One More Time: Rebirth 69 Sarah's First Class

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Healing Magic



Battle Strategy


After getting the same as Willa and Terumi, I settled in my room. I started thinking about, what Willa said. Big bro gained a new nickname and it was a cool yet mean one.

"The reaper" he must have got that when he saved our village. Was brother that scary? I wonder what they call Tsukiyomi-nee-san nowadays.

Muuuuuuuuu those people make me soooooo mad! Every time I remember that incident, I just get so angry. Big bro did his very best but everyone was being mean to him! They are super irritating and they keep saying mean things about brother all the time.

Still, they did give big bro a cool nickname but still... Muuuuuuu what's with these conflicting feelings, tell me, Big bro! What should I do?

I kept on thinking about big bro's nickname until I fell asleep. As I slowly open my eyes I noticed that it was already morning and my first cla.s.s was about to begin.

I quickly wore my uniform and went downstairs, where Willa and Terumi were waiting for me.

"Good morning Sarah."

"Good morning you two." Unlike yesterday the two of them were carrying their weapons today. Willa was wearing a shoulder strap that held a very long spear. The spear was twice her size and looked extremely heavy.

On the other hand, Terumi had a tower s.h.i.+eld on his back. It was just a s.h.i.+eld nothing more. I wonder how he fights with just a s.h.i.+eld?... Well, I'll ask him later.

After our morning breakfast, we all headed out to our first cla.s.s.

Today's cla.s.s was on archery. The three of us looked at our given maps and headed for the archery range. When we reached the archery range we noticed that there were only two other students present.

So including us, there were five students in this cla.s.s as of the moment. Maybe we were a little early. The three of us seated at the back. The two students at the front were both wearing grey uniforms. They noticed me looking at them and they diverted their eyes from mine. They were scared I could practically smell their fear and anxiety. When I looked away I heard them Whispering.

"What are a bunch of red clads doing in this third rate subject?"

"I don't know? They might be here to make fun of us."

Huh? Why do those two think like that? I asked Willa who was sitting beside me. "Hey, does this cla.s.s have a bad reputation?"

"I don't know? How about you Terumi, do you know anything?" Terumi looked at me and Willa. His face seemingly saying, are you two serious. I tilted my head in confusion as Terumi sighed.

"Well onee-chan, Sarah, archery isn't the most popular of Haven't you guys noticed that when we talk about the ranking system, we only talk about swords and magic? Archery on the other hand was considered useless and insignificant."

"Why was archery considered useless?" I asked Terumi the first question that came to mind.

"That's because there's magic. If you compare magic to archery, archery does have the advantage in terms of speed, but in everything else magic wins by a landslide. So in normal cases, only those inept in magic take this cla.s.s."

So that's why those guys were confused as to why we were here. As I was thinking about how to get better acquainted with my other cla.s.smates, another person came to the archery range but it was not a student, it was a person wearing a white robe.

The teacher was a guy with a sleepy look, his face seems to be suppressing a yawn. Upon seeing the whole cla.s.s his face changed from sleepy to surprised.

"Wow, five students!" He must be surprised about the low student count.

"So many of you, there are even red clads here." So I was wrong, this was already considered many?

"h.e.l.lo everyone, I'm your instructor for this cla.s.s, Rito Mulio. All of you please, pick up a bow and some arrows from there." The teacher pointed at one side of the archery range. The five of us took a bow and some arrows. I was actually pretty excited, this would be my first time using a bow.

"After getting your things please position yourselves in front of a target." We all took a position in front of the round targets, with a red bullseye in the middle.

The teacher took his bow and arrow and positioned himself 300 meters from the target. "Watch me closely." The teacher shot an arrow from his bow and was able to hit the middle of the target. He took another arrow and he easily hit the same spot.

"Now you guys try hitting the target. Stop once you hit the target even once." Unlike the teacher, we were positioned 20 meters away from the target. I took an arrow and strung it to my bow. I released the arrow and it soared through an open area. I was way off target. This was harder than expected. I looked at the others, they too were having a hard time.

An hour has pa.s.sed and still, none of us could hit anything. "Stop time's up. Like usual none of the new students, could hit the target. Well, now I know what you guys lack. In the next meeting, I'll give you different exercises."

We left the archery range and we're now heading toward the restaurants. "So what do you guys think about archery?" Willa asked.

"Fun, hope I do better next time."


Terumi and I gave out different answers. With different answers, we started debating if archery really was needed or not.

We ate and strolled around the school. Once more I notice how huge this school was. We haven't even gotten to see half of what the school has to offer.

It was evening when we returned and Terumi started cooking dinner. Terumi was an unexpectedly good cook. This is how we ended our first day of school.

One More Time: Rebirth 69 Sarah's First Class

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