New World New Life 154 Eggs And Fortune

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Their next destination was a relatively small hot spring. It was only about the size of 3 barrels put together. The water bubbled and steamed like a giant pot of water on the stove. At the side, there was a small instruction panel and a huge basket with a lid. 

When Lycster opened the basket to take a look, he realised it was filled with fresh chicken eggs. 

Vy read the board and explained, "According to the instructions, these eggs are for us to cook in the hot spring."

She looked down on the ground and noticed some small wire baskets that had been arranged neatly in a row. Looking into the small hot spring, they also noticed that there were some small wire baskets filled with eggs in the water. 

Lycster brought her four eggs which Vy placed into the wire basket. She then placed it into the hot spring water. The instructions stated that it would take almost an hour for the eggs to cook. So the siblings decided to collect the eggs on their way back after they had visited the strawberry fields. 

Vy and Lycster continued on their way on the path and it brought them through a forest. According to the map, this forest is home to a historic shrine and foxes. While they walked on the paved path, flowers lined both sides. Lycster looked all around as they continued down the path. 

"Vy, " Lycster called out as he tugged on Vy's sleeve. 


"Why are all these flowers red?"

Vy took a look around and she realised Lycster was right. There was not another colour as far as their eyes could see. Beyond the flowers that grew on the side of the path, the forest was dense. The tall trees grew closer together, with minimal s.p.a.ces between them. 

But Vy could sense that they were not the only living beings around. Behind the cover of the forest area, the foxes were frolicking playfully. They were aware of Vy and Lycster's presence but paid them no mind. 

Taking a closer look at some of the flowers that lined the path, Vy realised that these flowers were all of the same species. 

"These are red spider lilies," a voice rang out ahead of them. 

As soon as Lycster heard the voice, he stopped in his tracks and quickly hid behind his sister. He only dared to peer from behind. Vy looked down the path before them and realised that they were also near their third location. 

On the path ahead, was a familiar lady dressed all in white. Her silver hair swayed in the wind, her skin was pale while her smile slit opens the sides of her mouth. Her sharp teeth were revealed. It is in this second meeting, that Vy realised the red flowers on her yukata were the flowers that lined the path. 

-Do not worry, Lycster, she means us no harm.- Vy a.s.sured Lycster telepathically. 

The lady stood at the entrance of the shrine. It was made out of several large pillars of red-painted wood. When they approached, the lady bowed to them while retaining her unforgettable smile. 

She took a few steps back to allow them into the shrine. Walking through the entrance revealed the rest of the shrine. The main structure had a black terracotta roof, st.u.r.dy wooden structure with sliding paper screen doors. 

In the courtyard, there were two red wisteria trees that towered above them. The wisteria flowers were in full bloom and draped down like a beautiful flower curtain. The fragrance of the flowers was faint yet aromatic. 

Vy reached out to take a closer look at the flowers. The wisteria flower started out in a darker shade of red at the bud. But as it bloomed, the shade of red turned lighter.

The lady walked up to Vy and Lycster. She bent down to meet Lycster at eye level, ruffling his hair as she smiled at him. The young boy was still fearful of the mysterious lady but he did his best to hide it. 

This was their second meeting yet she had not done anything to harm him. Could it be that she was nice after all? Her smile was terrifying to say the least but at least she was just smiling. 

"Would you mind if I read your fortune?" the silver-haired lady asked sweetly. 

Lycster blinked as he processed the question. He looked up at Vy, then back at the silver-haired lady. 

He pointed at himself, "My fortune?"

The lady replied with a nod. 

Although the offer was not for her, Vy was intrigued by it, "Could you read my fortune as well?"

The lady straightened herself. She was a little shorter than Vy but the height difference was hardly noticeable. 

"Of course." 

The silver-haired lady introduced herself as Yini, guardian of the shrine. She led them both into the main hall. Upon entering, the smell of incense permeated their senses. It smelt like a combination of sandalwood and cedar. 

Yini guided them to each pick up a bamboo cylinder on the table before them. Each bamboo cylinder was filled with flat wooden sticks with different numbers and lettering carved on them. 

"All you need to do is to hold the cylinder, close your eyes and say a prayer. After that, you can shake it until a wooden stick falls out. Hand me the stick that falls out of the cylinder and I will be able to read your fortune," Yini explained. 

Vy picked up the bamboo cylinder and walked up towards the altar. The statue of a deity was set up on the altar. It was made of stone, carved in the shape of a fox with nine tails coming out of its back. 

She knelt down on the stone ground, bowed her head and said a short prayer. Lycster followed Vy and did the same. When they opened their eyes again, they shook the bamboo cylinders. The sound of the wooden sticks shuffling against each other rang throughout the entire hall.

New World New Life 154 Eggs And Fortune

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