The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 994 - Annihilation of the Mo Clan

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Chapter 994: Annihilation of the Mo Clan


Everyone gulped audibly as they looked at the white-robed figure in shock.

That guy was probably a latter-period Golden Core cultivator if he could crush the sword of a middle-period cultivator with his bare hands.

“Disciples, retreat! Golden Core elders, follow me to face the enemy!”

A latter-period elder shouted loudly.

“Kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and avenge our fallen disciples!”

They roared and took out their Artifacts.

Tang Hao’s figure flashed like a phantom, and he suddenly appeared in front of a middle-period Golden Core elder. He raised his hand and slapped.

The elder was shocked. He hurriedly activated his defensive Artifact.


The light barrier shattered.

The elder’s head was smashed into pieces, and blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

Tang Hao’s body flashed again, and another Golden Core elder fell.

His body continued to flash, claiming lives like the Reaper.

Moreover, those elders died in a single palm strike.

All around, the Mo Clan disciples turned pale. Some even began to tremble.

That guy was too terrifying!

The intruder was only in the middle period, yet he slaughtered cultivators of the same level as though they were livestock.

All those elders that usually seemed so powerful were nothing more than chickens and ducks.


The latter-period elders were furious. They dashed toward Tang Hao.


After killing another person, Tang Hao turned around and faced one of the latter-period elders.

“I’ll kill you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The latter-period elder roared. His eyes were bloodshot.

He channeled his qi into a crimson copper cauldron, and it shot toward Tang Hao.

When Tang Hao saw that, he threw a punch.


The punch and the cauldron collided.

Everyone was shocked as they watched the cauldron fly in the opposite direction and smashed into the elder’s chest. His ribs shattered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You’re not qualified to kill me, old geezer!”

Tang Hao muttered coldly, rushed forward, and struck the elder’s chest with his palm.

A latter-period cultivator died just like that.

The other latter-period cultivators were horrified when they saw that.

‘Even a latter-period elder died!

‘How could that be?

‘Who… is that guy?’

They looked at the figure in blood-stained white clothes and had a blurry face, and they felt a chill course down their spine.

“Quick! Tell the clan leader!” One of them shouted.

A disciple ran up the stone steps that led to the peak and shouted, “Bad news, Clan Leader!”

“What’s wrong?”

The disciple met the clan leader walking out of the main hall with his followers. “Haven’t they captured him?” He said unhappily.

“They’re dead, Clan Leader! So many people died! That guy is like a demon! Elder Mo Lin and Mo Ping are dead!” The disciple rushed forward on all fours.

“What?” The people were shocked.

“How is that possible? Isn’t Mo Ping in the latter period? That guy is only in the middle period!”

They were in disbelief.

Then, they rushed down the mountain hurriedly. What they saw made their eyes pop.

On the plaza, a lone figure was chasing down the elders. Every palm strike he made caused a person to explode. It was terrifyingly brutal.

That was a ma.s.sacre!

“Stop!” The clan leader roared crazily.

His entire body trembled as he brandished his qi aura of a Nascent Soul.

On the plaza, Tang Hao lifted a Golden Core elder by the neck.

“How dare you! Let go of him!”

Tang Hao did not reply. He glared at the clan leader coldly as he clenched his fist.


Blood splattered everywhere.

He wiped away the blood on his hand and said coldly, “That is what you get for crossing me!”

“Who are you? Are you affiliated with Ritian Pavilion?” Mo Lingzi, the clan leader of the Mo Clan, had a ferocious expression as he questioned sternly.

“That’s right!”

Mo Lingzi snorted and said, “Ritian Pavilion knows how to keep a low profile! You have a six-chakra and an eight-chakra cultivator, then there’s you.

“Do you think you can get away after killing so many of my clan?”

“Get away?”

Tang Hao sneered. “Why should I run away? I’ll just have to kill you as well!”

Mo Lingzi was stunned when he heard that, but he soon burst into laughter.

He had never seen such an arrogant person. How dare a Golden Core cultivator say that he could kill a Nascent Soul expert?

The difference in power between the two States was immense!

The Mo Clan disciples and elders also laughed.

“Very well! I’d like to see you try!”

Mo Lingzi laughed coldly. He flicked his sleeve, and a golden sword flew out and stopped in front of him. It hummed and spun in mid-air.

The sword spun faster and faster, and the qi aura it emitted became more and more terrifying.

“I shall use your blood as a tribute to all those who have fallen!” Mo Lingzi shouted and pointed with his finger. The golden sword shot out toward Tang Hao.

The sword was preceded by a cutting gale.

Tang Hao stood there, not moving an inch.

However, there was a change in his eyes. One eye dimmed and shrouded in death, while the other was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life.

Next, he raised his right hand and pointed with a finger.

A translucent ripple spread out from beneath his feet. Wherever it touched, the Mo Clan disciples, elders, and even the vegetation began to wither, as though their life force was drained from their bodies.

“My leg…”

“What’s happening to me?”

They cried out in terror.

Soon, they could not make another sound. Their life force had been completely sucked dry, and they fell to the ground.

More people fell as the ripple continued to spread.

Tang Hao gathered the life force on his fingertip and turned it into the power of annihilation.

The gale was torn apart, and the sword was annihilated inch by inch…

Mo Lingzi could only watch in shock as a hole appeared in his abdomen.

His flesh and blood, along with the nascent soul in his body, were all annihilated without a sound.

He fell down, already in his last throes.

“You… you… are… Nameless Qin…”

He coughed up blood and said weakly.

“That’s right!” Tang Hao said coldly.

The mist on his face dispersed, revealing his appearance.

The few surviving elders gasped in shock.

That was Nameless Qin, the number one prodigy who had shocked the entire Ninth Continent several times!

Now that they met him, they had to admit that his strength was much more terrifying than what the rumors said about him.

“I knew it! You are indeed related to Ritian Pavilion. That girl is also related to you, right? The Artifact she wields is the supreme treasure that was stolen from the Primeval Mountain prodigy.

“Haha! You’re finished, Nameless Qin. No one has been able to find you, but now, your ident.i.ty is exposed. Ritian Pavilion is also finished.

“You’ll pay for destroying the Mo Clan!

“That girl and Tang Ritian will all die!” He roared ferociously.

Tang Hao walked over and looked at Mo Lingzi indifferently.

A moment later, he said coldly, “I am Tang Ritian!”

Mo Lingzi’s entire body trembled in shock.

“That… That’s impossible!”

He could not believe that Tang Ritian and Nameless Qin were the same person!

Tang Hao did not say a word. He waved his hand and a raging flame and burned Mo Lingzi to ashes.

Then, he killed the surviving Golden Core elders one by one.

The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 994 - Annihilation of the Mo Clan

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