Devil's Rise 50 The Escape

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"So it's like that elder Kardrak?" asked Glen Oakheart.

"Yes, exactly. You must work hard, young apprentice. I believe you can give this old man much face around the Earthen World! You are the only apprentice this old man has ever taken," replied Kardrak Deepforge.

Glen was doing his forging apprentices.h.i.+p in the Deepforge tribe. Kardrak was an elderly forger that had much respect. The Deepforge tribe was well known for their forging prowess around the Earthen World.

Glen loved the Earthen World. He planned to go sightseeing around the continent once he became an official forger. Glen hoped to see the vast Earthen World! There were many mountains, valleys, and rivers across several continents. One day, he would see them all!

Dwarfs loved to stay close to the earth. The heart of a mountain was the perfect residency for them. Tribes were so entrenched within the mountains that they even named themselves after them. Many dwarven tribes littered the Earthen World.

The dwarfs considered themselves the only intelligent race within their Earthen World. The seas housed the murfolk, but dwarfs thought of them as beasts. Their society was very barbaric!

The murfolk and the dwarfs fought relentlessly at beach fronts. Murfolk settled on beaches to gain access to the rich land resources. Though their society was barbaric, they had equivalent fighting strength to the dwarves!

The territorial wars were never-ending. It was deeply entrenched in both societies to hate the other to their very bones.

Glen enjoyed his life at the Deepforge tribe. He had gotten very comfortable getting to know all the members of the Deepforge tribe. One youthful girl around his age was always chasing his coattails. He had grown fond of her. Durda was Kardrak's grandaughter. Kardrak had no problem with his apprentice getting to know her.

Eventually, they fell in love. It was a happy tail. Kardrak thought Glen would make a suitable match for Durda.

Glen had a promising future. When he was young, his skills had caught the eye of the Deepforge tribe elder. He joined the Deepforge tribe under an apprentices.h.i.+p. His future was bright. He spent his younger days under forge billows and crafting weapons.

After a few years, Durda and Glen fell in love. It was only natural with such close interaction at such a young age. Durda enjoyed Glens company, and Glen was always hard at work. He had no thoughts of the opposite s.e.x. Their peaceful existence would soon end, however.

Kardrak was old and frail. He had no descendants left save for his granddaughter Durda.

"Glen you must take good care of Durda. I have taught you all I know. Together you should be able to create a pleasant life," said Kardrak.

"Grandfather!" said Durda sobbing.

"Master no, how could you leave us?" said Glen.

"I am tired, Glen, too tired. These old bones have been forging for many years. After failing to break through to the Totemic realm, my life span has come to an end. Worry not, the Deepforge tribe will have a place for you." said Kardrak.

���I have given my entire life to the Deepforge tribe. The other elders a.s.sured me that my apprentice and granddaughter would be taken care of."

Kardrak pa.s.sed away peacefully in the presence of his sole apprentice and his granddaughter. They buried him with his ancestors within Deepforge Mountain.

"Kek Kek Kek, now that that old fool is gone see if he left anything good behind," said one Deepforge Elder.

"What did Kardrak leave you two?"

"My master left me nothing, he only taught me everything he knew," I said.

"Unfilial descendant, pa.s.sing on Deepforge secrets to outsiders!" said the Elder.

"Lock up his granddaughter, the Stonemaul clan's heir was very fond of her when he visited. She will make a good concubine for him, strengthening our ties with the Stonemaul clan."

"Seize his apprentice immediately. We must torture him until he tells us everything he has learned from that old fool."

Glen was shocked! How could the Deepforge clan be so heartless? Kardrak was a trusting old recluse. He spent all his time forging with most of the profits going to the Deepforge clan.

Now his apprentice and granddaughter were in danger. All familial bonds were extinguished on his death. The Deepforge clan planned to wring his two surviving descendants for everything they were worth!

Luckily, Kardrak had given Glen a life-saving talisman. When he saw the elders attempting to capture him, he immediately brought it out and fled. His love was left behind at the tribe. Who knew her fate?


A few months pa.s.sed by.

Glen Oakheart was running fast through treacherous mountains! He contemplated how he would survive. The Deepforge and Stonemaul tribes were relentless. They wanted Kardrak's inheritance! Who would believe such an old recluse left nothing behind?

A whole band of dwarfs was chasing him! Glen felt terrified. He had used up all his life-saving talismans from their unending pursuit. They wanted to eat his flesh and drink his blood!

He even found out through word of mouth that his love had already been sent off to the Stonemaul tribe. She was now the maid and personal plaything to the Stonemaul heir. They said she wasn't fit to gain the position of concubine. But the Stonemaul tribe enjoyed the gift.

Glen's blood was boiling. His first love was being raped and abused by another man, while he wondered every day how he would survive. The tribe which he had staked his loyalty to had betrayed him. All he wanted now was revenge. But he was much too weak.

All Glen could do was run day and night.

"This seems like the end, I no longer have a way to escape. Soon they will catch me and torture me to learn everything my master taught me," said Glen.

It was the darkest point in Glen's brief life. He continued to run through the mountains and came to a hidden cave. There he saw a sword pierced in molten rock. It was pulsating with a strange, powerful aura!

Devil's Rise 50 The Escape

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