I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: Evil Alliance, Daddy Is Here

“He didn't chase?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor ran really quickly and who knew how much distance he covered in just the blink of an eye? Until he confirmed that the kid didn't follow him did he heave a sigh of relief.

He didn't think that he couldn't beat that kid.

He just didn't want to be too tired.

“You kid, do you really think that I can't kill you? If I go all out and risk my life, you will be in deep trouble.”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was furious and didn't expect that he would face such a situation.

His position in Evil Alliance was as an ancestor and no one dared to behave so arrogantly in front of him.

The situation now was a little complicated. He had personally tested the kid's strength and he was really terrifying. Never before did someone have such strength at Dao Realm Stage Three.

He couldn't be left alive.

If they didn't pay attention to him, something scary might happen in the future. He could even become more terrifying than Lin Wanyi.

Lin Wanyi was just a normal civilian with no status or backing. It was unimaginable how someone could grow to such a level that the top sects and even seniors who lived for hundreds of years couldn't compete with him.

To them, how Lin Wanyi had become so strong was a total mystery.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor felt that he was the person who understood Lin Fan's strength the most. Since others hadn't fought him before, they couldn't understand the pressure he felt.

He had to spread this matter out. Even if the Evil Alliance and Celestial Alliance was in such an intense battle, they couldn't neglect Lin Fan.

In the s.p.a.ce not far away, Lin Fan was really cunning and stalked him from the back. He didn't dare to get too close because with his strength, he would definitely notice that there was someone behind him.

“This old man really ran.”

He thought that the old man would try to kill him.

Who knew that he had no b.a.l.l.s at all and just ran like that? As expected, he was so embarra.s.sing but that did make sense. People from the demon path would just flee. How would they turn around and ask for trouble?

Lin Fan followed Evil Spirit Old Ancestor because he was planning on causing more trouble.

However, the current situation was going to disappoint him.

There was a reason why he let the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor live. Apart from providing rage points, he wanted the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor to promote him. He needed enemies and if he killed Evil Spirit Old Ancestor, he would have to personally go to the sects to cause trouble.

That was just silly and pointless.

The place he was at was the intersection between the Evil Alliance and Celestial Alliance. Many battles between Dao Realm experts occured here, but it was tough for those battles to result in casualties.

Those who died were usually at Domain Realm and below.

Lin Fan didn't think too much and headed into the distance. He wanted to understand the current situation and learn the extent of the relations.h.i.+p between the four alliances.

Celestial Alliance, Guixian Island.

Since Xu Yuanming headed to White Lotus Saint Purity Mountain to chat with Guyuan, he had been thinking about what to do. He was taking a risk and dealing with the devil. How could someone even believe the Alliance?

But thinking about it, he had no choice. He could only save himself and there was no need to think too much.

During the Celestial Alliance meeting, Xu Yuanming chose to remain silent and spoke up occa.s.sionally to show that he still existed. He allowed them to discuss their strategy while he would just listen.

“Sect Leader, the Evil Alliance's attacks are a little strong. Are we not going to do anything?” Guixian Island Elder asked.

He could sense that since the sect leader returned, he was different from before.

In the past, the sect leader would always choose to strike.

The peace now was quite uncomfortable.

Xu Yuanming said, “No rush, let's wait a while more. The situation now is a little complicated, so we shall just adapt.”

The elder kept silent for a moment, “Sect Leader, did something happen?”

“No, don't think about that. Now is the crucial moment and if we make a move we have to go all out. What Guixian Island needs to face is not only the Evil Alliance but also the Monster Alliance, so we can't be careless.” Xu Yuanming didn't want to tell the matter to others.

Moreover, he was unsure what kind of problems it would bring.

The elders in Guixian Island were all conservative and if they knew that he and Guyuan were working with the Alliance to con the four alliances, they wouldn't be able to accept it. They might even leak it out. When that happened, the situation would be disastrous.

Elder looked at Xu Yuanming like something had happened, “Sect Leader, we are all elders. No matter what, we think for the sect. If Sect Leader is thinking about something you can tell us.”

Xu Yuanming smiled, “There is nothing.”

To be able to become an elder, all of them were sharp and smart. Their hearts were like mirrors and they saw further than anyone else.

Naturally, he could see that the sect leader's thinking had changed.

Something must have happened, otherwise, this wouldn't have been the case.

“Was it because something happened ever since the sect leader went to Buddha Alliance?” The elder thought about it and felt that it was possible. Maybe they just needed to see White Lotus Saint Purity Mountain's att.i.tude and one could understand.

Imperial Dynasty.

“Your Majesty, many people are getting lost in the palace. I think that we should strengthen security in case the bandits hurt you.” Zu Xiang said.

Recently, many people were getting lost in the Imperial Dynasty. They sent people to find them but it was as if they had disappeared; one couldn't find any clues at all.

King Wutong said calmly, “Eh, let's do that.”

He obtained the ability to strengthen himself from Evil G.o.d and he needed to forcefully steal power from others. In the Imperial Dynasty, the best way would be the people around him.

During this period of time, he had already swallowed close to 20 guards.

But this was far from enough.

Unfortunately, there were too few people and his actions would attract attention.

“Zu Xiang, I trust you the most. This period of time has been hard on you.” King Wutong said.

He could see that Zu Xiang was ambitious, but he was really loyal to himself.

In such a time when he needed talents around him, he wanted to nurture and develop him.

“It is my honor to serve you.” Zu Xiang knelt down and said.

King Wutong said, “Now that the Alliance is suppressing us, the Imperial Dynasty needs talents. Go collect experts. No matter what conditions they raise you can agree. We just need them to be strong.”

To him, this was the best idea.

Although there would be people who got lost, it would be better than them getting lost outside.

“Yes, I understand.” Zu Xiang replied. He knew that His Majesty was under huge pressure. The Alliance was ambitious and told the Imperial Dynasty that their target was the sects and then them.

Very quickly, Zu Xiang left the hall.

King Wutong's face became ice-cold. He raised his hands and his fingers turned into tentacles. This was how he had become strong.

When he got this ability from Evil G.o.d, he couldn't accept it at the start. But now, he felt that this ability was great.

“The Alliance, sects… all of you wait. One day, I will make all of you pay a heavy price.”

He hated the Alliance and the sects.

His only goal in becoming strong was to take revenge and return the Imperial Dynasty back to its past glory.

He wanted to leave his nephew an Imperial Dynasty like before, maybe one that was even stronger.

This was his ideal and his goal.

Outside the capital, Zu Xiang returned to the camp. Although it hadn't been long since he started gaining power, it was really quick. It made other people tongue-tied and filled with disbelief.

In normal circ.u.mstances, this was just impossible.

But now that the world was in chaos, everything was possible.

“General, what do you think happened in the Imperial Dynasty?” The deputy general asked curiously.

Zu Xiang said calmly, “Don't think about such things, even if you know it will be of no good for you.”

“Yes, I understand.” The deputy general replied. Although Zu Xiang was not strong, he was smart and scheming. He could complete everything with the smallest losses which was why many generals trusted him.

Zu Xiang looked towards the Imperial Dynasty and had a thought.

He didn't know what the reason was but it was definitely to do with His Majesty. When he described it to him, he saw that his majesty was really calm and it was like he didn't care at all.

This was the reason why he suspected his majesty.

But all this wasn't important.

His majesty's matter was their matter and no matter what he did, they just had to follow him.

A few days later, Lin Fan spent a period of time in this area.

He didn't see much of an intense war and was slightly disappointed.

Apart from scouting news, he wanted to earn some rage points.

But the current situation was impossible. Did he really have to go to sects and provoke them? If that was the case, then it was just so annoying.

He thought about it.

“d.a.m.n, since that was the case, then I should be proactive. Life without rage points is just so sad.”

He was prepared to walk on the edge of death.

He had no choice.

He couldn't meet anyone, so he had no choice but to find people himself.

A few days later, at the Evil Alliance territory, after leaving the border, he appeared in Evil Alliance land. He had offended some sects over at Celestial Alliance. The only sect he had some impression of was Xiedao Sect.

Night fell.

Lin Fan stayed in the forest. He was a little hungry, so he spread out the Bug Controlling Technique special dao essence and attracted a pig. The pig that was buffed by the Dao Essence was quite strong.

Its face was ugly and its two fangs were quite frightening.

But it was okay, he just ate it like normal.

Zi Zi!

He barbecued the wild boar and slowly, a delicious scent wafted out.

When one was outside, if one didn't eat something good, one would be disappointing one's own stomach.

A wild boar was turned into a rack of bones just like that.

Suddenly, Lin Fan turned his head and looked into the distance.

Someone was here.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 464

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