I Am Overlord Chapter 492

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"Devil edge gra.s.s?" Xiang Shaoyun recalled that in the Miscellaneous Records of Devil Domain book he had obtained from the fort, some information regarding this herb could be found. It was recorded that this emperor medicine had indeed been found at the third layer's entrance before, but the last time it had appeared was 5,000 years ago. Surprisingly, it had reappeared after 5,000 years, and he was lucky enough to stumble upon it.

Only a devil or one cultivating the power of darkness could consume the devil edge gra.s.s. Yet the Emperors fighting over the devil edge gra.s.s were cultivators of all sorts of elements. That was understandable, as even if they couldn't devour it, they could still trade it for an emperor medicine of equivalent grade.

With so many Devil Emperors and Emperors of other races here, obtaining the devil edge gra.s.s wouldn't be an easy feat for Xiang Shaoyun. Fortunately, after some observation, he found that the strongest of them was only a seventh-stage Emperor. None of them was one of those super powerful Emperors.

After all, the devil edge gra.s.s was only a mid emperor medicine and was not really that valuable for those truly powerful Emperors. Abruptly, the devil edge gra.s.s shone brightly, sending numerous jet-black blades flying everywhere. It was as if a super expert was attacking, leaving numerous scars on the cliff around it. Who could have imagined that this was an attack unleashed by a herb?

"Roar! Roar!"

The devilish beasts of all forms started roaring as they swarmed the devil edge gra.s.s. Devilish beasts at this level could only be considered a low-intelligence life form. Apart from the offensive techniques they were born with, it would be very hard for them to learn new techniques.

Thus, the devil edge gra.s.s was extremely important to them. Capable of helping them comprehend a new technique, it was a treasure they longed to have. Numerous devilish attacks started flying everywhere as the devils tried to eliminate their compet.i.tors. The Emperors of the surface races also started fighting. A myriad of powerful attacks were thrown everywhere as they fought for the devil edge gra.s.s.

Rumble! Rumble!

A series of explosions erupted, creating countless shockwaves. Xiang Shaoyun's group wasn't too far from the entrance. Thus, many of the shockwaves were rippling toward them.

Evidently, those Emperors were trying to either kill or drive out Xiang Shaoyun's group with those shockwaves. The Han Clan sisters paled. They knew that a single touch would be enough for these shockwaves to exterminate them into nothingness.

"Hmph. Trying to get rid of us with this? How naive!" Xiang Shaoyun snorted coldly. He did not even need to issue a command, and Meng Gansu was already blocking all the incoming waves.

"Old Meng, take them to the third layer. I will be there shortly," said Xiang Shaoyun. Meng Gansu obeyed without any questions. He enveloped the two women with a clump of energy before charging toward the entrance with the two in tow.

"Xiang Shaoyun, be careful!" the two women reminded, a look of concern on both their faces.

Although Xiang Shaoyun had been rather cold toward them in recent days, they knew that was only a facade he was putting on. In truth, he was still decently concerned about them. Otherwise, he wouldn't have saved them from death so many times during the past few days.

Xiang Shaoyun only waved his hand at the two. A confident smile hung on his face, as if the many experts present were nothing to him. After Meng Gansu left with the Han Clan sisters, Xiang Shaoyun started approaching the Emperors.

"Where did this kid come from? Scram! This is not a place for you to be!" scolded an Emperor when he saw Xiang Shaoyun.

He was a fourth-stage Emperor staying at the outermost fringe of the battlefield. He did not charge forward, as he did not have enough strength to do so. He was waiting for the others to suffer mutual annihilation before he swept in to reap the rewards. Xiang Shaoyun only smiled at him in response, then continued strolling forward. The next instant, Xiang Shaoyun's body transformed into wind as he dashed into the battlefield.

The fourth-stage Emperor cursed, "Suicidal kid."

The shockwaves of the ongoing battle were extremely dreadful, and no King would be able to survive on the battlefield, not to mention some seventh-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. But to his surprise, Xiang Shaoyun was actually able to avoid all the shockwaves and go straight to the center of the battlefield.

"Impossible! That must be pure luck!" the Emperor cried out in alarm.

But when he saw Xiang Shaoyun's figure weaving about the attacks while smoothly approaching the devil edge gra.s.s, his mouth went wide agape. He did not know what to say anymore.

What he just witnessed had completely toppled his worldview. He even started wondering if this was some old monster who had recovered his youth and was hiding his true cultivation level.

In truth, Xiang Shaoyun was able to move nimbly amid the battlefield thanks to his footwork and his gift of instincts. Although it looked like he was easily dodging all the attacks, he was in fact in extreme danger. Any carelessness would cause him to be hit and seriously injured.

After all, his speed was only comparable to a third-stage Emperor's, and his combat prowess was below that of a genuine third-stage Emperor. The nearer he got to the devil edge gra.s.s, the harder it was for him to keep advancing.

"Where did this human kid come from? p.i.s.s off!" roared a peak fifth-stage Devil Emperor darkrock devil. He sent his ma.s.sive black tail sweeping toward Xiang Shaoyun.

In his eyes, Xiang Shaoyun was a suicidal bug trying to steal from elephants. The darkrock devil's attack was dreadfully powerful and fast. Xiang Shaoyun pushed his gift of instincts to the limit, revealing the trajectory of the attack bare before him. In his eyes, the incoming tail started moving at slow motion, giving him the opportunity to immediately react to it. He dodged to the side and hopped onto the shoulder of a devil apeman emperor.

The devil apeman was even stronger than the darkrock devil. When he sensed the attack from the darkrock devil, he turned and grabbed the tail before slamming the darkrock devil onto the ground.

Of course, the devil apeman would not spare Xiang Shaoyun either. But Xiang Shaoyun was moving like a slippery fish, and quickly dashed to the side of a different Emperor.

"Puny human, die!" Infuriated, the devil apeman threw over a dreadful punch.

Explosive Devil Fist!

This was one of the devil apeman's killing techniques. The punch was powered by dreadful devilish energy and explosive force, and as it approached, it started exploding repeatedly. The devil apeman was trying to kill both Xiang Shaoyun and the Emperor beside him. The punch was comparable to the attack of a seventh-stage Emperor.

I Am Overlord Chapter 492

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