Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 18 Chapter 18: Master I See Humans~

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In merely 32 seconds Arnold has ended the fight, astonis.h.i.+ng the audience.

Darci was looking at Arnold's fight against the mutated zombie through the CCTV present inside the H-7 warehouse.

"Captain, are you really human?" Darci asked after the fight ended.

She knew that Arnold is strong but never knew that he was this powerful!

Arnold answered back after pressing on top the wireless earphone "You know you are asking a really rude question! Though I really am a 100% human"

Arnold walked towards the second floor, there were no other zombie present in H-7.

As the «gray-sheen flesh zombie» has already eaten every other zombies.

He started picking up the necessary food that he could take back in large quant.i.ties!

Since he came here all alone without anyone else.

He didn't have anything to place the food in large quant.i.ties, as he rushed all alone here!

He only had only his two hands, so he picked up can food and started placing different varieties of them in two cartons, that we found inside the warehouse( Carton=a box or package made out of Cardboard)

Stuff like canned tuna, Pumpkin puree, canned salmon, and some more cans that were a mixture of vegetables and meat.

The cardboard got filled to the brim, as Arnold kept on adding canned food inside of it.

After he was done with storing food, he placed the carton in front of the H-7 warehouse shutter.

Hiss! Thuck! Hiss! Thuck!

Arnold heard the voice of zombie hissing and hitting the iron shutter.

The zombie who was attracted while Arnold rushed inside the warehouse have surrounded the entire warehouse together with other zombies.

~He called his entire gang including their group chat members and best friends, through hissing~

"Darci, what's the situation outside?" Arnold asked Darci, after listening to the hissing.

Darci tapped on the smartphone, changing the view of the floating holographic boxes.

Now the holographic screen showed footage obtained through CCTV near Warehouse H-7.

"Captain, there are 58 zombies right outside H-7, I am going to come with Jody!" She exclaimed, after a there was no way that captain will able to win against 58 zombies.

"No! If you guys came and those zombies hissed out loud than even the Copper flesh zombie at the H-13 Base will be attracted!" Arnold retorted her foolish plan.

"The copper-sheen flesh zombie?"

"Yes, the copper-sheen flesh zombie present in the H-13 warehouse!"

Arnold replied to her, curious she connected one of the multiple holographic boxes to the. CCTV present inside the H-13 bas.e.m.e.nt.

Through the CCTV she saw a demon, a demon whose actions caused her eyes to open wide in horror

Inside the H-13 warehouse, a mess of dusty-Gray colored b.l.o.o.d.y flesh, with bones impaled throughout it's joint and skin growled, it's growl commanded the mindless zombies to walk towards it.

The monster literally, picked up one of those zombies through his hand and took a Bite.

The undead body got tore to shreds between his teeth, as blood along with the upper body and internal organs went down the mutated zombie stomach!

The monster was as big as 6 meters, almost four times as big as an adult human.

"Captain what is this...."

"Don't think about it. For now, tell me what type of undead had been standing outside the shutter?" Arnold asked since he naturally has a way out of this situation.

"All 58 of them are Normal zombies" She replied.

"Great, wait for my return!"

"Hah! why do you mean?" She inquired

"Just what I said," Said Arnold as he walked toward the dead «Gray-sheen flesh zombie».

Darci was seeing all his actions through the CCTV present inside the H-7 warehouse.

He looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y corpse and said chillingly"d.a.m.n I don't want to this".

Arnold emotionlessly began to tear the flesh of the undead using the dagger and split open its stomach.

He pulled out the stomach large intestine along with its blood dropped on his clothes and face.

The horrendous smelling blood smelled no better than the three weeks rotten human corpse.

But Arnold didn't even blink!

Through his training, he came to terms with such stuff.

He was made a weapon, but thanks to his marriage with the girl his father recommended, he retained most of his human emotions~

He wrapped his body with the large intestines and placed some of the flesh inside his military jeans and jackets.

His body was entirely covered by the materials obtained from the body of an undead superior.

"Darci, open the iron shutter!" Arnold requested.

"Barf! Barf!" That's the reply he heard, Darci has puked out her gut juice after seeing his actions.

"Darci! Open the iron shutter now" Arnold commanded, after listening to the sound of Darci puking.

"Captain, are you really sure?" She asked

"100%" Arnold replied as he picked up the carton filled with can foods and stood near the warehouse.

Darci pressed the open b.u.t.ton on the holographic screen.

The warehouse iron shutter started opening!

The sound of its opening, slightly aggravated the zombie who Hissed normally.

The zombies saw a b.l.o.o.d.y corpse that looked just like them, standing behind the iron shutter.

The b.l.o.o.d.y undead was adorned with a red chain made out of large intestines.

They Hissed and Arnold Hissed back.

The zombie hissed slightly among them, as if confirming that he was one of their long lost brother!

Hiss! Hiss! The zombie hissed as if asking for his permission

Hiss~ Arnold hissed back causing most of the zombie standing on the opposite side to start staggering their away inside the H-7 warehouse, through the open shutter.

The zombie walked past Arnold not having any plan to lung towards him and have a bite of his fles.h.!.+

Arnold seeing his plan working, moved while hissing.

When suddenly~

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! All the zombies around Arnold hissed towards him, staring all over him with their lightless gray eyes~

Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 18 Chapter 18: Master I See Humans~

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