Super Detective In The Fictional World Chapter 271

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Chapter 271 Secret Recordings and Murder Weapon

Looking Jennifer in the eye, Luke said calmly, “Please cooperate with us while we work on this case. What you do with your employees is none of our business. Miss Perry, you're rich and you probably know a lot of people, but you can't reduce the negative impact this incident can have if the truth gets out. If that happens, you don't believe that you can keep what happened here a secret from the media, do you?”

Struggling with herself, Jennifer finally said in a low voice, “Can you promise me…” She didn't really know what she wanted to say.

Luke smiled. “Miss Perry, you don't have a choice. It'll be a huge problem for you if this case isn't resolved quickly. You may still run into problems after the case is resolved, but those will at least be easier to handle.”

In any case, Jennifer wasn't an idiot. After all, an idiot wouldn't have been able to become a top national star.

She finally nodded and said, “Then I'll go in with you.”

Luke thought for a moment before he agreed. He wasn't worried that she might cause trouble.

On the contrary, this star might reveal some more interesting information during the investigation.

After the three of them went in, Luke asked Selina to search the rooms.

Very soon, she found a lot of… s.e.x toys in the maids' rooms.

Some of them were electric, and some were manual. They were also made of different materials.

Selina gave Luke a weird look, and Luke gestured for her to continue.

Very quickly, at a hint from Luke, Selina found a hidden compartment under Millis's bed. There were a lot of videotapes inside the s.p.a.ce.

Jennifer's face looked quite ugly since there had to be a reason why those videotapes had been so carefully hidden.

Luke glanced at Jennifer but didn't say anything.

He took out an evidence bag and put all the videotapes inside.

“Miss Perry, can we go to your room?” asked Luke.

Jennifer quickly refused. “Your search warrant doesn't include my room.”

Luke nodded. “If that's the case, we'll do it here. Selina, close the door.”

After the door was shut, Luke put on gloves and picked out the videotapes that had “ME” on them. Then, he chose the most recent videotape and inserted it into the VCR in the room. A moment later, the TV started playing the recording

Selina, who was staring at the screen, was utterly shocked.

Luke was silent.

He had muted the TV earlier, so the room was utterly silent.

Ten seconds later, he replaced the videotape with another one that had “ALL” on it.

Jennifer blushed so hard she looked like she was going to explode. “What… What do you want?”

Luke pressed the stop b.u.t.ton, took out the videotape, and turned off the TV. He turned around and looked at the star serenely. “It's very simple: I want you to help me resolve this case as fast as possible. As for these videotapes, it's possible that they aren't related to this case, right?”

Jennifer was unconvinced. “Then give them to me now.”

Luke waved his hand. “Forgive me, but I can't return them to you until we've cracked the case. After all, this is proof that you might have a motive to kill them.”

Jennifer gnashed her teeth. “If you take them away, how do I know that you won't copy them?”

Luke said, “It's very simple. We'll close both cases today, so I won't have to take the videotapes away.”

Jennifer said in disbelief, “What? How is that possible?”

The smile on Luke's face disappeared, and he looked at her calmly. “Miss Perry, do you really not know anything? I want you to confess everything that you know. You have nothing to hide now, right?” He waved the videotape in his hand.

Jennifer was both embarra.s.sed and slightly angry. After a long while, she finally sighed. “Fine, what do you want to know?”

Luke said, “Do the security guards know about your relations.h.i.+p with the two maids? Tell me, even if you only have suspicions.”

Jennifer quickly shook her head. “That's impossible. We only do it in secret… That's why I forbid the security guards from entering the house at night.”

Luke asked, “Did you ask Millis to record the videos?”

Jennifer gnashed her teeth. “No way, I'm not an idiot. She recorded them secretly. Exactly what did she want?”

Luke said, “Maybe to keep the videotapes as souvenirs, or maybe to threaten you with them someday. Anyway, Millis recorded the videos without your knowledge?”.

Jennifer nodded regretfully. “Yes.”

Luke asked again, “What about Manny? Did you notice anything abnormal about her?” Jennifer said, “Not really, except that…” She paused in embarra.s.sment.

Luke raised his hand, telling her to continue.

She could only lower her head and say in a soft voice, “Except… Except that they fought for my affections every now and then.”

Selina was completely dumbfounded by the conversation.

What the star had done was a real eye-opener for her.

Luke nodded and asked, “What do you think of Thomson, the head of security?”.

Jennifer was confused. “Huh? I think he's been doing a good job.”

Luke almost laughed, but he managed to hold back. “What about that Morgan?”

Jennifer thought for a moment before she shook her head. “He's nothing special.”

Luke was lost for words. “Let's go. Miss Perry, you can come with us if you don't trust us.”

Jennifer asked, “Huh? Where to?”

Luke said, “To search the security guards' rooms. After all, they're all suspects now, aren't they?”

Ten minutes later, Luke and the forensic scientists left the security guards' dorm with an evidence bag.

Jennifer was outside the dorm with Selina, who was holding the bag that contained the videotapes. Seeing Luke as well as the item inside the evidence bag, Jennifer blushed again. “What… What are you doing?”

Luke said mysteriously, “This is the murder weapon.” Both Jennifer and Selina exclaimed, “What?”

Clearly, neither of them was convinced that the item could be a murder weapon.

With a strange smile on his face, Luke said, “Although it's designed to satisfy the ladies, who says that it can't be used to fracture Millis's skull?”

Jennifer and Selina were both shocked.

They had never considered such an unbelievable possibility.

Super Detective In The Fictional World Chapter 271

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