Can't Take My Eyes Off You 130 I Will Vote For You

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After she finished reading the newspaper, Wen Xuehui was not willing to return it to the owner. However, the owner was not willing to give it out for free either and took it back immediately. "I will not give today's paper to you for free. That outstanding lady is from Nanjiang Medical University. How honorable is that? I'm going to keep this copy!" 

After the owner finished talking, he grabbed the newspaper and walked away immediately. A few moments later, the owner's wife appeared and gave them some cookies.

Wen Xuehui twitched her lips. "Just look at the owner's proud face. It is as if Jiang Yao is his daughter. Look at how he treasures the newspaper!"

The people who were gathering around took a closer look and realized that she was the girl in the newspaper and surrounded her immediately.

"Are you Jiang Yao the freshman?! Oh yeah, you are one of the candidates for the freshman representative! Also, you are one of the candidates for the most beautiful freshman! Oh my G.o.d, I did not expect you to be that outstanding. You are pretty, your results are good, and you are so brave and kindhearted too. I have decided that I will vote for you! You are the best representative among all the freshmen!" 

The crowd was all talking at once and every one of them itched to sit beside her. Luckily, Wen Xuehui and the others sat beside her stunned, or else Jiang Yao would be crushed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! We are all going to vote for you!" The others around her heard that and they all agreed to vote for her too. "You saved a life and are in the newspapers. You are the best representative of all the freshmen!" 

That was the first time Jiang Yao had been admired by others to that extent. She could not get used to it for a while.

At that moment, the System Admin popped out unexpectedly. It was laughing with excitement in Jiang Yao's head. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh my G.o.d, Master! Your Favorability Value has risen substantially! Wow! It has risen super-duper fast!"

"This Nanjiang Morning Post might be the reason." The subscription rate of newspapers was high during that era and everyone had the habit of reading the news early in the morning. Therefore, the spread of her news through the newspaper had allowed her to gain the attention of the people who read about it. They were attracted to her and that was why she rose to fame.

"It seems like we have a new freshman representative!" Wen Xuehui's little eyes sparkled with joy. People were gathering around and they all wanted to get to know Jiang Yao. Wen Xuehui was in love with the scene. When she heard that everyone was going to vote for Jiang Yao, the smile on her face grew bigger and she could no longer stay silent.

Jiang Yao had a rough time walking from the moment she ate her breakfast and walked out of the breakfast store. There were always people who noticed her and came running towards her just to exchange a few words with her.

When Jiang Yao was rescuing the customer the previous day, she did not expect to be in the newspapers. It seemed like there was a news reporter in the crowd yesterday and he had managed to take a few photos. Then, the news made it to the press today.

Jiang Yao understood that it was an honor for her to be published in the newspaper after doing a good deed and it was very respectful too. Therefore, anyone who saw the news about her would think of getting to know her more even though they were not familiar with her.

It was a good thing that her fame skyrocketed because of a good deed that she had done randomly. However, Jiang Yao could predict that trouble would follow after her fame.

For example, if people from the school recognized her from the news, they would wonder how she could perform such professional first aid as a freshman who had just graduated high school and had never undergone any professional medical training.

If anyone were to ask her about that, how could she answer?

That bothered Jiang Yao the most. She could explain herself better if she was in her second year of her studies.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You 130 I Will Vote For You

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