Phantasia: The Princess Knight 126 Test Of No Mercy Part Three

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A day later Nora rushed into Alicia's room in tears. Causing Alicia a start. "Nora what's wrong?"

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Julio will not leave me alone. He keeps asking me to come over to his house and entertain him! I keep refusing by running away but this time he grabbed my arm and tried to drag me away. I screamed which caused him to release me and I ran here." Hearing Nora's words caused Alicia's face to go black. She walked over and rolled up Nora's sleeve to see a large black and blue bruise in the shape of a handprint. 

"From now on you are to stay here with me. No need to go back to your room alone. I will go with you to your room and grab your things. I will have someone bring in another bed for you to sleep on." Alicia had taken a liking to Nora. She reminded her of Frey. She found herself looking after Nora as if she was her little sister. But who would have thought that such a sweet and innocent girl would be targeted by Julio? Though Alicia felt that this most likely a plot to get Nora to betray her. 

"Princess… I am just a lowly servant, how could I stay in your room..." Nora wore a complex expression. One she was happy that Alicia was willing to go so far for her but at the same time she knew it was not appropriate for a servant to live in their master's room.

"Nonsense! You are not just a servant! I think of you as a younger sister! What is wrong with sisters sharing a room?" Alicia reached up and flicked Nora's forehead.

Nora rubbed her forehead as she looked at Alicia with a surprised expression. She was so touched she did not even know how to form words to express it. Her face blushed as she lowered her head and said: "Then I will be in Princess's care from now on..."

"Mmmm! Good! Come let's go get your things and if we see Julio, I will teach him a lesson for you." Alicia couldn't wait to give Julio a few smacks. He had touched someone she cared about which was something no one could do without rightful cause. If Nora had done something wrong that needed her to be punished then so be it but this was a cause of Julio trying to drag a girl away forcefully.

As they made their way down the hall Alicia spotted the devil himself waiting there as if he was expecting her. "Humph! Little b.i.t.c.h, you did run off to the Princess! I bet you told her a whole fit of lies!" Julio angrily yelled out as he stomped towards them.

"Watch your mouth or else I will make sure it is sealed permanently." Alicia pulled Nora behind her as Julio came to a stop in front of her.

"You plan to protect her? Do you know what she did? She stole my father's belongings! When I tried to take her back for questioning. She resisted and ran away! Now Princess I advise you to hand the little b.i.t.c.h over to me so I can question her about my father's things. If she confesses and returns the items I will let her go. Normally she would be beheaded but since she is your personal maid I will let it slide this time." Eyes full of malice, Julio turned the whole situation on to Nora. Stealing from a n.o.ble could be considered an instant death penalty. But here he was trying to make it out as if he was being a good guy. by allowing Nora to go free if she confessed. It was just to bad the look in his eyes showed his true intentions.

"It seems you have something wrong with your ears. Did I not say that if you did not watch your mouth I would seal it permanently?" Not giving Julio a chance to reply Alicia shoved her fist right into Julio's face.

Letting out a m.u.f.fled groan, Julio looked at Alicia in disbelief as he spit out a mouth full of blood. Alicia punched him so hard he lost his two front teeth! He had never thought that this princess in front fo him would actually punch him! It was so unexpected that he did not even have time to protect himself. Alicia looked at her handy work and then smiled as she turned back to look at Nora. "See as your elder sister I have to protect the younger sister even if it means hurting my hand on a piece of trash's face." 

"You!" Julio could only say this one word before he quickly turned around and left. He had to get to a doctor to look at his mouth right away!

Seeing him run away Alicia yelled out: "Julio you left your teeth behind!" These words made Julio stumble over his feet and almost fall to the floor. Alicia now knew what was going on and had an understanding of what she had to do for this test. She also had a feeling that this test would get a lot worse too if she did not find the evidence she needed to back her claim when acting ruthlessly. She would never show mercy to those who want to harm her kingdom! She could tell that the Prime Minister had some dream of tossing his son upon the throne by using the only heir to the throne as their ticket of taking over the kingdom.

Nora was staring off into s.p.a.ce in disbelief. She had never thought that the Princess she served would go so far for her. This was beyond anything she had ever expected and even that punch just now was very powerful. It was true that the punch Alicia threw was powerful. Mainly because it was imbued with magic. She found that she could strengthen her body with magic in this test. If not for that she would never have knocked out two of Julio's teeth in the body she was in. It was restricted to that of a sheltered Princess who never had to do a day's work in her entire life. So without magic it was very weak.


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Phantasia: The Princess Knight 126 Test Of No Mercy Part Three

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