The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Slam Dunk

“He scored!”

After a while of silence, someone shouted in surprise.

Everyone's expression became incredulous.

That throw was amazing. The trajectory was perfect!

'Don't tell me… that person is a basketball expert?'

“Coincidence! This must be a coincidence! He just got lucky!” Zhuo Hang grunted coldly. His expression seemed unpleasant.

“One more time! You can be the offense again! I don't believe that you'll score again,” Zhuo Hang picked up the ball and threw it at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao took the ball. He said nothing but grinned mischievously.

He did not bother feinting. He threw the ball straight ahead casually. It did not look like he used much force.

The ball flew high up in the air once more.

“Another three-pointer?” Zhuo Hang was surprised, then his face displayed an expression of mockery.

Three-pointers were difficult to score. Even he could not score three-pointers every time he threw one. The ball that Tang Hao scored earlier must be a fluke. It would be an incredible coincidence if he scored again.

Everyone watching around the court exclaimed in surprise at Tang Hao's attempt at another three-pointer.

“Is he crazy? Going for another three-pointer? Is it going to be that easy for him?” Cao Fei said mockingly, “If he scores again, then I'll spell my name backward.”

Immediately after, the smile froze on his face.

His eyes bulged and nearly popped out of their sockets.

He saw the basketball trace another perfect arc in the air and go through the hoop once more.

His entire body trembled stiffly.

The other students watching the match also responded similarly.

“It went in! He scored again!”

Everyone cried in surprise.

The first time might be a fluke, but scoring three-pointers two times in a row was something more than luck.

“This guy is an expert!” Someone exclaimed.

Cao Fei stood stiffly on the spot. His face slowly turned red and he felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

He had been so confident that the ball would not go through the hoop, but his a.s.sumption was wrong and that was a slap to his face.

Even more ridiculous was the fact that Tang Hao was a basketball expert!

Cao Fei's basketball skills were only average, and that had made him incredibly envious.

Meanwhile, on the court, Zhuo Hang finally came to his senses.

He had to admit that the guy in front of him was a good player, and not someone mediocre as he had a.s.sumed.

“Hey, Tang kid! Not bad at all! Your three-pointers are pretty accurate!” Zhuo Hang smirked. “It's my turn now.”

He picked up the ball and went to the middle of the court.

“Let me tell you, scoring three-pointers is nothing compared to what I can do. You'd better watch carefully now!” He lifted his head and said arrogantly at Tang Hao.

“Bro Hang is getting serious now! That guy is dead meat!”

“Add oil, Bro Hang! Torture him!”

Cao Fei and the other spectators shouted excitedly.

The commotion at the court had attracted the attention of many students all around. Even Teacher Xu and the other girls on the field were alerted.

“What's going on?” Teacher Xu walked over and asked.

“The two people are playing a one-on-one match, Teacher!”

“One-on-one?” Teacher Xu was shocked.

He knew that Zhuo Hang was on the college basketball team and was much stronger than the average student.

'Right, that student is new here. He doesn't know how strong Zhuo Hang is.”

Teacher Xu laughed and said, “This Zhuo Hang is such a bully. There's no honor in bullying new students. Well, I shouldn't interfere in the affairs of you youngsters.”

Then, he stood next to the court and observed quietly

“Are you ready, Tang kid?” Zhuo Hang said coldly.

Tang Hao said nothing but beckoned at him with a hand.

In Zhuo Hang's eyes, that was an act of provocation.

“Hah! You're pretty! Allow me to wipe the floor with your face!”

Right after he finished speaking, his body suddenly s.h.i.+fted as though it had received a burst of speed. He feinted to the left and the right several times, then dashed toward an opening at the left.

His incredibly fluid actions caused the spectators to exclaim in admiration.

Zhuo Hang grinned. Dribbling was his expertise. Not many people could match his speed.

Suddenly, a hand appeared from the side and casually swiped the ball away.

He was stunned and his mind went blank.

'How could this be?

'How did this guy block my offense?'

Everyone spectating did not believe their eyes.

That Tang Hao did not move much. He waved his arm, and the ball appeared in his hand like magic.

“What's going on?” Many people were confused.

Teacher Xu's body trembled and his eyes narrowed.

Then, his face became wracked with incredulity.

“His reflexes… are incredible!” He mumbled in a daze. His gaze upon Tang Hao became excited.

That new student was definitely an expert, and he might even be better than Zhuo Hang.

Zhuo Hang stood stiffly on the spot. His face became more unpleasant as he looked at his empty hands.

He could not accept that he had lost again, for the third time in a row.

He gritted his teeth and his face contorted. He turned around and roared, “One more time!”

“Sure! We can do this all day!”

Tang Hao chuckled, then pa.s.sed him the ball.

Once the ball landed in Zhuo Hang's hands, he abruptly started das.h.i.+ng toward one side, dribbling the ball as though he was flying.

His speed was indeed very fast, and the typical student player would not be able to catch up with him. However, he was too slow in Tang Hao's eyes.

Tang Hao's body flashed and appeared next to Zhuo Hang. He reached out and once again plucked the ball from Zhuo Hang's hands.

“You've lost again!”

Tang Hao said mischievously as he spun the ball on his palm.

Zhuo Hang stood stiffly on the spot. His face was pale as a sheet.

The repeated defeats had caused his long-standing confidence to crumble utterly.

He was losing to a transfer student!

“One more time! You'll be on the offense this time. No more three-pointers! Do you dare?” He lifted his head and glared angrily at Tang Hao.

“Sure! Why not?” Tang Hao said coldly.

Then, he walked directly in front of Zhuo Hang.

Zhuo Hang crouched slightly and opened his eyes wide to stare at the ball in Tang Hao's hands.

This was the battle to salvage his dignity. He could not lose!

Tang Hao casually dribbled around. Then, his body exploded with a different aura. He became as intimidating as a dragon.

He stepped forward, then his body flashed to the left and right.

“This side!” Zhuo Hang abruptly went to the left.

“Sorry, you're wrong!” Someone whispered icily next to his ear.

Next to him, a silhouette flashed past him like a ghost.

His entire body trembled and his limbs turned into ice.

All the spectators were shocked.

“He broke through!” A girl shouted.

On the basketball court, that silhouette traveled as fast as the wind and dashed toward the hoop.

While still at some distance away from the hoop, he leaped into the air like a condor taking flight and slammed the ball through the hoop with both of his hands.

The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 214

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