• Orc Calamity
  • Orc Calamity

  • Author(s) : Voidmirage
  • Genres : Xianxia
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Read First Chapter : Orc Calamity 1 A Painful Life
  • Read Latest Chapter : Orc Calamity 38 Life Is Hard
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  • Orc Calamity Summary:

    Phillip is more than downtrodden. Born with only his sister, he is as poor as it can get in the Kingdom of Chadia. After tragedy, after tragedy hits his life, he only preserved in the memory of his sister. Forsaken, shunned, and schemed against, Phillip is known as the wretch, the pig, the oaf, and many other names by his co-workers, his neighbors, his former school mates... Let 's follow...