Phone App: Portable Armory 43 The Russian's Gambit: Part 19

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Red. Blood was red. And so did her left hands. It looked like that blood had leaked a bit from her left hands. She lifted her hands up and looked at it, 'I think I need to replace this bandage.'

With a headache on her head, she headed to the bathroom to take a look at herself. She looked at the mirror on top of the sink. She turned on the sink and she saw herself in the mirror. She held her face with her hands, "So beautiful, yet," she held a scar near her left eye, "so dangerous."

She noticed that her posture was a little bit shorter than before. She also noticed the big lump of meat on her chest. It wasn't that big, it wasn't flat either. Like they all said, medium is premium. She put off her clothes and took a shower. 'I wonder how woman pee.' She groped her chest. Soft and bouncy.

A door knock could be heard from the outside of the door. It was Abdul, he put a paper on the bottom of the door. Lizeth finished taking a shower and opened her bag that was containing her clothes and stuff. The bag only contained a desert camo uniform and a patch of the British flag. She wore those clothes and tied her hair so it makes a ponytail. Well, it was the only hairstyle she could do. She grabbed the paper on the bottom of the door and read it.

He told her to quickly meet him at the front door. He wanted her to be armed and ready because he got an Intel that the insurgents had tracked down that car and currently on the way to Hit.

She wore her ballistic vest and tactical rig. She went downstairs where Abdul was waiting in an Iraqi combat uniform and was holding an AK-74M. He was taking a smoke on a pillar of the safe house.

"Ready? Good, let's go," Abdul walked to the parking lot. There was a Humvee parked there. How the h.e.l.l did Abdul get a Humvee? Lizeth had no idea. She just knew that the previous car was full of bullet holes.

They entered the car and Abdul drove out of that town. Lizeth's stomach was grumbling. She hadn't eaten since morning. She was sleeping for too long. The stomach growl was very loud that Abdul heard it, but he didn't stop to a nearby restaurant for food or some snack. He just handed her a package of crackers from the backseat.

"Sorry, we're behind schedule here. I can't stop for food or we will miss the chance of capturing Nuke Amar," She said as he handed him a can of meat stew that had been put in the car for only G.o.d knows how long.

"Ok," Lizeth said as she opened the can and grabbed a spoon from the dashboard of the card. The spoon was gross. It was full of desert sand. She just wiped it with her clothes.

She opened that canned stew and surprised that there wasn't any lump of fat there. Even she knew that a canned food should have cold fat inside of it, "It's cooked by the desert heat," Abdul said, "Sorry, but Iraq is not providing MRE extensively like the US."

She sipped the stew, "Bland, but good enough," she started eating that stew. She put two or three crackers inside that can and made some sort of mess in that can. She ate the stew and crackers combo until it ran out. She finished eating when she saw mold on the bottom of the can.

"Yo, what the f.u.c.k?" She saw the mold on the bottom of the can. She suspected something was off with that food. There was something odd about that food. Best Before: 11/09/2015. The food was expired four years ago, "Abdul, where the heck did you find this food?"

"In the back of this car. Maybe it was from the previous user," he said like an innocent Iraqi he was. He might not know that the food had expired. He just smiled at her. Lizeth showed her the expiration date at the top of the can, "Ah, sorry. I didn't read that," Abdul smiled innocently as Lizbeth smacked her forehead with her arms.

They drove pa.s.sed the town of Al-Baghdadi, Al-Khasfa, and Anah before they arrived at the town of Qaim. Qaim was a desert town located near the Syrian border. It was under ISIS control before the US and Iraq took it back. Now, it was just another quiet town with a heavy US presence. The car was parked in front of a US building. Well, it was a Humvee, n.o.body would protest after all. The building was heavily guarded with two M1 Abrams parked near the buildings.

Lizeth got out of the car and Abdul offered her a Boonie hat. She wore it on her head with her helmet placed on her belt. She looked more feminine than when she was still wearing the helmet. She observed the building and asked Abdul, "What we will do now?" She asked that Iraqi.

"Hmm, we are going to rent a horse than go to the village south of here," Abdul said as they walked away from the guarded US building. She knew that horse was far more stealthy than a car, but why? Horse was less effective than a car. I guess Abdul knew better than her.

They walked to a horse rental. Abdul approached the man that was renting the horse for them, but Abdul was arguing with him. Lizeth didn't know what they were talking about since they were talking in Arabic. Abdul was swearing in Arabic from the looks of it.

Lizeth approached that Iraqi that was arguing with Abdul. When she approached them, He pointed his hands at her while talking in Arabic. Lizeth narrowed her eyes at that Iraqi because of that. Abdul cursed at that man and he went back to Lizeth who didn't understand a thing about what they were talking about.

Abdul threw his helmet at the ground, "This son of b.i.t.c.hes won't rent me this horse."


Phone App: Portable Armory 43 The Russian's Gambit: Part 19

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