Devil's Rise Devil“S Rise Chapter 35: The Warfron

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Wanfang had a busy life now that he was in charge of James' war division. For him to grow stronger and his standing in the Abyss to be solid, he had to work hard.


When I learned the cultivation levels in the Xertzul Abyss, I felt weak. I was only a Knight, and there were 7 levels above me. A demon without proper backing, I would never make it anywhere in the Abyss.

This place was a true nightmare with no backing. I vowed to work hard for my young lord, to not be discarded. Only through working hard would I be able to one day find my way back to China!

I headed to the 'Young n.o.ble Lounge', the base of operations for the [Libra].

I noticed the Young n.o.ble Lounge had a steady stream of clientele. It was a successful business that both Esquires and Knights in Hudson City loved visiting.

The place reminded me of a hole in the wall I loved to visit in my previous life. The floors were dirty, but its barbecue was amazing. That was the atmosphere exuded from the Young n.o.ble Lounge.

I needed a base if I am to properly lead a war division. To gather funds for my new base, I had to seek Kyle.

Kyle was the General Manager of [Libra]. He was also in charge of the organization's finances.

"How are you doing today, Kyle?" I said.

"Good Wanfang, how are you settling into the Xertzul Abyss?" said Kyle.

"It's… Different, the world here feels very foreign to me. It's a lot to take in, honestly. I think I'll get used to it given time though," said Wanfang.

"Come join me in partaking in some felweed, we will work together for a long time. What brings you to the Young n.o.ble Lounge today?" said Kyle.

Kyle and I settled into a table and began smoking felweed. It was a magnificent experience. Many things became clearer to me as I enjoyed the high.

"I've thought over the orders given to me by our young lord. He wants me to helm the war division and train the ascenders from the Tutan World. I require training grounds for this," I said.

"That makes sense, previously I purchased a large farmland estate on the outskirts of Hudson City to grow felweed and house the dark elves," said Kyle.

"Now that we have the entire Tutan World, all Tier-1 and Tier-2 resource production has been moved there."

"I will give you the farmland to set up as our war base. The grounds are plentiful so they should serve your purpose."

"Serve our young lord well, Wanfang. He may be a little mischievous, but he will never let us suffer any grievances."

"One time I was beaten up by another n.o.ble devil's followers while the young lord was away."

"I was not even a follower of the young lord then. However, young lord slew the follower and even took two years of punishment just to make it right for me. He deserves our loyalty."

"My dark elf tribe now has an entire world to call their own from following the young lord. We were but lowly farmers, before following the young lord, without even any backing in the Abyss."

"I can tell you from my experience. Without a n.o.ble devil's backing its hard to even do normal business in the Xertzul Abyss."

"I will take your words to heart Kyle. I feel I made the right decision following the young lord. Please send me a few workers to arrange the farmlands to my liking. I must make a base for our young lord that he will be proud of!" I said.

"No problem Wanfang, after the first batch of ascenders come you will be in charge of their on-boarding to Libra. Work hard, our young lord deserves to have a few more pocket worlds under his purview!"

I departed from the Young n.o.ble Lounge and headed to investigate the farmlands. They were at the edge of the Wesser forest. Because demon beasts could roam out from the forest, it was a dangerous area for farming. Commoners would never want to have this land.

Having a random Esquire demon beast randomly come and trample your crops could ruin a commoners' lively hood. I was setting up a war base, however, so this was the perfect area. The war division will have easy access to the Wesser forest for expedition training and much land to house many followers.

I was delighted at the thought of adventuring in the Wesser forest one day. I considered it a level grinding area from video games.

In the Tutan World, I had a hard time finding worthy opponents. However, this forest had demon beasts of many realms!

The groups I send in, to adventure, will contribute to [Libra] while training diligently in the forest. I spent a week mapping up a training ground and setting the foundations to build a grand mansion on the farmlands. I knew my young lord was frivolous and would love having a mansion to stay at.

The mansion would have plenty of room to house the ascenders. Building this mansion and constructing the training grounds would take around four months from my discussion with the laborers. Manual labor was cheap in the Xertzul Abyss, any mortal could build and construct basic structures.

After I got those formalities out of the way I dove into cultivation. I had [Cla.s.sic Elements Scripture: Volume 3] now. I had had no time to check it out after being rewarded with it for my exemplary service in the Tutan World.

After reading it over I found to practice this, I would have to convert my cultivation to a more standard cultivation path. The Elementalist cultivation path was incomplete, it was only meant to be practiced up to the Knight realm.

Converting my cultivation would take time, but I had six months to spend, so I quickly began without a thought of hesitation.

The first stage I cultivated was Qi Condensation. I used fel shards to bring fel energy into my meridians. It was tough, but I was steadfast. Over time, the fel had changed me. I was now a demon. I felt my mindset had changed from using fel.

Thinking it over, I remembered I had to commit genocide on my race and brave perils in an unknown relic for this reward. It was all be worth it though!

This scripture had the information I needed to break into the Baron realm. No one within the Tutan World had ever broken into the Baron realm.

This Scripture was beyond them!

My thoughts were malicious. I would gladly slaughter those insects again for this Scripture!

Devil's Rise Devil“S Rise Chapter 35: The Warfron

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