crème!

Below iPartment.

For My Love—0.95%.


Little Family, Big Love—0.81%.

Although the ratings were not bad, they were all eclipsed by iPartment. Like fireflies competing for glory with the moon, it was in a completely different cla.s.s of its own.

At Durian TV.

The entire television station fell silent.

All they could do was remain silent as well as stupefied!

Chairman He's mouth was wide open and it remained that way for a very long time.

Although Durian TV was known as the channel with the largest audience at present, they also faced difficulties in breaking through 2% viewers.h.i.+p. It could have reclaimed its position at the top with iPartment, but unfortunately, a missed opportunity was a missed opportunity.

Peach TV.

At the channel's headquarters.

A leader looked at the data sent by his subordinates and his body began shaking. Unable to contain himself any longer, he roared, “Look at me! Tell me, are these ratings true? Is today April Fools' Day? Are you f*cking kidding me right now? How is it possible to break past two percent on the first day of the year?!”


No one dared to speak.

No one could answer that question.

Could there be an error in the ratings statistics? Of course! But the probability was so negligible that it could be ignored.

Tencent Video.

The staff there were also stunned.

“What kind of fantasy rating is this? It's insane!”

“I can't fathom this. How is this possible? How is this possible?!”

“F*ck! Our boss offered them a price of fifty million yuan and we thought it was a stupid idea. In the end, it proved that our boss has good judgment! ”

“Actor Y is also really incredible. He's so confident! He said he won't sell it and he really didn't!”

“It's definitely going to be a b.l.o.o.d.y storm coming up. It'll definitely exceed fifty million, and I don't know if we'll be able to get the exclusive broadcasting rights.”

“They've gone into a mad frenzy, haven't they? Must the price be so high?!”

Banana TV.

Director Zhang grabbed the TV series ratings and stood there for five minutes.

Then, he lit a cigarette silently and started smoking.

The cigarette burned rapidly and disappeared in a few puffs. He then slapped the table, stood up suddenly, and shouted, “F*CK! This is awesome!”

His expletive sparked a commotion in the entire office and each person began exclaiming one after another.

“We're rich! Banana TV is rich! Muahaha…”

“Hurry up and slap me in the face! Prove to me that this isn't a dream.”


“F*ck you, motherf*cker! Why did you slap me!”

“Duh! I want to see if I'm dreaming or not too!”

“Director Zhang is amazing. Previously, our variety show Survival on Desert Island caused our TV channel to go viral. This time, it's another round with iPartment! He's the son of luck.”

“Really awesome! Even if he isn't the son of luck, the lead character's light must've rubbed off on him! ”

“There's no need to ask. The only answer to that question is that it's awesome!”

At the set of iPartment.

All the staff members were equally stupefied!

“That much… H-h-how much again?” Lu Xiaobu tilted his neck and his voice was trembling.

Chen Chichi scratched his head vigorously. “Wait, let me try and grasp the logic. Can someone tell me again?”

“MOTHERF*CKER! Our ratings are two-point-zero-three percent?”

“My brainpower is lacking. Can anyone lend me some?”

“I can't. Mine isn't enough either.” Hu Yifei's expression was that of utter bewilderment. “This is my first debut of a TV series and the ratings have already surpa.s.sed two percent?”

“Not trying to exaggerate or say anything bad about this, but I'll boast about this for the rest of my life. Ahhh! Young Master Ye is so handsome!” Chen Meijia smiled, narrowed her eyes, and acted like a nympho again.

It caused a sensation in the industry!

Netizens across the country were also in an uproar!

Without a doubt, iPartment was reaching the top!

No. 1 amongst TV series during the same period!

No. 1 in TV series ratings that month!

No. 1 in TV series ratings for that year!

No. 1 in slice-of-life comedy TV series!

The crux of it was that it was only the first day's ratings!

Everyone felt their hearts beating wildly fast and were completely lost for words.

Miracle! It was a miracle!

People in the industry had no idea how to express their inner horror. All they felt were expletives numbering in the ten thousands, hundred thousands, and millions galloping unstoppably back-and-forth in their hearts!



iPartment did not have any star actors and their contents were not that attractive either. They did not publicize it too crazily either, and many people were not optimistic at the beginning. Moreover, many television series released during the same period had even claimed to be popular!

However, it was under those conditions that their ratings…exploded!

I Am A Prodigy Chapter 500

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