Project: Mage - The Frugal Mage 252 Pas

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When a young man from the Union of European Nations turned twenty, he decided to go on a trip and explore the world.

Her first destination was Mother Russia, the country ruled by matriarch Sukina Varya, the first Saint Mage and the most powerful mage in the country.

The young man challenged powerful mages of the country to test his power, to fight mages of the same level, he was invincible. Fighting mages at a higher level, he could only take and run to survive. The young man was considered a powerful genius and adding to the resources of his powerful and influential family, he quickly became strong.

His second destination was USNAF, he did the same thing as before. Fight the country's famous and powerful mages, mages who were on the same level and some above. His result was similar.

His last destination was the Union of Latin American Nations, where he met the woman of his life.

The young man was traveling through the southern Atacama Desert, he was in a location that was close to the old capital of Chile, Santiago.

As a Great Mage, the young man was powerful enough to travel through the desert like a walk in the park, there were no dangers for him. At least the desert beasts were no danger to him, but another thing was, a woman.

The young man ran through the desert as if this were training for him. This improved his physical strength and endurance.

After several days of walking and running, the young man saw a group of people fighting a large group of rank 1 and 2 desert beasts.

The group had only Beginner and Intermediate Mages, but because of the number of desert beasts, the group was losing the fight.

At first, the young man planned to leave the place and let them fight, he did not plan to interfere. But when he saw a young woman in the group struggling to keep fighting, he fell for her immediately. That was love at first sight.

The young woman was tall and had tanned skin from the sun, she was beautiful and full of charm. She looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old and already had a s.e.xy body that can attract any man. 

Without thinking twice, the young man ran towards the group and saved them. He showed the power of an Advanced Mage to the group and slaughtered the desert beasts.

The group was shocked by the young man's power, but when they saw the color of his hair and the color of his skin. They understood that he is a foreigner who was pa.s.sing by.

The young man introduced himself as Bastian Kandel, his real name, he didn't hide it. For his guardians know where he was and what he was doing.

The group members introduce themselves, the single woman tried to do elegant poses in an attempt to get his attention, but it was useless because he only had eyes for one woman, the young man he fell for, he found out that her name was Sarina Varus.

The other women were jealous and envious of Sarina because of this, as she managed to get Bastian's attention, and she didn't even have to show her charm or try to seduce him like them.

The women in the group had similar appearances and ages to Sarina, but she was the only one who caught the young man's attention. They did not understand why this happened, their powers and appearances were similar.

Bastian thought it was love at first sight because in the group they had more beautiful women than Sarina, but he still fell to her.

The men in the group felt a little loss, as they had no chance against Bastian, he was powerful to take any woman in the group. He just needs to give the order. This is the law of the desert.

Who is powerful will have everything he wants, while the weak obey.

The group took Bastian to the city where they lived, the Seaside City. The city got its name because it was close to the sea.

During the journey, Bastian tried to approach Sarina. As he was kind but rude at times, it was a little difficult for Sarina to talk to him. But Sarina did not refuse to approach him.

Bastian protected the group during the trip back to the city. He was surprised to see those desert cities were different from other cities. 

The group of young people and adults reported the things that happened in the desert to their superiors. After hearing the reports, the influential group that Sarina works with decided to give her to Bastian as a gift.

Giving a Beginner Mage to win the favor of an Advanced Mage was something that everyone in the deserts wants to do, but not everyone succeeds. The other influential groups were jealous and envious, but there was nothing they could do, as only Sarina managed to get Bastian's attention. 

Bastian did not refuse and happily accepted it. He got the woman he liked, but he felt a slight loss as well. Because he did it differently than he wanted.

As an arrogant young man from a powerful family, Bastian always had everything he needed. Now, he felt the desire to achieve something for himself, but he also received it for free as if it were a gift. He didn't like that very much.

Sarina understood that it hurt Bastian's pride, she realized a few things about him during the few days of traveling with him. She didn't hate him, but she didn't love him. Overall, she felt like he was just a friend.

But as she was given away, she needed to act like a lover. Unfortunately, Bastian refused this, he preferred to win Sarina's heart little by little. Thus, the pair began to travel through the desert together.

The trip took about three years…

The days together pa.s.sed slowly and the pair fell in love with each pa.s.sing day. After so much time together, it would be difficult for the two of them to dislike each other.

The couple's first night was in the middle of the desert under the light of the full moon and the stars. That night was unforgettable for them.

After a few weeks, Sarina discovered that she was pregnant. Bastian was very nervous and happy about it. He spent several hours celebrating.

But the happiness did not last forever, a few days after the birth of the couple's daughter, Mia. A powerful group of mages appeared to pick up Bastian and take him back to Austria.

The group didn't care about Sarina and Mia being Bastian's wife and daughter, they just want to take him back. If he refuses to return, they would have the option of hurting them both.

With no choice, Bastian had to return to the group. Sarina and Mia were given enough money to survive, they were left in the Salt Mine City.

Before leaving Bastian delivered a treasure to Sarina, the Energy Supplement. This would help Sarina to maintain her body's energies.

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Project: Mage - The Frugal Mage 252 Pas

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