The Surgeon’s Studio Chapter 494 - Rapid Growth Is Also A Source Of Distress

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Chapter 494: Rapid Growth Is Also A Source Of Distress

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Science journals with an impact factor of over 30 had a very sacred status in the hearts of medical pract.i.tioners.

Within their entire lives, many doctors would be able to rest in peace if they were able to publish even one thesis in the two journals mentioned by Su Yun.

However, Chief Liu heard from Su Yun that two journals with an impact factor of over 30 were competing to publish Zheng Ren’s thesis on TIPS surgery.

Well, Zheng Ren did not know about this. He did not care at all. In Zheng Ren’s heart, surgery and saving lives were more important.

As for other things… He still had a perfect and practically limitless a.s.sistant.

Chief Liu’s knowledge was really broadened this time. His att.i.tude toward Su Yun had changed a lot. Previously, he thought that Su Yun’s att.i.tude was rude. Now, it seemed he had the skills to match it.

If he was not convinced, why not he himself go up and perform the TIPS surgery?

This was the only reason Chief Liu could keep his mouth shut.

Moreover, he was trying to strike up a conversation with Su Yun. He was looking for trouble not because he had a hobby of doing so, but because he wanted to learn TIPS surgery!

Although publis.h.i.+ng the thesis had nothing to do with him, Chief Liu did not think about that at all.

With such a refined surgical method, who knew how much effort the clinical staff had put in, the huge amount of funds, and the huge amount of support behind it. No matter who was spearheading it, Chief Liu could not have any evil thoughts.

There would definitely be people who did not know the difference between life and death. However, Chief Liu was not that kind of person.

He was trying to get close to him. It seemed that Teacher Zheng’s a.s.sistant was no ordinary person. Perhaps he could learn something from him?

Chief Liu racked his brain and wanted to say something when he heard a faint sound from the lead door.

“Boss, it’s done,” Su Yun immediately stood up and said with a smile. The expression on his face was completely different from when he was talking to Chief Liu. The change was so fast that it was surprising.

“Well, there are still some problems,” Zheng Ren pondered.

Su Yun knew that Zheng Ren was not talking about the TIPS surgery but the technique that Gao Shaojie was trying to master. There were still some problems.

“Boss, the other side replied that the latest journal issue will be published in the next few days,” Su Yun said.

“Okay, just go and settle it then.” Zheng Ren was not focused on his words at all.

Su Yun had long known that Zheng Ren would behave like this. He was not surprised and sat back down again.

He was only reporting this information to Zheng Ren. Anything in regards to the specific operation was his and Professor Rudolf Wagner’s responsibility.

Zheng Ren definitely had no cares about it.

Sometimes, Su Yun felt that Zheng Ren took him as free labor. If he was not around, then Zheng Ren would have to publish these papers himself.

However, with him around, he began to slack off and put all his energy into just doing surgeries instead.

Of course, this was just Su Yun’s own a.s.sumption.

He was also very happy to do these things. After all, these papers meant status in the medical field.

Status in the medical world meant that he could act cool and show off in front of others.

Su Yun liked this.

However, Zheng Ren’s footsteps were too fast. It seemed that he no longer needed his status in the medical field… Su Yun thought about this and his mind felt like it was in a daze.

Once Professor Rudolf Wagner handed over the materials for the TIPS surgery, even if he could not win the n.o.bel prize, he would still be a candidate for the n.o.bel Prize in medicine.

With this status, it would not be difficult for him to get two academicians.

Of course, Zheng Ren’s biggest weakness was that he was too young. It would be very difficult for him to choose the two academicians’ t.i.tles.

Su Yun’s thoughts were getting further and further away.

Zheng Ren did not think so much. His focus was always right in front of his eyes.

It was Gao Shaojie’s first time choosing a position. Although he had discussed it before the surgery, he had also found an accurate position for himself to use.

However, when he went on stage and actually operated, he still could not find the spot.

Although this was within his expectations, Zheng Ren wondered if he should change his method and explain it to Gao Shaojie in a simpler way.

In the operating room, Gao Shaojie was in a daze as he applied pressure to stop the bleeding.

He had not found the right spot just now. Even though he had thought about it repeatedly before the operation, he still could not find it.

The operation did not take long. That was because he thought that all three spots were wrong.

Later, Zheng Ren moved the puncture kit to a spot so that he could remember it well. It was then that the puncture succeeded in one go.

However, what was the spot?

Gao Shaojie was also very confused.

However, he took note of that spot carefully. After Zheng Ren left today, he would study it overnight.

Since the surgery had been done to this extent, there was not much to say.

After five minutes, Gao Shaojie stepped down from the stage.

He picked up his phone and turned it to camera mode. However, Li Jianguo was picking up the patients, so he did not have many people he could ask to a.s.sist him.

Maybe Zheng Ren’s ridiculously beautiful a.s.sistant?

That would not happen. Gao Shaojie knew his own limits. The a.s.sistant’s position was probably very big, so he could not afford to ask him.

Gao Shaojie wanted to give up filming, but he was afraid that he would not remember what Zheng Ren said.

After all, he was already in his forties. No matter how smart he was, at this age, he had to compromise with the laws of nature.

The important points would definitely not be missed. However, how would he know if what he thought were the important points was the same as Teacher Zheng.

After hesitating for a moment, Gao Shaojie and Zheng Ren called out to each other and walked out of the operating room. They looked back and forth between the operating rooms.

“Little Tao, come and help me.” Gao Shaojie grabbed a short-term student from the operating room next to him.

The short-term student was in his thirties. He was the Chief of the Department of Interventional Surgery at a county-level hospital.

Although he had the t.i.tle of Chief, he knew that he could not afford to offend any of the postgraduates from the Provincial Capital Medical University.

As soon as he heard Gao Shaojie call for him, Little Tao immediately followed him.

“Teacher Gao, Director Jin has a liver malignant tumor interventional embolization to do. I can’t be here for too long. Please don’t be angry at me.” Although he said he was helping, Little Tao still accompanied him.

“It won’t take long. Just three to five minutes,” Gao Shaojie said casually.

Little Tao was relieved. He took Gao Shaojie’s phone and went to video mode to start recording.

Zheng Ren did not notice what was happening next to him. He held his chin and kept looking at the MRI scan of the patient who had just finished surgery.

When he saw Gao Shaojie coming back from the corner of his eye, Zheng Ren immediately clicked on the scan and said, “Teacher Gao, I think I didn’t make myself clear enough earlier.”

“Teacher Zheng, please speak.”

“Look here…” Zheng Ren clicked on the video and spoke without stopping.

Little Tao used his phone to record the conversation and video. The more he listened, the more he did not understand.

Teacher Gao Shaojie was a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University. He had a scholarly demeanor. It was said that he graduated from Columbia University Medical Center in the United States.

Initially, he thought that it was Teacher Gao who was leading the student and wanted to leave behind some audio-visual material that he could use publicity in the future.

However, he never expected that Gao Shaojie was actually the one studying. The seemingly simple and honest young doctor beside him was endlessly correcting Gao Shaojie’s various mistakes.

What was going on?

The Surgeon’s Studio Chapter 494 - Rapid Growth Is Also A Source Of Distress

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