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That large angry man was stomping his way over and a cold rage washed over Yuan Xuelan's body. He stood up immediately, jostling the plates on the table. "Who the heck do you even think you're speaking to!?" He scolded.

But Wu Shen wasn't interested in Yuan Xuelan and continued to swear at Liu Sumeng. His face flushed with alcohol and anger. He had lost all vestige of his earlier elegance and instead spat like a delinquent, "You little f.u.c.ker, even going as far as getting your master to speak in your place. Do you have no shame? Hah! Should have known you were a pansy!"

Who did he even think he was!? Yuan Xuelan was unthinking as he stepped between the fata.s.s and Liu Sumeng, his hands curled into fists. "Are you a f.u.c.king imbecile?!"

During this entire exchange, Liu Sumeng remained quiet. Many eyes were upon them and he didn't feel comfortable in the middle of such a pointless scene. Sighing internally, Liu Sumeng quietly wrapped his fingers around Xuelan's wrist, "It's okay."

And he was almost expecting Xuelan to tense with more annoyance and turn his anger towards Liu Sumeng instead. However, the rapturous pulse he felt under his fingers only soothed instead.

Xuelan's brows were still furrowed and he refused to budge from his spot, between Liu Sumeng and the fat piece of s.h.i.+t.

"Hah! You can say whatever bulls.h.i.+t you want," the fat man's bellowing words slurred, "but you can't show me any solid evidence of your innocent either, now can you!? Come here and I'll shove more wine down that pale little throat of yours!"

Yuan Xuelan had so many ugly things to say but he wanted to punch the guy in the face even more, "You…!"

But Liu Sumeng was holding him back. And Yuan Xuelan couldn't do anything expect look over his shoulder and grumble with frustration, "But he's…he's slandering you! He deserves to be put in his place."

Liu Sumeng nodded calmly. "I can take care of it myself."

An odd hurt made Yuan Xuelan's lips go taunt, "But--"

Finally, Liu Sumeng rose from his seat and addressed the drunken man, "Stop this. You're embarra.s.sing yourself."

The veins at Wu Shen's brows were popping, "Hah! So the cheating f.u.c.ker finally speaks for himself. For a moment I thought you were just this little young master's b.i.t.c.h."

Muscle twitched under Liu Sumeng's hold and he rubbed gentle circles into that wrist. Liu Sumeng wasn't good with words, but he still had his pride as a man. Calmly he responded, "You also have no evidence. Step down now or you will regret it."

Any remains of civility in the man completely evaporated and he lunged at Liu Sumeng in a blind rage.

Liu Sumeng sighed, ready to step away and dodge the blow. But he had miscalculated and forgot to take into account that Yuan Xuelan would step in front of him in the same moment.



Awkwardly, they collided into each other and the big drunken man barreled into the both of them.

The table of half finished dishes behind them ended up breaking their fall.

The drunken idiot Wu Shen ended up getting a punch to the face after all. From Liu Sumeng no less.

"I take my eyes off you foolish brats for all of a moment and you return to me like this! Is this how your mother raised you!?"

They were drenched with an awful mixture of smells. Food, alcohol and even the scent of bile. Liu Sumeng had wiped as much off his body as he could with a rag. But the smell was still a.s.saulting his nose and a frown was set into his usually stoic countenance.

"Sorry Sumeng…it was my fault," Yuan Xuelan said for at least the tenth time now.

And Liu Sumeng almost felt guilty for scolding the boy and telling him that he could have taken care of the situation himself.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have jumped out like that," he said again after having changed out of his clothes and into the bathrobes provided by the inn. Liu Sumeng had done the same.

"Are you not sick of repeating the same thing over and over again? Forget the Ivory Sword Saint, even I'm sick of hearing your pathetic excuses!" Huo Tang huffed pettily from a higher perch, along the edges of the wooden beams over top.

Yuan Xuelan picked up the nearest small object and hurled it at her. The hairpin struck the wooden beam and was lodged there.

Huo Tang squawked and flew to find refuge on Liu Sumeng's shoulder, knowing well that at least no attacks would come for her if she used the Ivory Sword Saint as her perch. "You savage! Do you not know any manners? Treat your elders right!"

She hadn't antic.i.p.ated for Yuan Xuelan to stomp over and attempt to grab her right off of Liu Sumeng's shoulder.

For a round little things with stubby wings, she was quite fast! And ducked under Liu Sumeng's robes before he could make a grab for her.

And instead Liu Sumeng was the one that grabbed his wrist. The Ivory Sword Saint sighed at him, "That's enough."

Yuan Xuelan lowered his head like a kicked dog. He watched as Liu Sumeng reached into his clothes and pluck out the fluffy phoenix, "We will be leaving. You behave."

Little sparkles sizzled at him, "What? Are you trying to scold me again? Hmph! This divine one is generous so I will let you off this time."

Huo Tang escaped from Liu Sumeng's grasps and her body was enveloped in a golden light that grew and grew until slowly it began to turn into the shape of a woman.

And she was even wearing the white bathrobes provided by the inn! "This divine one shall also take a relaxing bath. Do not trouble me with any acts of indecency or else you will be executed by divine flames, you hear me!"

Yuan Xuelan's mouth hung open.

Huo Tang…that…that stupid little chicken was also a woman!? And she just spends her time hiding and sleeping tucked in Liu Sumeng's clothes!?? What in the actual world!?

She noticed Yuan Xuelan's gaping stare and smirked, "I know that you're shocked at this divine one's ethereal beauty but please do not stare too much. Mind you, I will get a little shy."

'Just who is shy!?' He wanted to scream, but Liu Sumeng had walked up to him and circled his hand around Yuan Xuelan's wrist already.

"Let's go."

And so Yuan Xuelan followed obediently after.

Unlike the sticky humidity of summer, the heat that simmered up from the springs was welcome.

Liu Sumeng allowed the tension in his body to unwind as he lowered himself in the water and just barely stifled an embarra.s.sing sound that threatened to pa.s.s his lips.

He was almost lulled to sleep right then and there. Of course, he didn't. He was not willing to suffer from the shame of falling asleep in a random spot twice in the same day. And he definitely didn't want Yuan Xuelan to poke and prod him awake in a hotspring. A shudder traveled down his spine. And he ignored it in favor of looking up at the moon, pretending not to hear the way water rippled and splashed not far away.

Night's silver sparkle was kind and healing, with the moon bright behind thin misty clouds. He watched the way the stars sparkled and counted the constellations. Though mundane, Liu Sumeng was trying as he could to veer himself away from any strange thoughts.

Yuan Xuelan was not far and the Ivory Sword Saint would never admit to giving attention to the soft rippling of water the subtle sounds of breathing close by.

Since he had the privilege of winning the silly little alcohol tournament and the inn had been apologetic for not stepping in the fight after his pointed complaints, they were given access to a smaller, private spring.

Away from the chatting and commotion of the other public springs, they were blessed with much needed peace and quiet.

Liu Sumeng only then was able to acknowledge his own fatigue.

He allowed the water's healing properties slowly work their way into his flesh.

There was still Peng Jipei, Hui Ziw.a.n.g, the tiangou and Zhao Fanyu out there.

He did his best to banish those things from his mind. At least for this moment.

Not far away, Yuan Xuelan was also trying his best to banish foolish thoughts from his mind. But his priorities were askew. Of course there was that distant lingering rage that skittered around the backside of his heart. An ugly feeling that wasn't so easily destroyed.

But he could ignore it.

After all, how could he focus on anything else but Liu Sumeng right now!?

No wait, that wasn't right either!

He grumbled to himself and sank down in the water until it reached just under his nose. He wasn't childish enough to blow out bubbles in frustration but he wasn't yet mature enough to quell the temptation.

Well, Yuan Xuelan was at that ripe, awkward age.

Erm, well, see! He wasn't awkward around women or beautiful people or whatever. Even those that struck his fancy did not incite such a deep, visceral reaction… But Sumeng was different.

He was special.

Special in a way that made Yuan Xuelan feel stupid and childish, wanting to sneak little glances, only to chide himself as the flush deepened on his face.

Argh! If Liu Sumeng would notice then he…he would just have to blame it on the heat of the hotspring. That was believable enough wasn't it?

Liu Sumeng's white bathrobes clung to his skin. There were lanterns hung about outdoors along the length of the wall. Their glow were low but enough to outline the muscles and curves of the Ivory Sword Saint's body.

Yuan Xuelan felt silly.

Immature and like a maiden.

But he also apparently had the self-control of a stray dog and couldn't stop his eyes from wandering off to catch more dangerous glances. The warm s.h.i.+ne of lantern light was enough for him to see the tender mound of Liu Sumeng's nipples through his robes---

Argh!! Just what kind of stupid pervert was he!?

Yuan Xuelan's frustrated grumbling caused bubbles to rumble in front of his face, catching the Ivory Sword Saint's attention.

"Is something wrong?" There was a soft hint of genuine concern.

Yes! He almost shouted but managed to hold back his folly and raise his whole face above the water. But he didn't dare look over, afraid that Liu Sumeng might catch sight of his trembling soul through his eyes, "Ah, it's nothing! Nothing's wrong!" Yuan Xuelan tried to keep his voice steady and casual but instead he sounded tilted.

"..." Even if Yuan Xuelan wasn't looking at the Ivory Sword Saint, he could hear that small huff of air that told him that Liu Sumeng wasn't convinced.

"...Really…It's nothing," he coughed, unable to hide his awkwardness.

"Okay," Liu Sumeng finally said, and Yuan Xuelan almost let out a sigh of relief. "You don't have to tell me."

"What, no! That's not it!"

And this time he finally looked over. And instantly regretted his mistake. Liu Sumeng was looking away, his neck craned the other way. Yuan Xuelan must have been completely out of his mind because he found himself hypnotized by the sparkle of water beads on the Ivory Sword Saint's neck.

Wasn't there anywhere safe to look!?

Dammit! Why was the curve of Liu Sumeng's shoulder blade so attractive?!

"...There is something on your mind." Liu Sumeng accused. Yuan Xuelan could only catch the slight outline of the Ivory Sword Saint's profile and he almost looked like he was pouting…

Almost. Yuan Xuelan was probably delusional. "Erm…" He responded awkwardly, wondering how he became the one with the lack of words. But seriously! It wasn't like he could admit the filthy thoughts he had on his mind. No, no, no, no! So he tried as he could to think about something else.

Quick, Yuan Zhang, think!

Ah wait there was that, wasn't there? "What were you saying earlier…? About my s.h.i.+jie? About Anyue…?"

Trying To Tame An Evil Overlord 86 Quick, Think!

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