The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 423 - Assistant Han’s Appeal

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Chapter 423: a.s.sistant Han’s Appeal

Tang Hao saw Han Yutong at the entrance to the building.

She was walking hurriedly toward the building with a handbag in one hand and a stuffed jianbing in the other.

She wore high heels which made clacking sounds as she took every step. She was dressed in typical office-lady clothes: a fitting business jacket and a miniskirt. The clothes had accentuated the impeccable curves of her body.

Her legs were long and sculpted. The pantyhose gave them a seductive charm.

Needless to say, her face was her most prominent feature. Those bright eyes, perfect teeth, and fair skin were extremely charming.

As she walked, her long hair bobbed and her body swayed, which attracted eyes from all over.

Even other women looked at her with either envy or admiration.

“Beautiful Han is here!”

Everyone around her exclaimed in awe. Some of them even howled.

The men were excited to see her.

There were many beautiful women in the commercial area, though the most famous and beautiful one was Han Yutong. Her impeccable face and seductive body were utterly perfect. She was the G.o.ddess in many men’s hearts.

Many people were hiding behind the bushes, waiting for Han Yutong’s appearance.

“Oh, my G.o.ddess, you are just as perfect today!”

“My G.o.ddess is even more beautiful today!”

“Wow, those legs! … I want to touch them!”

They looked at Han Yutong with sparkling eyes. They seemed obsessed with her. Some of the more perverted ones were about to drool.

Han Yutong hurriedly walked past them while looking at her watch. Occasionally, she would take a bite of her stuffed jianbing.

“Wow, that’s my G.o.ddess! She looks so pretty even when eating street food!”

The people were utterly infatuated.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes when he heard that.

At the same time, he was also quite surprised that Han Yutong was so popular among the men. He turned to look at Han Yutong and soon understood why that was so.

He prepared to take another stride.

Suddenly, someone appeared from behind a flower bed.

He was a bespectacled, bookish-looking man dressed in a business suit and had neatly-styled hair. He was walking very quickly.

He took one final step and fell on one knee.

Han Yutong was halfway taking a bite from her stuffed jianbing. She was surprised when that man appeared abruptly in front of her, and she took a step back.

“Ahem!” She nearly choked on her food.

Her eyes were opened round and wide.

The man threw back his head, tidied his glistening hair, and flashed a cool smile. He lifted the bouquet in his hands, made a romantic face, and handed the bouquet to her.

“Ah, Yutong! You are light, you are electricity. You are the spark of my life, please accept my love…”

His speech and tone of voice were rather cringy.

Han Yutong stood there with her mouth slightly open.

‘Electricity my *ss! If I’m electricity, I’ll shock you to death!’

She cursed in her heart but did not show it on her face. Instead, she smiled politely and took the bouquet from the man’s hands.

The man was instantly ecstatic.

However, his joy turned into shock right after that, when Han Yutong turned around and tossed the bouquet into the garbage can.

“Hahaha, you idiot! The G.o.ddess won’t be appeased by flowers alone! You need to have money, a lot of money!” Another man appeared out of nowhere and laughed at him.

He was tall, well-built, handsome, and was dressed in trendy clothes.

He quickly stepped in front of Han Yutong and handed her a bank card.

“Yutong, there’s two hundred thousand yuan in this card. You can spend this however you want! Consider this as a small expression of my love for you. Please take it!” The man smiled eagerly.

Han Yutong smiled again. She took the card and tossed it behind her. Then, she walked around those men.

That man’s smile froze on his face, and he stood there as though he had been turned into stone.

“Yutong, here are two tickets to an orchestra concert! Please come with me and bask in culture!”

“Yutong, I wrote this poem for you. Let me read it!”

Men continued to appear in front of her.

Han Yutong maintained her smile all the way through. She took the presents that were handed to her and either tossed them aside or ripped it into pieces.

Despite that, more and more men appeared.

“That’s enough! Everyone, go away!”

She shouted angrily and walked a little faster toward the building in front of her.

“What a bunch of idiots. Can’t they see that I’m almost late to work?” She mumbled as she took another bite from her stuffed jianbing.

When she neared the entrance, she accidentally tripped on her high heels.

She shrieked in panic, and her face turned pale.

However, in the next moment, an arm reached out and grabbed her shoulder firmly. She leaned onto that person’s body.

Those shoulders were broad and strong. The body also emanated a light yet familiar smell of medicinal herbs.

In her shock, she turned to see who it was.

“Pres… President Tang…” She mumbled. She frantically looked away, though her face was boiling red.

President Tang was nearby, which meant that he had seen everything that happened earlier.

“Be more careful next time!” Tang Hao said.

“Oh!” Han Yutong replied. She did not move away but instead continued leaning on Tang Hao’s body.

She was quite fond of that light smell.

Everyone wailed when they saw that.

“F*ck me, who’s that kid? Why is he so lucky?”

“Get away, kid! Keep your filthy hands from Beautiful Han!”

“How dare you take advantage of Beautiful Han! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Many men shouted agitatedly. Their eyes were about to spew fire. All of them had the urge to rush forward, kick the kid aside, and replace his position.

However, other people looked sheepish.

“Beat him up? Are you crazy? Don’t you know who he is?” Someone laughed.

“Who can he be? Isn’t he just a kid?” Those people said confusedly.

“Ha, you’re so ignorant! He’s the president of Haotian Co. Ltd. Also, Divine Liquor Company and Masculine Wind Co. Ltd. are his. I even heard that he’s in the middle of forming Haotian Group.

“Even the district governor has to be polite when talking to him. And you want to beat him up? You all must have a death wis.h.!.+”

The people trembled when they heard that.

‘What? So that kid is the elusive president of Haotian Co. Ltd.?’

They heard other rumors about that elusive president. They would not be able to beat him in a fight!

They turned around and scuttled away in a mixture of shame and fear.

The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 423 - Assistant Han’s Appeal

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